7 Ways You Can Spend Christmas Season in Singapore Without Breaking The Bank

Does it feel like everyone’s traveling overseas for their Christmas holidays but you’re the only one still stuck in Singapore during this rainy season? We know that Decembers can get a little bit boring so here’s a list of thing you can do to put you in the mood for Christmas!

1)    Enjoy the Christmas Lightings Along Orchard Road

Did you know that there are actually many tourists that visit Singapore during this period just to catch the Christmas decorations and lightings along Orchard Road? Being Singaporean, I was so used to it that I took it for granted. Perhaps it’s time to walk down Orchard and soak up the magical atmosphere once again…

2)    Go For An Airbnb Staycation in Singapore

Ever wanted to stay in Sentosa Cove for a day? Or enjoy some designer house with a heated swimming pool? Now you can with Airbnb! It even works as a good backup option if you cannot find that chalet to accommodate your 14 friends.

3)    Organize A Games Night

With the board game café scene picking up in Singapore, there are more and more people who knows how to enjoy a good game of Citadel or Saboteur. However, it can be so hard to get people together to play the game. With the holidays around the corner, it’s a great opportunity to organize a games night and show your friends how formidable an opponent you are.

[stextbox id=”download”]If all else fails, there are always the crowd favorites: Mahjong and Poker.[/stextbox]

4)    Put Together A Beer Buffet

One of the best things about staying in multicultural Singapore is the variety of food options that are available. Have you thought about organizing a beer buffet?

You can hold your very own Oktober Fest (in the middle of December) by buying all the different varieties of beers in the supermarkets and gathering fellow beer connoisseur for a session of drinks.

For those who have more willing to spend, you can swap the beer for wine instead.

5)    Attempt A Christmas-themed Cook Out

Organizing a BBQ during December’s unpredictable weather is such a pain. Why don’t you opt for a Christmas-themed cook out with your friends? For those who are up for the challenge, you can even suggest having a Master Chef Faceoff and offer to be the judge (at your own risk)!

6)    Christmas Tree Decoration-pooling

Tired of setting up your own Christmas tree only to take it down a month later? Instead of car-pooling, why not you try decoration-pooling where you help fellow friends set up and take down their Christmas tree? They can do the same for you and you can even swap ornaments!

This is great way to save on effort and dollars for your decorations. Besides, setting up the tree with other people is definitely way more fun than doing it alone!

7)    Organize Secret Santa Among Your Friends / Colleagues

If you want to get into the spirit of giving, try organizing a game of Secret Santa where all the participants have to buy a present for someone in particular. It sure beats the typical Christmas gift swap where most people end up with generic useless items. Besides, it gives you a chance to get to know some of your friends’ likes and dislikes a bit more!


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