8 Proven Strategies That Will Help Transform Your Business Into An Industry Leader

The following article is extracted from the book “Industry Rockstar: Become A Highly Paid, High Profile Person In Your Industry” which is written by world renowned business growth expert Kane Minkus.

#1 Domain of Major Change – Personal Branding Strategy

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Personal branding is literally about branding yourself. It is taking yourself, your personality and who you are and branding that instead of branding the personality and culture of your company. It works in cooperation with the brand of your company. We’re not saying don’t brand your company separately, but instead we’re suggesting that personal branding is an opportunity to accelerate the brand of your company. This is because nowadays people want to do business with people who are behind the logo – not just machines, systems, structures or protocols.

#2 Domain of Major Change – Internet Marketing Strategy

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Although the internet has been around for 20 years, it’s one of the fastest-changing types of marketing tools that we have available to us today. There are some core foundations to internet marketing which have shifted since social media has taken over, and will change the way that we market for the long term. Although, it will keep changing and shifting and might have changed radically even since the time this book was published! There are new core elements to internet marketing that still appear to be misunderstood by a large portion of entrepreneurs. You must be at least aware of the new fundamentals so you can use them for your benefit and growth.

There has never been a better time in history to do the following 3 things:

  1. Acquire a database of potential customers
  2. Nurture that database of potential customers
  3. Make offers to that database of potential customers

Now is the best time in history to be able to establish a relationship with a customer over the internet, nurture that relationship through giving valuable information on an ongoing basis and offer those people solutions to problems they are trying to solve, (i.e. sell them products and services that they both need and want). Business is about helping people and the recent changes in the way people are using internet marketing lets us all help more people all over the world.

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#3 Domain of Major Change – Globalization Strategy

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Globalization strategy speaks to the fact that the world is becoming smaller and smaller and smaller over time. We are becoming increasingly connected, reaching out to access networks we have never accessed before, and opening up brand new possibilities.

#4 Domain of Major Change – Packaging and Positioning

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Many businesses that are struggling are essentially having packaging and positioning problems. This means that the product or service packages they have for their customers are not enticing their customers with enough value, or it’s simply not what people want. In fact, a lot of businesses are trying to sell what their customers need, not what they want.

#5 Domain of Major Change – Distribution Method of Your Message

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There has been a distinct transition in the world relating to how people are getting their message out there. The “message” in a business used to be just a mission statement on a website, but now because of the presence of Personal Branding, it’s becoming more essential to show up as the person behind your business – and a messenger with a message.

The way that people are distributing their message and the skills needed in order to effectively distribute their message has changed. For example, public speaking used to be a skill that some people would pursue, especially if they were looking to climb the corporate ladder. Today, speaking and presenting is an essential component of succeeding in your business and industry – not just an option or a choice. I cannot stress this enough – if you want to be competing and be among the most successful people in your industry you MUST learn and master the skills of a top public speaker. And don’t worry: these skills are all completely learnable, no matter how you currently feel about public speaking or how much experience you have had.

Catch Business Growth Guru,
Kane Minkus LIVE!

World renowned business coach, Kane Minkus, is in Singapore as part of his Asia tour to help transform any business into an industry leader in under 3 years!

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#6 Domain of Major Change – Information Division

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An Information Business/Division is the fastest growing type of business and division people are engaging in today. It’s pretty straightforward: it essentially says to take your brilliance, advice, knowledge, gift, wisdom or message and turn it into consumable books, CD’s, DVD’s, eBooks, audios and other forms of product.

When you package up all your knowledge and wisdom, including all the mistakes you made in a given area, you are going to save other people years of making the same potentially costly mistakes. People would rather invest in your knowledge then waste years and tons of money learning on their own. If you think it is expensive to buy a good education, you should try the cost of ignorance – it will cost you a massive amount to do it alone.

#7 Domain of Major Change – Global Partnership Strategies

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The way people are aligning themselves with each other (locally and globally) and are creating partnerships and joint ventures in business has also altered. This is an area to really watch for if you are after rapid growth.

First of all, we all need each other. We need each other because no one who was ever successful was an island.  People that don’t reach out in business don’t reach their full potential in business simply because partnerships (particularly global partnerships) are an accelerated way to grow your database, your customer base and your overall leadership. Instead of selling one-on-one to people, why not plug into a partner who has thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people who are your perfect customers?

One really successful JV or partnership could easily create the doorway to a stadium full of clients (this has actually happened to us many times that’s why I say it like that) – and it will happen for you. We are all more powerful together. There is no faster way to expand your message and your database than working with people who are already established. First of all in the market you are headed into, and next, in the global market, where you should be getting a piece of the action.

#8 Domain of Major Change – Knowledge and Growth Strategy

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A Knowledge and Growth Strategy is one of the most overlooked secret weapons and categories for the fastest growing companies worldwide. The most successful CEO’s, executives, founders and professionals put themselves into a structure for continued knowledge and growth. However, it’s not just any structure. It’s a structure with someone or groups of people outside of their own system and thinking.

This means, someone who is outside of their world. They are not within their company, circle of friends, or close family. Top professionals, executives and athletes worldwide engage trained coaches, consultants or mentors, educators, facilitators or trainers that have studied the art of helping people change their thinking and their behaviors.

Catch Business Growth Guru,
Kane Minkus LIVE!

World renowned business coach, Kane Minkus, is in Singapore as part of his Asia tour to help transform any business into an industry leader in under 3 years!

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