8 Online Shopping Traps That You Should Avoid

Are you looking forward to the Black Friday sale that’s coming up? You totally deserve to pamper yourself a little, having worked hard all year!

While you’re splurging on things that you may have waited all year for, here are some tricks that can help you enjoy greater savings as you indulge in a some year-end shopping.

Sharing with you 8 ways to avoid over-paying when you go online shopping.

1. Outwit the dynamic pricing tactic

Have you ever found dirt cheap airfare that went up 10 – 30% when you checked the next day? This is one of the sneaky tactics online merchants use to show you different prices according to your browsing history, spending patterns and location.

There are some ways to not fall prey to such marketing traps. One way is to clear your browsing history, especially cookies. Another way is switching to incognito mode before you browse and log out from all your social accounts (Facebook, G+, etc).

Often, airlines block out seats to give you the impression that the plane is filling up fast and have you scrambling to purchase seats.


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2. Shop on the right day

It probably wouldn’t come as a surprise that you can get better discounts in the month of November, as well as post-holiday January when retailers try to clear their stock. A good day to shop is Tuesday, with prices lower than other days of the week, followed by Wednesday.

Often the best time to book a flight is Tuesday, with Tuesday having some of the lowest fares in history. There are a ton of theories but the best bet is airlines often announce deals on Monday evenings, therefore by Tuesday, other airlines are scrambling to match those deals.


3. Leave items in your cart

Adding items to your cart and leaving the website without purchasing has a good chance of the retailer hoping you would come back.

Shopping cart abandonment is a bane for the online retail industry and online retailers are always looking for ways to reduce abandonment rates and boost conversions.

Leave items in your shopping cart for a few days and they might just offer you a discount. However, this will not work all the time, nor will it work for every online seller, but it’s worthy to give it a try.


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4. Run smart comparison checks

To ensure you get the best bang for your buck, compare prices before you purchase something. You can easily run a search on product or service aggregators and do a comparison of prices across websites.

For example, you might have found out Retailer A offered a 10% discount or Retailer B sells at the same price with shipping included.

5. We are victims of free shipping.

Honestly, how many of us have succumbed to the attractiveness of free shipping? We end up buying an additional item (which we may not really have needed), just to save on paying an extra $10 for shipping.

But the truth is, free shipping isn’t really free! Retailers are smart to factor the shipping costs into the prices beforehand.


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6. We are victims of remarketing.

Chances are you have looked at a product on a website and the next thing you know is: you are seeing it everywhere. It’s remarketing, a popular tactic used by marketers.

Truth is, many online retailers collect cookies, small files that websites put on your PC to store information about you and your preferences.

As long as you don’t disable them, you will continue seeing that product on the pages you browse and chances are, you may give in to the temptation and purchase it.image5

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7. We tend to get bonkers online

Research has it that we are more bold and adventurous when shopping online than in a store. According to Dawn O’Porter, of Barclaycard Bespoke Offers, the internet makes us take more risks when it comes to fashion.

When you are in a shop, you can feel so self-conscious picking something a bit bonkers off the rail and trying it on, but shopping online takes away that embarrassment and just makes you go for it.

And she is right. In the comfort of our homes, we can mix and match outfits and feel like we are actually walking out of a store.


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8. Hefty Price Discounts? Too good to be true!

Have you eyed something in particular but you think it was outrageously overpriced?

2 or 3 months later, the retailer announced it is offering 50% off.

This is a good marketing gimmick as it gives you the impression that you are getting the maximum bang for your buck. Marketers often set such traps to trick you into believing that you are getting bargains from slashed prices.

Truth is, the business probably earns triple folds during their sales.

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