8 Sporting Equipment From Decathlon That You Can Get For Under $20

After the feasting during the house visits, it may be common to spot a growing bulge where a flat tummy used to sit.

Are you’re determined to make use of the ActiveSG credits to work out and burn all the calories you consumed during this period?

If you are lacking some equipment to try out a new sport, or need to replace broken gear… here are 7 suggestions that help you keep fit while keeping to a budget of $20.

1) Escape The Heat In Singapore’s Swimming Pools – $19.90

1 swimsuit decathlon Screenshot 2016-02-11 15.07.17

If you’ve outgrown your swimming costume, keep exercising with a new piece that fits you. Chlorine resistant material ensures you don’t have to deal with discolouration after using it only a few times.

2) Enjoy Your Runs When T-Shirts Dry Faster And Stop Sticking To Your Back – $5.90

2 sports tshirt decathlon Screenshot 2016-02-11 15.07.25

Breathable material makes this a better choice for running than cotton t-shirts. Reflective sections in the t-shirt keep you safe even when you’re running on the roads in dim lighting.

3) Keep Yourself Hydrated Without Having To Hold A Bottle – $18.90

3 water bladder decathlon Screenshot 2016-02-11 15.07.34

Training for longer distance running or cycling? You’ll enjoy using the hydration pack that fits in a small backpack while providing you with water to quench your thirst throughout the run. Holds 2L of liquid.

4) Continue Hiking Be It Wind, Rain Or Shine  – $16.90

4 windbreaker decathlon Screenshot 2016-02-11 15.07.38

For hiking enthusiasts, you will like how you can carry this around without feeling the burden of its weight. It’s capable of keeping you dry and warm with lightweight, compact, waterproof and breathable design.

5) Never Miss A Moment Underwater With A Snorkel – $5.90

5 snorkel decathlon Screenshot 2016-02-11 15.07.44

Wish you could hold your breath underwater for longer periods so you don’t miss out on the coral and marine life? You can breathe easy with the snorkel to compliment your mask. Use this in the pool to ponder about life without having to surface every few second or so.

While some swimming pools may disallow this, those that do will ensure you can capture your underwater footage with minimal disruption.

6) Work Out In Affordable Comfort – $19.90

6 singlet decathlon Screenshot 2016-02-11 15.07.47

Work out with maximum freedom of movement without compromising on comfort. Feel the softness of cotton on your skin as you embark on challenging aerobic manoeuvres.

7) Keep Your Hands Warm Without Losing The Ability To Use Your Touchscreen Device – $8.90

7 glove decathlon Screenshot 2016-02-11 15.09.27

Going skiing in wintery climates? You’ll need gloves to keep your hands warm. At the same time, isn’t it irritating to have to take off the gloves everytime you want to tap on your screen? Now you can use this affordable pair of gloves to tap on the devices without having to take off and put on when you’re freezing on the snow-capped mountains.

8) Burn Serious Calories Prancing Round The Tennis Court – $14.90

8 racket decathlon Screenshot 2016-02-11 16.02.31

Who says rackets are costly? You can get one for under $15, and start practising on your serves right away.


As a nation of sports enthusiasts, Singaporeans will be thrilled to know that a sports megastore has landed on our shores. From the days when it was taking up an obscurely small space along Kim Yam Road, Decathlon is all grown up and is ready for you to live your active lifestyle while keeping to your budget.

Head on over to the Chai Chee Technopark if you’re looking to burn off the calories from pineapple tarts, peanut cookies and BBQ pork.

Enjoy your under $20 budget purchases for a healthy life!

What are you going to do now that you have more ang pow money to spend on other things? Share this with your friends if you find it useful!

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