9 Kiasu Ways How You Can Save Money Like A Singaporean Aunty

If we could add another cultural icon to make us uniquely Singapore, I’m quite certain the Singaporean aunty will get numerous votes.

These are unassuming ladies doing their utmost best to save money for the family, so they can reach ambitious financial goals such as to send their children oversees to study.

If you want to save more money, here are 9 useful ways how you can learn from the Singaporean aunty.

1) Knowing Their Real Reason For Not Eating Out

The Singaporean aunty knows the operating costs of restaurants. Down to the details such as how much they are earning from you when you eat out.

She will often persuade the family to eat at home on the weekends citing the reason that it’s crowded in malls… and hungry people can’t tolerate long waiting times when eating out.

But we all know the reason for her deciding to take up chef duties, don’t we?

[image credits: lessonsgowhere.com.sg]

2) Shopping At The Neighbourhood NTUC

You won’t see Singaporean aunties buy groceries from supermarkets that carry organic products and expensive imported goods.

Their go-to place when shopping for the family is the neighbourhood NTUC.

It can be part of a family outing, where she rallies everyone to gather at the exit to help distribute the load back home.

With cheaper products instead of those sold at Jasons, Singaporean aunties swear by grocery shopping at NTUC.

[image credits: www.straitstimes.com]

3) Saving On Taxi In Favour Of Public Transport

Singaporean aunties always budget enough time for public transport, so they are rarely seen hopping onto a taxi to get somewhere in time.

You have to answer 3 qualifying questions to convince a Singaporean aunty to flag a taxi.

They are:

– It’s raining

– There are 4 passengers to split the fare

– You’re late

By always setting aside enough time to the destination, that pretty much means they’ll never hop on a taxi.

[image credits: www.youtube.com]

4) Wasting Food Is Not Saving Money

Singaporean aunties will ask their children a question whenever they refuse to finish their food.

The question is, “Do you know that children in Ethiopia are starving?”.

Never mind most of us can’t picture where that is on the world map.

The guilt trip cuts down on food wastage in the family. They also keep leftovers for another meal, spending less money on groceries.

[image credits: i.guim.co.uk]

5) Saving On Fashion

Singaporean aunties believe that the fashion cycle repeats itself every 10 years. This makes it alright for their kids to wear clothes that older cousins have outgrown.

Some Singaporean aunties may have considered making clothes made from old curtains, inspired from the movie The Sound of Music.

Before – [image credits: www.juliabobbin.com]

After – [image credits: www.shinyshiny.tv]

6) Spending On Absolute Necessities

Singaporean aunties buy only what they need, seldom buying things for themselves.

There’s a saying that the truly thrifty Singaporean aunty will patronize a particular shop, and that shop will be doomed to close down from the lack of consistent business.

That’s an exaggeration of what money-wise Singaporean aunties do, but they do what it takes to squeeze out savings from various fronts.

7) Shopping Sprees During Promo Offers

Singaporean aunties seem to be able to sense when a particular household item is going on offer.

When that happens, she mobilizes family members to buy that in bulk and bring them back. Common items include toilet rolls and sacks of rice.

The amount they save through bulk purchasing can be significant.

[image credits: www.straitstimes.com]

8) Cutting Entertainment Expenses

Households that pay for cable TV in the living room are not Singaporean aunty certified.

She opts for local drama on Channel 5 and 8, praising how the quality of local TV is catching up with TVB and Korean dramas.

[image credits: www.youtube.com]

9) Saving On Mobile Phone Bills

The Singaporean aunty knows excessive charges for mobile data can be expensive, so she makes sure to use the home wifi network only. Their mobile data is turned off 90% of the time so they don’t accidentally incur any usage charges.

That explains why you only receive their WhatsApp message when they reach home, and they question why you didn’t reply them.

[image credits: toutiao.com]


With these little known ways to save money, we should really be vouching for the Singaporean aunty to gain recognition as a national icon.

In fact, we all know this aunty… she’s probably the person who calls you often to ask if you are coming home for dinner. Even after you are married.

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