9 Proven Starbucks Hacks in Singapore that Saves You Money!

Can’t get by a day without your favourite coffee? But the prices at Starbucks are almost burning a hole in your wallet?

Fret not as we have some money-saving tips at our local Starbucks for you!

These hacks were originally inspired by this Quora thread and have been shared across other websites like Buzzfeed etc.

I was curious to find out if they really do work and the good news is, I’ve actually validated them with a former Starbucks barista friend of mine.

And after weeks of testing (and many cups of coffee), we are excited to bring you these sure-work Starbuck hacks for our local stores!

1) Going to camp at Starbucks? Get a refill!

You can get a refill for brewed coffee for any size at $1.60. Also, you can get FREE water top up for hot tea.

2) Bring your own tumbler

In case you don’t already know, bringing your own Starbucks tumbler gets you $0.50 off your coffee.

3) Give me a “Short”

You can order a “Short” (240ml) in Singapore Starbucks for any hot drinks for $0.50 cheaper than a Tall. So instead of getting your Vanilla Latte at $6.30 (Tall), get your caffeine fix for only $5.80 (Short).

Bonus: the Short coffees have the same amount of espresso as the Tall version. So you’ll probably get a more concentrated caffeine kick than your usual order, with lesser calories.

** This hack does not apply for iced drinks and frappuccinos. Then again if you really like to have an iced latte /mocha, just order a Short latte and get a cup of ice from the baristas.

4) Skip the bottled water

Instead of buying a bottle of water from Starbucks, you can request for a glass of water from the baristas. Alternatively, you can get them to refill your water bottle too. However, as advised by our friendly baristas, do refrain from doing this during peak hours or one-for-one period as they will be too busy handling the crazy crowds.

5) Be your own barista, brew your own coffee

Not only is it cheaper (since you’re buying in bulk), you can even customize your own flavours when you brew your own coffee. The baristas will grind the beans for you according to your coffee machine. You will also get a free Tall coffee for every bag of beans you buy.

6) Get a Starbucks Rewards Card

If you go to Starbucks regularly, it’s high time you get a Starbucks Rewards Card if you haven’t done so. At no cost to you, you’ll expect loads of freebies that comes with the card as you accumulate Star points with your purchases.

Check out the new Starbucks Rewards Scheme here!

7) Share the Venti frappuccino

A Venti-sized drink is almost equivalent to 2 Tall-sized drinks. A Venti-sized frappuccino (591ml) costs you $7.60, while a Tall-sized frappuccino (354ml) costs you $6. So order a Venti and ask the barista for an empty Tall cup and share it with a friend. You both save $2.20! And like they say,  “share the fats, share the happiness”

8) Cheaper Chai tea latte

Instead of ordering a Chai Tea latte ($5.70 for a Tall) straight off the menu, follow these ordering instructions to save you $1.50!

Ask for hot chai tea ($4.20 for a Tall), half filled with water and the rest of the cup with steamed milk!

Not only is it cheaper, it is also less sweet and contains lesser calories

9) Coffee-free drinks

You love Starbucks’ white chocolate mocha, but you absolutely dislike the taste of coffee. So you tell the barista “one white chocolate mocha, don’t put in any coffee”?

WRONG! This will cost you $6.30 for a Tall.

Instead, order a cup of steamed milk ($3.60 for Tall) and add the flavoured syrup for only $0.60. This will only cost you $4.20! That’s more than $2 difference!

Bonus: Order a White Hot Chocolate- order steamed milk with white mocha syrup.


*Disclaimer* Although these are legit hacks, don’t be surprise if your baristas are not aware of it, especially the newer ones. So always be patient, and ask them to check with the manager (if it’s not too busy).

I can’t stress how important it is to always be nice to service staff. When you’re a pleasant customer, they will be happy to serve. And just sometimes, you may even get away with some special requests. So, always be nice!

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