About The Founders

Calvin Woon

Calvin is a serial entrepreneur with multiple online businesses. Featured for his online entrepreneurial activities by MyPaper, a Singapore news publication, Calvin has since then gone on to share more of his experiences running online businesses at local entrepreneurship events such as NTUC nEbo Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium 2011 & 2012.

His expertise and knowledge is best reflected in his achievements where he is currently managing two fast-growing corporations which have generated over $1 million dollars in revenue online in just 2 years. He has been featured in various local publications such as The Straits Times and MyPaper for his expertise and knowledge in internet marketing.

Calvin realized the importance of learning the RIGHT investing techniques and proper wealth management when he witnessed his family experience huge financial difficulties (while he was still studying) due to bad financial decisions.

And thus, he is committed to helping people learn more about investing as well as empower them with the right skills & knowledge to create wealth for themselves so as to be in a position to bless their loved ones and the community.

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Patricia Lin

Patricia has been featured in several local publications such as The Straits Times and MyPaper alongside Calvin for their entrepreneurial achievements and has also been invited as a guest speaker on Mediacorp TV program, Shoot! 3 for her expert opinion and knowledge in Internet Marketing.

Apart from internet marketing and an avid interest in business building, Patricia is very interested in self improvement. She believes the importance of  developing oneself in areas such as Leadership,  Public Speaking, Self Motivation, in order to become a well-rounded & holistic being.

Her turning point in life was when she was faced with her mother’s sudden diagnosis of  late stage of stomach cancer in January 2012, who was due to retire later in the year. Patricia watched her mother having worked so hard in the medical line for over 30 years to accumulate savings for retirement, face the challenges of battling cancer and the pressure of countless medical bills towards the end of her life.

And that made her reflect on her own life of what was important. It was good health (which comes from a healthy diet & exercise), wealth (which cannot be created with a 9-5 job) , happiness (which depends on what you value) & success (which is when you become the person you want to be).

And so this motivates her to make WealthMastery.sg, a resource centre to help people create wealth, happiness & success for themselves.


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