How To Survive The 2016 Recession

“Find out how an average-earning Singaporean woman made $7,000 of extra side income for herself –and will continue to profit… even during the upcoming recession”

If you’ve been looking for ways to earn huge profits during the upcoming recession,

Even while everyone else is losing money… then look no further.Old lady

Listen up: Anna was your typical, average Singaporean woman.

She came from a middle-income family, and just like you, became worried whenever a recession was approaching.

Fortunately for Anna, an encounter with a Trader taught her one simple strategy…

That helped her make $7,000 in just 3 months!

“As a direct result… [I’ve made] $7,000 profits during the last three months alone!” says Anna.

Today, Anna does not have to worry about the upcoming recession.


Because she is certain that she will still be enjoying profits, even when the markets collapse.

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Anna’s strategy has been so well-designed to protect her wealth that her profits are assured…

Regardless of where the market direction is heading!

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So… what exactly is this method that Anna is using to profit, even when huge companies are losing money?

This remarkable method is known as…

“Strategic 0ptions trading!”


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Now, let me explain the top 3 reasons why strategic 0ptions trading is the best income-generating technique, even when markets crash…

Reason #1: Huge Potential Returns WITHOUT The High Investment Risk

Concept of wealthYou might probably be asking by now – Isn’t Trading especially risky during a recession?

Not at all!

In fact, trading during a recession is often more successful than investing…


Traders have the ability to profit… even if stocks go up or go down.

On the other hand, investing is usually long-term – and nobody knows how long a recession can last… It could last years!

When you use Strategic 0ptions Trading, you gain a huge advantage as you are able to leverage investment capital, while limiting investment risk.

In short…

This recession-proof strategy can create a respectable income for you…
without the scary risks of investing!

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Reason #2: Little Money Required – You Need Even LESS During a Recession!

If you don’t have a huge capital… don’t worry!

One big advantage of Strategic 0ptions Trading is that you don’t even need a lot of upfront capital!

How is this possible?


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Strategic 0ptions Trading relies on the short life-span of options…

Meaning that instead of investing a huge amount into one long-term investment…

You can trade safely, and yet profit consistently!

But wait! Here is the best news:

Strategic 0ptions Trading is still safe and reliable…
even during a recession

This is possible due to the short-term nature of 0ptions.

Instead of hanging around nervously for months and months to see if you make a profit, you will be able to regularly check your progress… only with tiny amounts of capital each time!

This ties in with the next benefit…

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Reason #3: Regular Cash Flows – You Can Enjoy Profits… Every WEEK!

Remember what I mentioned about 0ptions being short-term?

This nature of options allows the strategic 0ptions trading method to enjoy a regular stream of cash flow!

Compare this to say, dividends, where you have to wait for each quarter’s results before dividends can be paid out…

And compare this to the monthly or even weekly life-span of 0ptions…

What this means for you is that your pockets fill up a lot faster!

You can be sipping that Martini by the beach, or enjoying a staycation at Sentosa… because you can be assured that your profits are coming in CONSISTENTLY, and REGULARLY!

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Now do you understand how Anna was able to make $7,000 in 3 months… and will CONTINUE to make profits even during the recession?

Let’s go back to her story for one second – remember when I mentioned she met a Trader who taught her this remarkable trading method?

Sit tight… because here is the good news:

Mr. Manoj Kumar, the creator of strategic 0ptions trading, and also Anna’s mentor…. will be conducting a workshop in Singapore to tell you more about his income-generating strategy!

During this content-packed workshop, Manoj will be sharing with Singaporeans:

  • 3 more proven, powerful & consistent strategies… to immediately generate profit for you!
  • 7 costly mistakes that even experienced traders make… and how you can avoid them!
  • How to set up a systematic trading approach that generates profit… even during a recession!
  • The correct mind-set, methods and money management systems you need to have… in order to enjoy continued success in trading
  • One amazing trick that allows you to buy stock… BELOW current market prices!

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Here’s one more piece of good news:

Manoj has decided to open up his strategic 0ptions trading workshop, completely FREE of charge!

When you secure your FREE tickets, you can be prepared to learn the profitable 0ptions trading strategies mentioned above…

And finally find a safe, reliable way to make money on the side, even during a recession!

Here’s what some of Manoj’s students have to say:

AaronTan“My best choice… you don’t have to stay in front of the computer everyday…won’t have to worry that market crash will wipe your entire capital… downside of portfolio is protected and money is working hard for you!”

– Aaron Tan, Singapore

“As a direct results of learning under Manoj… [I’ve made] $7000 profit during the last three months alone! My trading skills as well as results have improved significantly.”

– Anna, Singapore

Chuck“You were very thorough, concise, specific and detailed in your examples and illustrations. It was well worth the time,even for someone like me who has been trading 0ptions for over 40 years!

– Chuck Mellon, Millionaire Trader


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4) Check your email inbox for a private confirmation from, indicating your confirmed seat for the “strategic trading 0ptions” seminar.

5) Arrive on time for the FREE workshop, and be ready to take notes and learn powerful 0ption trading strategies!

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