Did You Know Jack Ma Gave This Very Inspiring Speech In Singapore 5 Years Ago?

The founder of Alibaba was in Singapore during 2009 as the keynote speaker for the APEC SME summit. While Steve Jobs was at his inspirational best for his “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” commencement address, Jack Ma has his equivalent in this “Small is Beautiful” keynote speech. The video below contains 25mins of pure gold from the man himself.


With his typical self-deprecating humour, Jack Ma shares with us…

  • Why he grew Alibaba without borrowing a single cent from the banks
  • How he started one of the biggest tech firms,
    even though he did not know anything about technology
  • The biggest mistake he has ever made in Alibaba
  • Why you should employ the right people instead of good people
  • How he competes with internet giants like Ebay & Yahoo,
    even when Alibaba was still a small company
  • How to test if your employees really believe in your start-up company’s dream

Image Credits: scmp.com

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