Why A Manager Of A MNC Quit His High Paying Job To Trade Options Full Time

Full time options trader Manoj Kumar to conduct a free seminar to share with people how he consistently managed to trade options profitably and how they can also follow his example.

Manoj had the courage to do what few others would do. A few years ago, he quit his high paying job as a manager in P&G to go into options trading full time. Even though he has been living very comfortably all these while with his high income, Manoj realized that he lack one thing in his life – time with his family.

As the manager of P&G, Manoj frequently flies around the world. His job also often requires him to put in long hours. One day, he came home after a long work shift and realized that he was getting more and more distant from his children. Manoj knew some things had to change. And so, he quit his job and started trading options full time.

Now, Manoj conducts seminars teaching others how they can also find more time with their family and achieve financial freedom by trading options. He would generously share his knowledge and his trading techniques with the participants in these seminars.

In this interview, Manoj shares with us why he picked up options trading and how easy it is for anyone to trade.

Why should someone trade options?

Options are possibly one of the most flexible financial instruments you can ever come across. Unlike tradition stock picking and property investments, an options trader is able to make profits regardless whether the market goes up or down. When used properly, options even allow you to profit when you are uncertain of the market direction!

What are the biggest advantages of options trading?

The biggest advantage of options trading is that of time. Trading options is not time intensive. You can easily create extra cash flow within a few minutes or lock in your profit gains just under an hour. With the extra time I now have on my hands, I am able to spend more time doing the things I want to do, such as spending more time with my family and pursuing my passions.

What are the popular myths about trading options?

There is this prevalent belief that trading is a highly risky activity. Well, I agree that trading is highly risky and even dangerous for most people because they do not know what they are doing. However, for those who are properly trained as to how they should trade, trading is not risky at all – Just like how a kitchen knife is not dangerous when it is in the hands of a skillful chef.

What I fear most, are people who trade without first learning how to do it. Doing so is like putting a knife into the hands of a 5 year old child; they pose a danger to themselves as well as the people around them!

Do you need a lot of capital to trade options?

No, not at all! In fact, another one of the major advantages of options trading is that you do not require huge amounts of capital to begin with as compared to the other investment alternatives such as stocks or property. Investment methodologies like value investing often require you have huge amounts of capital to invest into stocks. Furthermore, they typically discourage your from liquidating your positions too early. As a result, your capital is often locked in for long periods of time.

In comparison, options trading require much lesser capital and also it allows you to enjoy higher levels of liquidity as your money is seldom locked into the stock itself.

What do you need to be a successful options trader?

This is a common question I get from my students throughout my entire training career. Unknown to them, I’m already teaching it to them throughout the entire coaching programme. The trick to be successful in options trading is actually already an open secret – Have a system and find a mentor.

A trading system will help to eliminate the element of emotions when making a trade call. When trading becomes emotional, losses tend to happen. By having a system, you effectively increase your profitably by many folds.

As for finding a mentor, I realized that I could have saved myself from many of the mistake I had previously made if I had a mentor to point them out before I committed them. No matter how perfect a system is, we are still human and we need the help of another person to trade alongside with us, helping us and pointing out to us our blind spots.

Who should attend your seminar?

The free seminar would benefit:

  • Investors who are just starting out and want to learn how to trade or invest in a profitable, manner.
  • Current traders who have previously tried trading options but failed and want to discover the properly techniques to trade.
  • Anyone who is interested to learn more about investing and options trading and how it can create a steady stream of cash flow for you.

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