The Business Formula That Helps You Double Your Sales And Income

Several years ago, a small handful of struggling business owners chanced upon this powerful and special business formula.

Within just 6 months afterwards…

Several of these business owners managed to… 

Triple their sales, get more customers,
and increase their income!

One of them (Melina) even managed to bring in an additional $250,000 within 6 weeks, just from using this formula.

Another one was able to quit her 17 hour a day job & generated close to $1.5 million in revenue within just 12 months from her business.

Want to know how they did it? And how you can do the same for your business too?

Click Here To Discover This Proven Business Growth Formula, And Use It To Boost Your Sales, Get More Customers, And Increase Your Income!

But, what does this have to do with you?

If you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur, coach, consultant, or salesperson who’s running your own venture…

Then this business growth formula could actually help you increase your bottom line this year.

But how? How does this business growth formula work… and is it suitable for your business?

Kane Minkus – World’s #1 Business-Growth Coach

Meet Kane Minkus, a world-renowned business growth coach who has personally helped thousands of business owners all over the world.

“The biggest problems that many businesses in Singapore face”, Kane says…

“Is the huge lack of leads, sales, and customers”.

“Many business owners are struggling to stay alive, and that’s why I focus on sharing strategies they can use to attract new leads, and turn them into lifetime paying customers”.

Click Here To Discover This Proven Business Growth Formula, And Use It To Boost Your Sales, Get More Customers, And Increase Your Income!

Do you face similar problems
in your business as well?

Then here’s how the business growth formula (taught by Kane) could help you:

1) It helps you build your own personal brand that potential customers will notice easily, so you stand out in your market and can attract customers

2) It shows you how to package your ideas into high-paying, profitable products and services that bring in consistent income for your business

3) It focuses strongly on positioning, so you do NOT have to try very hard to get customers, but instead have people seek you out automatically

That means, with the business growth formula in place, you will naturally be able to stand out in your industry, and…

Experience an inflow of customers that are hungry for your products and services!

Click Here To Discover This Proven Business Growth Formula, And Use It To Boost Your Sales, Get More Customers, And Increase Your Income!

Imagine being able to triple your customers, sales, and profits… and enjoy greater business success.

That’s something that many business owners hope they can achieve, but are NOT able to do so even after spending THOUSANDS of dollars on marketing and advertising.

But that will become possible for you with the business growth formula. Why?

Because this powerful formula, specifically, will give you the strategies that allow you to do the following:

• Dominate your industry and be recognised as the number one expert in any field

• Cut through the noise and make your customers never forget your brand.

• Easily convert your ideas into a flurry of products and services that will bring you multiple streams of revenue.

• Score an endless stream of partnerships and joint venture deals with industry leaders using a proven method

• Maximise your reach, minimise your cost, and unlock a constant flow of leads for your business

• Boost the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns to get more hot and warm customers

• Convert just about any interested person into a raving (and paying) customer for life, by using…

Secret selling strategies that top business owners use to score high-paying clients and customers!

"I made an additional $250,000 in 6 weeks of working with Kane."

Melina Schamroth, Founder/CEO, MAD Woman

"I was able to generate an extra $48,000 worth of business after working with Kane for a month"

George Bastoli, Sales & Marketing Coach For Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses

Click Here To Discover This Proven Business Growth Formula, And Use It To Boost Your Sales, Get More Customers, And Increase Your Income!

Here’s more good news for you:

Kane Minkus is personally flying into Singapore in a few weeks time, and he will be sharing with you the strategies mentioned above… along with the business growth formula…

LIVE in person, for FREE!

That’s right.

Kane confidently says, “For Business Owners, Coaches, Practitioners, Consultants, Speakers & Trainers who want to enjoy an increase in their leads, sales, and business profits…”

“I will be sharing with you the business growth strategies you can use to make that a reality.”

Would you like to learn this Business Growth Formula for FREE?

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2) You will be taken to another page with a short video (telling you the private details about this workshop), and also sharing with you more tips on business growth and getting more customers

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4) Check your email inbox for a private confirmation, indicating your confirmed seat for the “Business Accelerator Singapore” seminar.

5) Arrive on time for the FREE workshop, and be ready to take notes on how to boost your leads, sales, and profits with the Business Growth Formula!

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