The Easiest Way You Can Make Money During The Upcoming Recession If You Only Have 15 Minutes a Day

Even with only 15 minutes each day, and ZERO starting capital… What’s the Best Way to Profit During the Upcoming Recession… Even when Everyone Else Is Making HUGE Losses?”

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Would you like to make more money in the upcoming recession… while everyone else is bleeding money?

Well, in the next few minutes, I would advise you to grip the edges of your seat tightly.


2 simple reasons:

  • This could be your ticket to earning a fantastic amount of money… EVEN if you don’t have a huge capital to start with!
  • You are about to learn 2 extremely simple money-making techniques… that will even carry you well-above the upcoming recession!

If you are not at the edges of your seat yet, here is the best news…

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You can earn a full-time income that other Singaporeans will be jealous of!

So, what are these techniques I’m talking about?

It involves a process known as…

Systematic Trading!


This method of trading is so effective that one man made $250,000

In just 18 months!

Right now, you’re going to learn 2 specific techniques that utilize this ingenious system you can use to rake in profits fast.

Here is a quick overview of these 2 techniques, before I get into more detail:

  • Portfolio Allocation Plan (Fool-proof method which focuses on reducing risk)
  • Triple Indicators Confirmation (Identifies winning trades for you, can be done in a matter of minutes)

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Technique 1: Portfolio Allocation Plan

When most people think of trading, they think of high-risk, unstable markets, or that high capital is required…. Hence, this would be extremely dangerous during a recession, right?


A well-developed Portfolio Allocation Plan is in fact your best bet to carry you through the upcoming recession.


  • You will be able to know exactly what to trade in, which drastically reduces risks and losses
  • You will be able to keep a balanced trading profile, ensuring that even if the market crashes, you are still earning profits from reliable sources

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So how exactly does a Portfolio Allocation Plan work?

Well, it works like a secret encyclopaedia that keeps track of which stocks will be profitable, and which will incur losses.

It is a historical dictionary of stocks that will protect your hard-earned money, due to its highly ACCURATE predictions.

This technique is highly suitable if you want a low-stress, high-profit way of making money despite a recession.

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despite a recession!

Technique 2: Triple Indicators Confirmation

This technique will only take up 15 minutes of your time each day.

In fact, this is one of the laziest and easiest ways you can create income, due to its “hands-off” approach.

Even if you are extremely busy, the Triple Indicators Confirmation technique will guide you in making the most profitable trading decisions.

How does it work?

Indicators are a secret tool used by successful traders to help them identify winning trades…

Why do you think top-notch traders and investors never seem to work?

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Because they use this technique!

With reliable indicators calculating complex formulas and doing the Maths for you, you can take a back-seat while you reap your rewards.

And the best thing is, these indicators are so reliable that they are even able to accurately predict the best trades during an unexpected recession!

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So how can YOU make learn to Trade profitably during a recession… even WITHOUT much starting capital?

Good news: Collin Seow, the trader that made…

Over $250,000 in just 18 months

And the inventor of the 2 amazing techniques will be conducting a content-packed workshop…

Completely FREE!

In this high-value workshop, Collin Seow will be sharing with Singaporeans:

  • 3 more secrets that will ensure you make profits during the upcoming recession… even if you are already facing debts!
  • The exact trading formula used by Collin to make over $250,000 within 18 months to become a highly-respected trader
  • How to identify which are the strong stocks to buy, so that you know how to make money even in crashing markets
  • A straightforward way to read and use indicators, to remove all confusion from trading

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Here are some of Collin’s past students who have achieved remarkable profits:

Thomas UKMI was looking for a systematic way to do trend trading and so I attended [Collin’s] course this year.

Within a short 8 month period, my trading account has achieved more than 100% return! This is by far the best return in a single year of my entire trading journey!”

-Thomas UKM

A friend as well as a mentor, I have benefited much from this sharing and knowledge.

Within 2 weeks I have obtained a hit rate of 80% for my trades in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange!

-Sunny, Trader/Business Owner, Asustek Group

Thomas ChongSo my entry [into the stock] was at $14.57 (Hongkong Dollar) on 26th Nov and the price shot up to $16.24 on the 6th day of trading… up 11.5%!

-Chong Yoon Fatt

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Here’s how you can secure your
FREE tickets to this workshop

1) Click on the yellow-coloured button at the bottom of this page to indicate your interest to attend this workshop

2) You will be taken to a special page with a short video (telling you the private details about this workshop), and also sharing with you more tips on Systematic Trading strategies

3) If you’d like to reserve your FREE seat for this Systematic Trading seminar, simply fill in your name and contact details on the form beside the video… and you’re registered!

4) Check your email inbox for a private confirmation from, indicating your confirmed seat for the “Systematic Trading Profits” seminar

5) Check your email inbox for a private confirmation from, indicating your confirmed seat for the “Systematic Trading Profits” seminar

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