End Sleepless Nights by Getting to the Root of Your Stress

Did you have another night of tossing and turning, where you just can’t seem to turn your brain off, no matter what you do? And you wonder, “Why can I not get to sleep?”

You may be suffering from stress.

Stress comes in two types: Acute and Chronic.

Acute stress is what you might feel from feeling threatened or challenged. Like that feeling when your heart skips right before tripping.

Chronic Stress is a bit subtler; it’s the kind of thing that builds on a person due to issues like unpaid bills, sick kids or broken transmissions.

Identifying the kind of stress and managing its causes can put an end to the tossing and turning and have you ready to face the world come morning.

Identifying the Issues

Grab a pen and paper. Take a minute to sit down to think and write down the top ten things that are worrying you right now. These are likely your stressors and the things that are keeping you awake. Now see if you can identify the ones that are caused by someone else, and the ones that you are putting you yourself. There are ways to deal with each of them, depending on their source.

External Issues

Things like an upcoming move, unexpected bills, starting or ending a relationship, traffic, problems with coworkers, important speeches at work and the death of a loved one are all external sources of stress. These are sources that you have the least control over. Now that you have your list, you can identify the ones that are external and see how to address them.

Some tips to keep in mind:

• With some sources of external stress, something as simple as exercising can help. Especially in the evening. It can be easier to sleep if your body is physically tired from a good work out.

• With some external sources of stress, asking others for assistance can also make a big difference.While the idea of asking someone for help may cause stress, you will likely find people who want to help, and that can make a huge difference to your stress levels.

• Talk it out. Find a therapist or a trusted friend, and vent your frustrations, worries or anger. Often, the simple process of telling another person what ails you can take the edge off so you can sleep at night.

• Sit down and organize your time. Writing down a schedule can eliminate stress by helping you to address problems one at a time and systematically come up with a plan to eliminate them.

Internal Issues

Are you afraid of something? Feeling like everything is out of control? People having high expectations of you? If any of these things are on your list, then these are internal factors that are making you stressed. Even though you have all these thoughts, you can learn to control and re-frame them. Talk with friends or a find a professional who can help you change your attitudes and turn negative thoughts into positive ones. Even though these feelings have been with you for a while, you can turn them around.

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