Excuses We Have, That Prevent Us From Achieving Success.

Taking the first step towards our goal is always tough, but no matter how challenging it is, as long as one’s mind is set to it, nothing is impossible. If you often see yourself coming up with a plan of attaining some kind of success, but unable to reach the finish line, you may just be making your own concrete barriers in the form of excuses. Excuses which hinder you from either taking the first step or to continue with your pursuit.
Everyone of us is guilty of making excuses at some point in our lives. However, to obtain success, we need to overcome them soon.

1) I’m too busy

Being busy is probably one of the most common excuses people make, as an explanation of their inability to take action. A classic example is someone who expresses his desire to lose weight, but is unable to achieve it, as he does not have the “time to exercise” or is “too busy” to mind his diet. There’s no denying that time is limited to 24 hours a day for everybody. Yet, as long as one’s desire to attain his goals is strong enough, there are always ways to dedicate some time in our day towards taking action to achieve it.

2) It is his fault I failed

Putting blame on another individual for your failure is also a destructive habit commonly used. Taking a friend’s advice could have left you making a bad decision, but that decision is yours to make. It is not a good practice to point your finger at a friend who could have suggested the idea, taking it up was entirely up to you. The sooner one takes responsibility of his actions and his life, the sooner he can be on the right path to achieving success.

3) I don’t have enough knowledge for it

All of us have been in a certain stage in our lives when we were clueless about things. Yet, isn’t life a learning journey? With all the resources available for us in the digital age today, research and enrichment could not be easier. Resting on your laurels and dishing excuses does not bring anyone closer to their dreams. Stop the excuses and you will make a big step closer to that envisioned future.

4) I am still not in the right age to pursue it

 When is the right time to make an investment? The right moment is actually the soonest possible time. In fact, if you can make a wise investment today, then make it. Lots of young individuals say that they don’t want to save for retirement or make an investment earlier, for they are still not in their right age. However, we have to take note that in order for us to enjoy the fruits of our labor we may have to let it grow with time. The earlier you make an investment on something, the better it will be for your future.

5) It is just too complicated

 In most cases, things get complicated because we view them as such. Often people may be hesitant in embarking on something great as it requires effort and time.  Try making the harder choice next time you are presented with an opportunity, and simplify things by taking one step at a time. In just a week or so, you will find out that nothing is actually complicated, as long as you make things simpler!





Free yourself from excuses, so that you can begin taking the necessary steps towards success!

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