How Former Sailor Turned Underdog Trader Is Outearning Other Professional Traders

Ex-National Sailor Roy Tay, used to sail professionally for Singapore but a chance meeting with a professional Forex trainer changed all of that. Now, these two men turned Forex traders conducts Forex educational seminars to make a difference in the life of others.

Roy was used to winning. Losing has become a very unfamiliar feeling for the Asian gold medalist and national sailor. As a result, he was extremely dismayed when he found out that he was losing consistently to the Forex markets.

Naturally, Roy did what every underperforming sportsman would do; he decided to seek the help of a coach.

Here enters Paul Botterill, the professional Forex trading trainer that hails all the way from New Zealand. And the rest as they say is history.

2-Traders-squareTogether, they founded Actions to Wealth a company that strives to teach the public how to trade and make money in the Forex market using a systematic trading process instead of the usual speculative techniques. They hold free weekly seminars in an effort to educate the public on the basics of Forex trading.

“Many Forex traders are actually losing loads of money simply because they lack basic trading discipline,” says Roy Tay, co-founder and Director of Actions to Wealth. “If they were to strictly follow a proven and tested system, they would be able to turn that around very quickly,” he adds.

Paul Botterill, fellow co-founder agrees, “Most people don’t have problems making profitable trades on the Forex markets. In fact, it is a relatively simple thing to do.”

“The main struggle for most people is to keep the money that they have won instead of losing it immediately to their next bad trade,” says Botterill.

The duo are particularly proud of their “BIG 3” system, the 3 signature trading strategies that they had designed together with professional Forex traders:

  • The Income Creator Method – Requiring only 15mins of your time each day, the income creator strategy is perfect for the lazy trader or the busy employee who only wants to be involved with Forex trading once per day.
  • The Wave Rider Method – Considered to be one of their most profitable strategy, the Wave Rider Strategy allows its user to enjoy infinite upside potential with an extremely small downside risk of only 1%!
  • The Slingshot Method –  Their trademark strategy with an abnormally high degree of accuracy, the slingshot method is a powerful trading strategy that can generate profits within the very short time frame of just one hour! This is a strategy suited for traders who enjoys being highly involved in their trades.

With these 3 Forex trading strategies, Paul & Roy have been generating a full time income for themselves and they are now passing the exact same strategies down to their students.

Recently, they have been noticing that more and more Singaporeans are signing up for their Forex seminars. Their seminars have been fully packed for past few months. Roy attributes this to the public’s increased awareness of the Forex markets.Forex Class

“With the establishment of low cost internet brokers, what used to be accessible for only high net worth banking clients is now available for everyone,” Patricia Lin, co-founder of explains.

Regardless of reason, Paul & Roy warmly welcome the increasing interest in Forex trading. For them, it simply means that they can make a bigger difference in the lives of more people.

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