Quite a number of people think pursuing a fitness passion is not practical in Singapore. Until they see this...

“Discover How a Fresh and Inexperienced Newbie Earns $8,000 As A  Fitness Trainer” 

Watch this short video below to find out how you could do the same:

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Date: 30 July 2015, Thursday
Time: 7.30 PM - 9.30 PM
Venue: 50 Market Street #10-01,
Golden Shoe Carpark, Singapore 048940

"And in the last 3 months, I actually closed $8,000 worth of sales from my training clients..."

"Hi, my name is Rayen. I joined the Fitness Trainer Coaching Programme by Lionel Lim late last year, and through the skills and knowledge, I have learnt to become a better trainer.

What surprised me was in the last 3 months, I actually closed $8,000 worth of sales! After seeing the real results I have achieved from Lionel's coaching, I believe this is definitely an investment worth going for because the skills I have learnt are for life."

Rayen Tan
Ngee Ann Polytechnic Year 3 Student

Lionel Lim
From: Lionel Lim
Singapore's #1 Trainer for Fitness Trainers

"My passion lies in teaching fitness trainers a systematic
strategy to attract and close clients with ease, without
to be aggressive or try hard to sell your services"

Dear fitness trainer (current or aspiring),


You see the young and "inexperienced" guy (Rayen) above?

The one who made $8,000 in 3 months...

Even though he started with little experience and skills, and doesn't look as buff or muscular as many of the more seasoned fitness trainers.

While his results and income seem impressive to many people, it's actually not. Why?

Because, the truth is...

He's actually not that special


You see... There are actually many "amateur" and "inexperienced" guys like him out there, who make quite a decent income from being a fitness trainer.

But, these guys are not your average trainers in the gym.

Are they above-average? Not really.

In fact, they may look "below-average" when you see them for the first time.

• These guys are not super muscular or buff. Far from it.

• These guys only have some basic knowledge about fitness and working out.

• Many of them don't have highly recognized fitness certifications or endorsements.

• Probably nobody knows about them, and they have little reputation in the fitness industry.

And they definitely don't have as much experience as many of the seasoned fitness trainers in Singapore. But...

They're probably making as much
money from their 
training services
as those more experienced guys

And the fact is that many of them may look "geeky", "nerdy", and "amateur". Just look at their photos below:

"Closing on average 2 clients per month. My highest record was closing four clients in a month, at $65 per hour"

Kelvin Khong"Hi, I am Kelvin. I first met Lionel when he came to ITE to conduct a workshop for us students, and then I signed up for his Fitness Trainer Coaching Program some time after.

I’m telling you now I really regret not having joined earlier as I could have made so much more money when I was still hesitating. This programme really works and gets real results!

I was closing on average two clients per month. My highest record was closing four clients in a month! This is in addition to juggling my diploma studies at Singapore Polytechnic... When my peers were earning $8-12 per hour, I was already charging $65 per hour.

I am very grateful because the program has given me a platform to help train others professionally and increase my finances tremendously."

Kelvin Khong 
Singapore Polytechnic Year 2 Student

"Closed $2,000 worth of sales within just 1 month after learning this"


"Hi my name is Klinsmann. I attended the Fitness Trainer Coaching Programme in Dec 2014. And in the following month, I closed $2000 worth of sales.

Why I’m happy about this coaching programme is because I learnt to become a better trainer and I help my clients to achieve their goals. They are happy with their results and they decide to renew with me.

So if you have the same passion as me, come join me."

Klinsmann Tong
Polytechnic Year 3 Student

As you can see from their photos, they're not really the ripped or hunky kind of guy you expect as your fitness trainer, right?

But despite not having the "look" and "feel"
of a professional fitness trainer...

These guys are able to earn quite a decent income by offering training services to clients....

While many other fitness trainers in Singapore (even the buff, muscular, and seasoned ones) have difficulty finding and retaining clients.

How could this even be possible?

Do they know something that most fitness trainers in Singapore are completely clueless about?

If you actually study these guys in close detail...

You will realize they may not be the most experienced, knowledgeable, or muscular fitness trainers you know. But, there are a few things they're superbly good at:

1) They know how to sell themselves in an attractive manner.

2) They know how to offer and package their services in a unique way that grabs attention.

3) And most importantly, they know...

Exactly where and how to find Singaporeans
hungry and desperate to pay for their
fitness training services


This allows them to easily stand out from other trainers and become the client's #1 choice.

Here are a few more techniques they use to earn a decent income as a fitness trainer:

A psychological "trust" tactic that can help anyone bond instantly with their current clients, so you can easily get more referrals and sales from your existing clients

A simple sales process ("copied" from professional sales closers) that helps anyone understand what potential clients are thinking about...

So you know exactly what to say and do in order to get them to sign up for your fitness training services

Using tried-and-tested branding strategies to position yourself as an expert and leader in the fitness industry, so you consistently get clients coming to inquire about you

A "zero-to-launch" methodology to help anyone get started as a fitness trainer in Singapore... Even if you have zero experience and reputation...

You will know exactly how to find your first client, and get them to sign up with you

That's what I usually share with my students in my workshop called...

"How To Become a Highly-Paid Fitness Trainer In Singapore"

lionel speaking small

In this workshop, I actually teach fitness trainers (current, aspiring, and existing) a proper system on how to attract clients, position themselves, and make money from their passions in fitness. If this is something you want to learn more about, sign up below!

Who is Lionel Lim?

My name is Lionel Lim, and I have helped many average guys start their career to become well-paid fitness trainers.

Many of my students are actually people who don't even look amazingly fit or muscular or sexy, but because they applied the proven marketing and sales methods I taught...

Many of them are able to find, close, and retain clients with ease.


Question: Why do these methods work so well?


Answer: because they have been proven and tested by myself, when I was first starting out as a fitness trainer in Singapore.

In fact, with these practical methods that I usually teach my students...

I was able to get featured in multiple media channels, get requested to train many individuals, schools, and organizations in the area of fitness, and thus attract many clients naturally.

8days_shirtless_guy_of_the_week_lionel_lim_img the_straits_times_mind_your_body_fit_fab_img lianhe_wanbao_wellness_resistance_tube_imgSmall Lionel LectureSmall Lionel StudentsSmall Lionel Stage

If you too would like to learn these exact strategies to:

Build your reputation as a fitness expert, so clients will find you on their own

Know how and where to find high paying training clients, so you can charge a high rate

Be able to close clients with ease, and make money pursuing your passions in fitness...

Then I would like to personally invite you to attend my upcoming workshop where I reveal to you the exact system on...

"How anyone can become a highly paid fitness trainer in Singapore"

Small Lionel Park*** Just like how I do it in this photo, I'll even be showing you systematic strategies to reach out to organizations and business clients, so you can train their staff and employees at your own fitness bootcamp, and thus boost your per hour income.


Here's a quick overview of what you will learn from this informative 2-hour strategy workshop:

• How anyone can become a highly paid fitness trainer in Singapore - by learning the exact process of where to find clients, how to close them, and get them to refer new clients

• How to create a powerful and attractive marketing system that allows you to find clients automatically, and have them seek you out on their own

• How to build reputation and authority as a fitness trainer in Singapore, even if you are a nobody and just starting out in the industry (this strategy allows you to compete with the bigger players in the fitness market)

• How you can compete with the bigger fitness trainers in the market, and stand out against them by using a special way to differentiate yourself

• The 1 factor that makes potential clients excited and enthusiastic to sign up with you, and how you can use it to close clients with ease

• Why personal training is one of the best jobs ever, and there's even a well-known article published by a world-known educational magazine that shows why being a fitness trainer is one of the most financially-secure jobs in the world

Exactly what to say when you talk to potential clients, so you can make them convinced that you are the one to help them reach their fitness goals

Why many guys who are super muscular and buff actually don't make much money as fitness trainers, and why it's the average looking guys who usually get the most clients (You will even learn the solution to attract clients, regardless of how big or muscular you look)

How to use a simple everyday item (that you can find in your own home) to get a ton of media exposure and coverage... so more people know about you and your fitness training services

Why many of the people who join man hunts, fitness or bodybuilding competitions are wasting a ton of money-making opportunities... unless they realize this simple fact and know how to take advantage of it to get clients for free

How to effectively persuade clients who are unsure of whether they want to sign up for your training service... and indirectly convince them that you are the right person for them.

• How to form a team of fitness trainers... so you can work with clients you like and have others make money for you

Why talking to a ton of random people and trying to garner interest to sign up with you is a sure-lose method... and what you should do instead to get clients

• How to get people interested and excited about your fitness training service, by understanding the exact psychology that makes them want to sign up

Why getting a PT certificate could actually be a bad thing for many fitness trainers (and cause them to lose a lot of money as well)... and what you should do instead to avoid this problem.

Where are some good places to find clients who are already hungry for your training services. It's like fishing where the fish are, so it's easy to close them.

A simple tool that you can use to make sure you understand the client's needs and goals very well... so you can train them in a suitable way, help them get results, and thus keep them coming back for more

What did I do to cause a client to become so satisfied with my services that he ended up referring his own son to me as well (with this method, you could get multiple referrals and clients under you... with almost zero extra effort on your part)

Important things you must know to protect yourself from legal issues and problematic clients who want to find trouble and take advantage of you

The branding and exposure techniques that helped me get featured on multiple media channels, magazines, and publications...

Such that I'm able to land multiple groups of clients all at once...

Train huge groups of people and thus multiply my hourly rate by many times...

And hence earn a high income as
a fitness trainer in Singapore.


small Lionel Gym

small Lionel Public

In fact, with the branding and exposure strategies that I'll be sharing with you at the workshop, you too could land multiple clients and make money as a fitness trainer...

By getting clients to approach you and contact you on their own.

If this sounds like something you're keen to learn more about, sign up for the upcoming workshop here:

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Event Details

Date: 30 July 2015, Thursday

Time: 7.30 PM - 9.30 PM

Venue: 50 Market Street #10-01
Golden Shoe Carpark, Singapore 048940

However, not everyone will
able to join this workshop

As the room that I'm holding the seminar at (Raffles Place, Golden Shoe Carpark Building) has a limited space constraint, we can only take in 20 attendees for the workshop.

After the 20 seats have been taken up...

I will have no choice but to turn down further registrations, because I am not allowed to exceed the room capacity (due to fire hazard and safety regulations).

And because my main job is actually a full-time fitness trainer, I only conduct such public workshops when I have the time and energy to do so.

Hence, if you want to grab this rare opportunity to learn these exact strategies to become a highly paid fitness trainer in Singapore, then do reserve your seat fast:

I look forward to seeing you and sharing these strategies with you.

To more clients, health, and success,

Lionel Lim


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