How This Singaporean Achieved a 10% Profit In 3 Months of Trading Forex

“How This Singaporean Man Achieved a 10% Profit… After Only 3 Months of Trading Forex?”

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Have you always wanted to profit from Forex Trading? And do so by using a strategy that has been tested and proven to work?

Then you should meet Paul & Roy – 2 highly sought-after forex traders in Singapore who have helped many of their students profit from forex.

“We have taught students how to make tens of thousands of dollars from their forex trades… And we even had one student who made a 10% profit after just 3 months of trading forex“, Roy says.

But, while Roy currently enjoys huge success from his forex trades, he openly admits that…

He initially lost money when he first started Forex Trading

Roy Tay

Roy Tay

Being an ex-Asian games medalist, Roy understands how it feels like to balance a busy schedule with forex trading.

He explained…

“Many years ago when I was training for the SEA games as a Sailor representing Singapore, my days were packed full. It was busy, intense, and I had little free time for myself”.

“I tried trading forex, but could never really find the time to understand it fully. I lost money as a result”, said Roy.

“It’s only after meeting with my mentor, Paul, that I learnt proven and profitable strategies to trade forex, and could even make money with just my 1-2 hours of free time daily“.

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Based on Roy’s experiences after teaching hundreds of students how to trade Forex, he added:

  • If you have a busy schedule but still want to make some money at the side with 1-2 hours of time daily… then Forex Trading would be suitable for you
  • If you’re looking for a way to earn some extra income, and possibly even make a full-time income – Forex trading is the way to go… Because the simplicity of the strategies make it easy to apply and succeed with
  • If you’re the kind who’s afraid of losing money… and you enjoy strategies with low risks and dangers… then the “1% no-risk” strategy that top forex traders use will be useful

In fact, using these forex trading strategies, he even helped one of his students (Lionel) to…

Hit a 10% profit… in just his 3rd month of trading!

I have hit my first 10% profit with your strategies in my 3rd month of trading!

I could have hit the first 10% at the 1st/2nd month of trading based on one of your strategies, but I kept missing out on the big trend due to busy work schedule and not being able to access my laptop at work.

But have since managed to find a way to overcome it because I have seen first hand how it could have enabled me to enter a profitable trend trade and I have became a great believer in the strategy!

- Lionel Lee

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But, Roy refuses to take credit for his student’s success.

“It’s not me. I’m NOT special. All I did was share with him a proven trading strategy taught to me by my mentor, Paul”.

Paul is Roy’s mentor… And together, they usually coach students and share with them profitable forex strategies that have been proven to make money.

Using these effective strategies, several of Roy’s students have even profited from forex within short time periods…

Even though some of them are totally new and have never made a single cent of money from this in the past!

Here’s some of their past student’s results:

"Before I attended [Paul & Roy's Programme], I nearly hit draw down for … my third time.

But after learning their strategy, in 2 weeks, I've recovered all my losses and [I'm currently] up by 6% profit today.

Thank you so much for teaching me this strategy!"

- Ben T. Australia

"The strategy is amazing. Simple and very effective! I have been trading for a year and have been making losses most of the time.

With their strategy, I am on the road to recovery.

I did 2% in a week. It’s almost effortless and pretty stress-free as well.

It can be traded on a 4hr timeframe as well, which suits my lifestyle."

- Gabriel S. Singapore

"Being someone who had no knowledge at all when I started off, Paul & Roy have made forex trading so much simpler to understand & follow through.

I've made a profit of 600 over pips just this week using the recent strategy that I've learnt from them!"

- Crystal Singapore

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So how can YOU learn these profitable forex trading strategies?

Roy and his mentor, Paul, will be conducting a workshop titled “Simple Forex Mastery”.

In this content-packed workshop, they will be sharing with Singaporeans:

  • The basics of Forex trading so that anyone can start trading immediately!
  • How you can make consistent profit from the lucrative Forex market!
  • 5 costly mistakes a Forex trader typically makes and how you can avoid them!
  • An important risk management strategy that will protect your capital from gigantic losses!
  • A glimpse of the 3 proven & profitable trading strategies that have been giving them 3-5% returns monthly!

Would you like to find out more about this workshop?

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Here’s another piece of good news:

Paul & Roy have decided to open this workshop to 30 Singaporeans, completely FREE of charge.

When you secure your FREE ticket to this workshop, you’ll get to learn the profitable and proven forex strategies mentioned above…

So you can use it to profit… make some money on the side… and maybe even earn a full-time income with just 1-2 hours of your time.

Here’s how you can secure your
FREE tickets to this workshop

1) Click on the yellow-coloured button at the bottom of this page to indicate your interest to attend this workshop

2) You will be taken to a special page with a short video (telling you the private details about this workshop), and also sharing with you more tips on forex trading strategies

3) If you’d like to reserve your FREE seat for this Forex Trading seminar, simply fill in your name and contact details on the form beside the video… and you’re registered!

4) Check your email inbox for a private confirmation from, indicating your confirmed seat for the “Simple Forex Mastery” seminar.

5) Arrive on time for the FREE workshop, and be ready to take notes and learn powerful forex trading strategies!

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