In This Multi-Speaker Event, Some of the World's Most Experienced Traders Gather In Singapore to Share With You...

"6 Crucial Strategies How You Can Build A Solid Foundation To Trading... Plus Secrets To Safely Preserve Your Earning Profits"

From important trading strategies that every beginner needs to know -
To surprising secrets that will even shock experienced Traders..

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Event Details:

Date & Time: 12 March 2016, 9AM - 6PM Venue: Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay, (Cinnamon Room) 177A River Valley Road, S(179031)

Here's A Few Things You Will Learn When You Attend "Forex to Freedom 2016"

  • How any beginner can begin trading profitably from Forex in as little as 2 weeks... without any technical knowledge to begin with
  • The #1 most important resource you MUST have if you want to minimize the risks of losing money from Forex
  • How a small handful of Singaporeans have made a 5-figure profit... in an extremely effortless and stress-free way
  • Why Forex Trading isn't as risky as many people think it is... and how you can actually trade Forex profitable - even during a recession!

And That Is Not All...

Coming All The Way From New Zealand...

With Over 20 Years of Success in Forex Trading

Featuring, For One Day ONLY:

Julian McCree

One of the region's top Forex Traders, having created continuous profits in 24 out of 25 years, and  he has an incredible portfolio of helping other aspiring traders achieve immense wealth...

  • Julian has consistently made money through ALL major crises, even during the extreme 2008 recession
  • Julian is the Vice President of the Society of Technical Analysts... an organization that has taught THOUSANDS of individuals to trade profitably

4 Types of People Who Will Benefit Most From This Seminar

  • Individuals With No Experience

    You have no trading experience, but want to learn extremely profitable Trading strategies!

  • Singaporeans Seeking A Passive Income Stream

    You might be holding a full-time job, but you still want to earn an extra side income.

  • Busy Individuals

    With these strategies, all you need is 30 minutes per day!

  • Experienced Traders

    You might be an experienced Trader seeking earn even higher returns.

Do You Belong To Any of The Categories Above?

If you do, then you should come and attend...

"Bringing top Forex Traders, and aspiring professional Traders together... to learn from and inspire one another, and take home useful strategies to grow your earnings in a safe, consistent manner"

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What Will These Forex Trading Experts Be Sharing With You?

Speaker #1: Julian McCree
Professional Forex Trader & Lecturer

Here's what Julian will be sharing with you on that day:

  • The three pillars of trading- essential knowledge for beginning and experienced Traders who are seeking to kickstart a profitable trading journey
  • 4 simple things that you need to look out for in news headlines, and how they can help you predict the current market
  • A detailed explanation on the current market outlook - Julian will help you answer the question: "Is now a good time to start trading?"
  • His personal journey as a Trader - from when he first began 20 years ago, and how he has become the industry expert he is today
  • Julian will share with you the best markets that you need to be trading in, if you want to reap consistent and profitable returns

Speaker #2: Roy Tay
Professional Forex Trader & Business Owner
Ex-National Sailor

Here's what Roy will be sharing with you on that day:

  • A simple 3-step guide to Forex Trading that even complete beginners can immediately use to start trading
  • The 4 biggest benefits of Forex Trading, and why it compares significantly better than investing
  • The true potential of Forex Trading in generating a substantial side income... allowing Roy to spend most of his time travelling the world!
  • How to gain 100% control over your own income, and freedom... and how to go about doing that with Forex Trading
  • The single most hands-off approach to Forex Trading - all you need is 45 minutes a day!

Speaker #3: Paul Botterill
Professional Forex Trading Coach

Here's what Paul will be sharing with you on that day:

  • Over 8 years of trading experience... condensed into one content packed session where Paul will share valuable lessons
  • 3 powerful Forex Trading Techniques that will allow you to profit safely and make money... even when markets are down!
  • How you can easily and consistently increase your returns by 1% per day, simply by applying Paul's systematic strategies
  • 5 costly mistakes a Forex Trader typically makes, and how you can avoid them!
  • The fastest, most immediate way for you to make profits... expect to witness your earnings on the spot!

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Speaker #4: Gerald Yeo
ChartNexus Trading Coach & Private Trader

Here's what Gerald will be sharing with you on that day:

  • How you will be able to witness an increase in profitable trades by using a simple strategy that combines classical technical analysis with technical indicators
  • 1 simple method that you can use to remove emotions from your trades, allowing you to trade confidently and objectively
  • How you can easily obtain a track record of successful trades by using 1 system that has 5 years of promising research
  • The simplest, and most foolproof way for beginners to spot excellent trading opportunities... so that you don't need to keep worrying about the "best time" to trade!
  • 1 software that you need if you want to drastically improve your success rate, regardless of market conditions such as a recession

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These Trading Experts Have Helped Countless Individuals Achieve Their Financial Goals - Here are Some of Them!

This is not all! Just for this exclusive one-day event, here is a HUGE BONUS:

How Do You Get Started In Forex Trading With ZERO Starting Capital?

It really does not take much to get started in Forex Trading... and we want to prove it to you!

Hence, when you come for "Forex to Freedom 2016", you will be given the opportunity to start trading Forex with...

ZERO Starting Capital!


However, here is the catch: we will not be able to offer this limited offer to everyone.

Only the first 120 who sign up will be given this extremely valuable opportunity!

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Here Are Even More Ways You Can Benefit From "Forex to Freedom 2016"

  • Connect With Top Forex Traders

    Learn their industry secrets and techniques to help you grow into a top-earning Trader!

  • Discover How These Traders Overcame Their Struggles And Challenges

    Learn what steps these individuals took to rise above their challenges… and how you can avoid the same mistakes!

  • Meet Like-Minded Individuals Who Are Equally Passionate About Trading

    Whether you are new, or an experienced Trader, this will be the best event for you to meet other similar individuals!

  • Speed Up Your Journey To Success

    Save yourself an immense amount of time, money and stress… as you learn from these top industry experts

  • Learn And Benefit Together With Your Friends

    As this is going to be a large-scale seminar, bring along your friends and have a great experience together!

  • Gain True Freedom... And Work Whenever, Wherever You Want!

    Discover the true power of Forex, and how it will be able to create a consistent, profitable stream of passive income.


  • You are completely new to trading, or already have prior experience - as long as you are willing to learn more, this is the event for you
  • You want to have the opportunity to finally begin trading Forex - with ZERO starting capital
  • You are seeking to make consistent, immediate gains of as much as 1% per day... even if you can only spare 45 minutes each day
  • You are looking for a large-scale event where you can network with some of the top industry experts, and other fellow traders
  • You don't want to spend years of your life trying to find the best markets to trade in - tap into the experience of our experts!
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"Forex to Freedom 2016"?

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Event Details:

Date & Time: 12 March 2016, 9AM - 6PM Venue: Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay, (Cinnamon Room) 177A River Valley Road, S(179031)

  • As the venue can only fit 150 people, tickets are strictly limited
  • As we have gathered some of the top 3 Traders from around the world to speak in this exclusive seminar... we expect seats to be fully taken up!
  • Plus, many other Traders - both new and experienced, will be eager to learn from these industry experts as well. Be sure to secure your seat!

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