How Any Business Owner Can Boost Their Sales With These 2 Psychological Tactics

36 hours, $2000 spent, 5 buckets of sweat and tears… and ZERO sales.

That’s what happened to me when I first tried to sell products to people in my business, and the results were (as you can see) – Amazing…ly horrible!

Of course, you may be in a tougher spot than me. I’m pretty sure there are many business owners out there who’ve went through much worse!

But the point I’m sure you’ll agree with is this:

• You can spend hours and days working on your business…

• Invest thousands of dollars on advertising, promotion, and traffic methods…

• And put in a ton of blood, sweat, and tears trying to boost your sales and profits…

• But it won’t work if you lack a proper system to get sales and customers. Period!

Revealing – The “Sales-Boosting Manifesto” for business owners:

In today’s article, I’m going to be sharing with you 2 powerful sales strategies to close even the most resistant and skeptical customers.

Regardless of which industry, market, or niche you’re in, this will be applicable.

So if you’re ready to boost your business sales and results, then logout of facebook now, pay full attention for the next 5 minutes, and let’s dive in to…

Sales-boosting strategy #1: Reference the leader

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Many business owners usually make this BIG mistake:

They over-sell their products and services, with no references to their main competitors.

What do I mean?

Example: If I’m selling a product on weight-loss… I describe how awesome my product is, how fast it is, how effective it is, how cheap it is, and all that goodness!

This is the typical path taken by many salespeople and business owners, where they try and make their product look as good as possible.

However, here’s the problem:

What if the main competitor or market leader in the industry is selling weight loss solutions that are focused on being safe and natural?

People are flocking to buy their products because it’s safe and natural… while here I am wasting my time and money talking about speed, efficiency, cost etc.

Do you see how there is no point of reference, and I’m actually selling benefits which the market doesn’t care about?!

Here’s a more effective strategy to take:

– Find out who’re the main competitors and leaders in your industry, and see what benefits they’re using to appeal to customers (eg. safe and natural)

– *IMPORTANT: If they are the market leader, it means that people are buying their products. That also means the benefits they’re appealing to are what customers really want.

– You then structure your sales messages, ads, and promotions to tackle that main benefit too (eg. safe and natural), but with a twist…

– You demonstrate and show how your product fulfills this main benefit (safe and natural), but takes it even deeper and further.

– Example: if the market leader has weight-loss solutions that are naturally made… you take this a step further and say that your solution is not only natural, but it’s also organic and 100% free of any chemical additives or treatments, so the customer is getting the full benefit of the herb!

Do you see how this is so much more effective than going after a broad, endless list of benefits (i.e. speed, convenience, affordability) that your market doesn’t care about?

By referencing the leader and using existing benefits that the market has already showed strong interest towards…

You’re saving time and effort… and getting double the results in your business!

The deeper emphasis of that main benefit will also allow you to charge higher prices for your product, which means more profits too 

Sales-boosting strategy #2: Paint Mental Imagery

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Consider 2 different advertisements:

Ad #1: this product will allow you to make money extremely quickly, easily, effectively, and with little time, effort, and hassle.

Ad #2: this product will allow you to make money as easily as sharpening a pencil. It takes just 2-3 minutes of effort, and the benefits last a long time.

Which ad do you think will get a higher response rate?

If you answered “Ad #2”, then you’re absolutely right!

Multiple split tests, experiments, and comparisons have shown that this method of writing ads (as shown in ad #2) is much more effective.

In fact, this is the secret to creating attention-grabbing ads that stand out from competitors, and create strong, emotional reactions in your customers.

Why? Because…

– Most ads these days are written in a way that sounds overly hyped-up and sales-y. People have become accustomed and resistant to it.

– Advertisers use so many power jargons (i.e. fast, convenient, quick, on-demand, easy, hassle-free, instant) that it feels like a scam.

– Instead, when you paint mental imagery in your ads (like Ad #2), it feels more believable and authentic for your customer…

– Because they are able to visualize it, compare it to something real and tangible, and have a more solid point of reference.

Learning lesson: “A picture is worth a thousand words”

And it’s extremely easy to use this in your ads and promotions:

1) Just pick an object or scenario that is similar to what you want to describe

2) Show the similarity of this to your product

3) Make the imagery memorable and vivid by using details and specifics

Example: Instead of saying that your fat-burning program can burn fat quickly and easily…

Say it burns fat like a furnace at 1000 degrees, so the blazing heat can melt the fats away in just seconds (mental imagery)

Example: Instead of saying that your food product is delicious and good…

Say that even an extremely full and bloated person will still salivate and gobble it down because of how good it tastes! (mental imagery)

You get the idea – attach a clear, mental picture to your product claims and descriptions… and watch your sales soar like an eagle into the sky!

Apply these 2 sales-boosting strategies to increase your customers and business profits, and you’ll realize how simple and fun this can be.

In the final article of this series, I will be showing you how to create high-quality products for your business… so customers will willingly pay for it.

See you in the next post!

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