How Could You Achieve 13-14% Investment Returns, And Keep 100% Of Profits?

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Dear investor,

Imagine you have some savings, so you’re looking to grow the money with a profitable business idea… But you don’t want to place your hard-earned money at risk by investing in the wrong things.

I know of an investment vehicle that is generating a double digit percentage growth for its investors… The best part?

The investor chooses how much and how long to invest in. And then it’s hands off until the time to pick up the check.

If you’re keen on making returns of 13%, riding on the wave of promising Singaporean businesses on their way up…

That’s where Funding Societies comes in.

They open doors to a selection of companies worthy of your investment. In fact, the performance of these companies is backed by research so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting…

As you read on, you will find out what Funding Societies is and how you can possibly achieve returns of 13-14% by investing with them.

1) What is Funding Societies?

Funding Societies is a peer-to-peer lending platform for retail investors like you and me to fund local businesses’ growth.

What’s unique about peer-to-peer lending, you may ask?

The main reason peer-to-peer lending is attractive to many… is the fact that it opens up investment opportunities to people like you and me.

It gives you access to investing in companies previously unavailable to the people – Companies (with huge growth and profit potential) that you’ll never have the chance to invest in… if not for the benefit that peer-to-peer lending provides you with.

And if you wish to invest in promising businesses that even expert investors are dying to get their hands on, getting a return of 13% on the investment while doing so… Then you must read on for how it may turn out to be the most feasible investment decision you make this year.

When investing, you want to keep risk at a manageable level. You want flexibility in the lock-down period that’s less than other instruments… So that when you plan for your expenses, you can look forward to seeing your money come back sooner.

As soon as 3 months should you wish.

Whether you’re looking to diversify a sizeable fund, or if you’re a retail investor with little ability to commit… you’re going to need different vehicles for your investment objectives.

Funding Societies enables investors like yourself to find the investment vehicle that matches your budget you set aside for growth.

Your investment in SMEs strengthen the backbone of our society. SMEs that make up 99% of all companies, SMEs that contribute up to 70% of the economy. By helping move the SMEs, you help move the economy…

2) Who Should Invest With Funding Societies?

a) Investors looking to diversify existing portfolio between short and mid term so they have the flexibility to get their money back whenever they choose;

b) Investors with limited funds but want to know exactly when the investment will mature, and how much to put in so they are always in control where their money goes;

c) Investors looking to make 13% returns on investment with a solid contingency plan in the event of defaulting payment, so they can sleep in peace at night;

d) Investors that support SMEs leading the culture of innovation, job creation, adding value to society, and at the same time growing their wealth with it.

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3) How Safe Are My Investments With Funding Societies?

Funding Societies are offering a return of 13% on your investment. Regardless of how much you put in, you are in control of the exit period… Right from the start.

In fact, when you put your money down, an Escrow account managed by MAS registered Trust Agency holds on to it. What this means is that your money is in safe hands.

You can be currently invested in stocks, real estate, bonds… But Funding Societies provides you with an instrument that requires less lock-down time than any of the above, and is more stable than stocks. It lets you diversify your portfolio with better control over your risk and commitment.

Unlike some investments that require you to meet the broker at way-too-early o’clock to sign mountains of paperwork, Funding Societies makes it easier to grow your money by handling your transactions online. You can still do it in person should you wish, but the convenience of an online system is there.

You benefit from being an informed investor. Funding Society prepares and gathers both hard and soft data about the companies before you make an investment – a more comprehensive set of parameters than what banks do.

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4) But What Are The Risks Involved?

You’re lending money to fund SME growth in Singapore. Behind every single company is a great mind and soul driven to make the business work.

Take it from our research done in interviewing owners.

With owners themselves being guarantors, they hold themselves and their businesses to high standards of accountability for you to invest confidently.

What this means is that when the companies you invest in close down, the owners have to pay you from their own pocket.

In the unlikely event of the SME defaulting, a collection agency steps in to recover the amount, giving you the right to pursue the matter legally.

This is the same collection agency that major banks in Singapore are using… Banks that have ATMs where probably withdrew your cash from earlier today. If they entrust this collection agency, you know you are in good hands to invest with confidence.

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5) When Is A Good Time To Invest?

You heard of the saying that waiting for the best time to do something means never? But savvy investors recognize a good deal when they see one. Investors who make their investment before 31st Oct get their transaction fee waived.

Let me illustrate what is at stake here if you sat through this without doing anything.

Service fees are normally at 1%. For a $10000 investment, at 13% returns… That should put $1300 back in your pocket… But after service fee, that brings your earnings down to $1187.

You now have a chance for taking action, and for taking that action you now get to keep all of the earnings.

Back to $1300 of pure profit. The service fee is waived for your investment.

When SMEs that show great potential are identified, by 10000 other people reading this at the same time, some will be ready to take action…. You will want to secure the good companies to invest in before they get their funding and is no longer accepting anymore.

6) What Are Disadvantages To Investing With Funding Societies?

The disadvantage of investing with Funding Societies is that if you are currently holding on to a portfolio that’s giving you 25% returns from the stock market… Then this will not be beneficial for you at all.

Investing with Funding Societies currently offers returns of up to 13%… With a time period you can choose, and how much to invest that’s comfortable for your appetite.

So, if you find that you don’t want to take on huge risks when investing, and achieving returns of up to 13-14% sound reasonable to you…

Visit Funding Societies to secure a consultation now.

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