How I Saved $110 Off a $120 Product on Amazon (PLUS 5 Proven Tips to Save Money on Your Next Purchase)

If you’re a frequent shopper at Amazon…or if you’re planning to buy something there in future…


Because you’re about to discover my 5 proven money-saving tips that will help you cut anywhere from ten dollars, up to hundreds of dollars off your next purchase.

As someone who buys almost everything from Amazon, I’ve collected quite a number of money-saving secrets over the years. Trust me, you wallet will thank you after this.

You can buy almost anything from Amazon – from books, to apparel, to electronics, and even 1,500 Guaranteed Live Ladybugs for only $8.99! Eww…

I love reading, and I buy almost all my books from Amazon. They offera much wider variety of books, is more convenient, and a lot cheaper than local bookstores.

On one of my recent visits to Popular Bookstore, I came across a book that was selling for $70. And as I’m writing, the price of the exact same book is selling at only $32 (S$43) on Amazon.

That’s a $27 price difference!

But perhaps one of my biggest “victories” was for a book that is currently retailing for $120.69. And using the strategies you’re about to learn, I managed to get it at a real steal of only $9.03!

Of course, I’ll admit, savings like these don’t come along every day. But just by following these 5 proven tips, you’ll be able to save A LOT of money, especially if you shop regularly at Amazon.

QFINANCE Current Price

As you can see, this book is currently selling for $120.69. And that’s considered relatively cheap, as compared to its peak price of over $150 in January (and a lot more if you buy it at a physical bookstore). It’s a big book – over 2,000 pages long.

But take a look at the next screenshot:

QFINANCE Order History

I managed to get this pricy book for cheaper than you can get a Double McSpicy meal delivered to your house. So how was I able to do it?

Here are my Secrets:



You don’t know how much money you’re donating to Amazon if you shop without first consulting CamelCamelCamel.

I know the name of this website sounds ridiculous.But CamelCamelCamel is actually something every Amazon shopper should know about.

At times, the price fluctuations on Amazon can even make the most volatile stock markets blush. For example, let’s say you wanted to buy a Samsung Galaxy S5 back in April last year.


If you decide to buy it then, you’ll actually be paying a lot more than you should. And if you had waited for just one month, you’ll manage to save exactly $126.16. Not bad.

You can also create an account with CamelCamelCamel. They will allow you to track the prices of most items sold on Amazon. And they will notify you each time the price drops.

On top of that, it also allows you to compare Amazon prices with third-party new and used prices.


FREE AmazonGlobal Saver

If you had been shopping from Amazon for a few years, you’ll know exactly how painful (to your wallet) it was to ship to Singapore before they implemented the FREE AmazonGlobal Saver programme.

The shipping cost can sometimes be greater than the cost of the product itself.

If you purchase over $125 worth of stuff, Amazon rewards you by giving you FREE shipping to Singapore (and to most places around the world).

Don’t underestimate how much money you can save with this. If you’re buying $50 worth of stuff, it can sometimes be cheaper to top up your purchase to $125 and enjoy free shipping.

Free Shipping

Take a look at this screenshot. If you don’t take advantage of the FREE AmazonGlobal Saver programme, you’d end up paying nearly $80 more!

I bet you’d rather spend that $80 to buy more stuff for yourself than to pay for shipping and handling costs, right?


Feedback to Amazon if Your Parcel is Late or Damaged

In my opinion, Amazon has one of the best customer service departments around the world.

I have never encountered another company that provided me with a better shopping experience than Amazon. And Amazon certainly has set high standards for themselves.

When you buy something from Amazon, they will give you an estimated delivery date. In almost all cases, my package arrived way earlier than their estimated date (which was good).

But if yours comesafter the delivery estimate, then you can feedback to Amazon customer service.

And most of the time, they will waive your shipping and handling costs (and if you’re using AmazonGlobal Saver, there’s nothing to waive because it’s free anyway!)

Once, I bought a textbook from Amazon. It was expensive – over $180!But when it arrived, I noticed that it was slightly damaged and wasn’t in brand-new condition.I submitted a feedback to Amazon, and I even specified that I was NOT looking for a refund or exchange.

But the good guys at Amazon took it upon themselves to see that I had a pleasant shopping experience and offered to give me a 50% discount. Here’s the screenshot of the partial refund.

Partial Refund

A BIG DISCLAIMER: Please do not complain to Amazon just so that you can get a discount. They are already offering good service and at unbeatable prices, and it’s only fair that you do not take advantage of it.


Amazon Deals

Amazon has a daily deals section where you can get some really badass discounts. A quick glance at the section reveals that most deals are over 50% off, and some even as high as 86% discounts!

On top of the “Today’s Deals” section, Amazon also has a more obscure and lesser-known deals section that can potentially save you LOTS of money.

When someone returns a product to Amazon, or when a product is slightly damaged and cannot be sold as “new”, they go to the “Warehouse Deals” section.

Amazon guarantees that every item has been checked and graded and they even offer a 30-day return policy.

Honestly speaking, most of these defects or damaged aren’t really that big a deal. And you’d probably damage your product more from a few weeks of normal use.

And unlike the “Today’s Deals” section, which has a lot of apparel and jewellery that you wouldn’t normally buy from Amazon, the Warehouse Deals are something you’d probably want.

They have the latest technology, electronics and good that you can get for half the price!


Don’t Use Amazon Conversion Rate

This is my last tip for you. And if you follow the previous four, you’d already be saving potentially hundreds of dollars in a single purchase.

But you can still squeeze out a few more dollars. And most people don’t even know about this.

At the last stage of your checkout process, you’ll be given a choice to pay either in USD or SGD. Take a look at the image below.

Amazon Conversion Rate

At first sight, it may appear more convenient to select the SGD option. But let’s compare the conversion rate that Amazon offers, and the one that DBS offers.

DBS Conversion Rate

As you can see, it’s an absolute no-brainer. The next time you buy from Amazon, choose to pay using USD instead of SGD, and you could just get yourself that Double McSpicy mealat no extra cost!

Which tip did you find most useful? Let us know in the Comments below! And share this with your friends, and let’s save money together!

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