6 Ways To Enjoy Designer Fashion Without The High Price Tags

It is every fashion lover’s dream to have a collection of their own favourite designer pieces.

In reality, many of us are unable to spend more than a month’s salary on that highly coveted designer bag or dress.

Does this mean that you have to say goodbye to your dream of enjoying designer fashion? Not if you are willing do some research into how you can have them (for a duration of your choice) or purchase them at a great discount!

Here are some tips which can expedite your chances of wearing that stunning Badgley Mischka dress you have been eyeing for the next wedding dinner you will be attending:


Own A Designer Dress For 3 Days At Less Than $200

Gone are the days when it is only feasible to rent a designer dress if it is a wedding gown.

As the concept of renting a designer dress for a girls’ night out or company’s dinner and dance may not be well-known in Singapore, you may be pleasantly surprised to know that it is now possible to borrow a designer frock for three days before they are picked up by the vendor’s concierge service.

One company offering such a service is Rent A Dress, which offers rental of both short and long designer dresses for a variety of occasions. Prices are generally below $150 for a long dress that retails for over $1000 and can go as low as $60 for a cocktail dress.


[image credits: facebook.com/New2UShop]

Check Out Charity Bazaars For Good Bargains

Non-profit organisations sometimes receive donations in the form of mint-condition branded products from the public.

These items may be sold at charity bazaars or retail outlets run by such organisations.

The New2U Thrift Shop by the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisation (SCWO) is an example of a store that sells donations, including designer items.

It also organises bi-annual bazaars with prices of designer pieces for less than $200. 

Designer Bag Rental At A Fraction Of The Retail Price

Many ladies love designer bags due to the prestige associated with such products.

If you currently do not have the budget to own a designer piece but want to carry one for special occasions, a fast and easy solution is to rent a bag from vendors offering this service.

Online stores such as SG Bag Rental and Bags No Enough provide a wide range of designer products to choose from for as low as $50 a week. The latter even offers a rent-to-keep service where you may get the chance to keep the bag if you rent for a stipulated period.


[image credits: madammilan.com.sg]

Visit Consignment Stores Carrying Designer Products

If renting a bag is not an option for you, the best way to have your own designer bag at a more affordable price tag is to check out the offerings from consignment stores.

These stores usually carry good condition pre-owned designer bags at attractive discounted prices.

The advantage of visiting a consignment store is that you can check and touch the bags before you commit to a purchase.

To make the deal even sweeter, stores like Madam Milan and Brands Exchange even provide 6 months or 12 months installment payment plans!


[image credits: techinasia.com]

Sign Up For Monthly Subscription Boxes

Fashion subscription box services are popular in some areas of the world. It may be a relatively new idea in Singapore.

Imagine the possibility of receiving as many designer clothing as you like for a nominal fee of less than $100 a month!

Singapore company, Style Theory, is currently working on this ambitious project of supplying unlimited designer clothing to its customers through subscription boxes worth up to $2000 each. 

Borrow From Your Personal Contacts

This concept is so straight-forward that it may not dawn upon you.

If you have any family and friends who are kind enough to lend you their designer products for your special events, why not approach them?

You can treat these kind souls to a great meal after as a show of your appreciation!

Which of the above services or methods do you find useful in helping you enjoy designer fashion at great prices? We’d love to hear from you!

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