How To Ensure Your New Job Offers Work-Life Balance

As with most things in life, moderation is key.

Many messages we receive on a daily basis are promoting a lifestyle of excess.

Online shopping encourages consumerism; all-you-can-eat buffets encourage overeating; and vast amounts of online social platforms stimulate anti-social behaviour in a physical setting.

And in the corporate rat race, competition causes exhaustion and in some cases, self-exploitation.

Being constantly tied to your job could cause you to be less efficient, less sociable, weak in health and at times, more difficult to work with.

Although a large number of companies today are aware of the weightiness of providing employees with a decent work-life balance, you will need to be discerning as to which suite of benefits suit you best.

This then begs the question: What are some of the key benefits you ought to keep an eye out for during a job search, to achieve work-life balance?


1) Avenue For You To Accomplish Personal Goals

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Is the pursuit of personal goals important to you? Are you able to successfully complete desired tasks outside of your work?

If you were to start a family, how much support will actually be offered to you as an expectant and new mother?

Finding out the answers to all these questions are imperative to ensuring long-term job satisfaction.

Some flexible benefits that a handful of companies offer in view of a decent work-life balance for it’s people can include reimbursement for personal well-being, learning and development, and family support.

Well-being subsidies could also comprise travel/vacation, insurance policies, health screenings and preventive vaccinations, gym memberships and fitness classes.


2) Flexible Hours For Working Mothers

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Once a woman makes the transition to become a mother, her priorities will naturally take a turn. The transformation from womanhood to motherhood is a metamorphosis more profound than any other she would ever experience.

As beautiful as this discovery may be, many working mothers find themselves trapped in a cycle of guilt – feeling that they are bad mothers because they work and feeling that they are bad employees because they have a child.

In order to prevent yourself from falling into this trap, you will need to ensure that a company is able to offer you to the flexibility to put your family before work, if need be.


3) Perks Beyond The Paycheck

If work-life balance is importance to you, then you would want your organisation to provide more than just money as part of your job’s compensation.

Note that this doesn’t equate to asking for too much. In fact, perks that reach out beyond the individual have proven to be effective in employee retention.

There are a variety of benefits such as wedding planning services, family life programmes, club membership privileges, grooming and parenting talks with the provision of educational materials; for you and more uniquely your family.

Some organizations even go as far as to accord achievements and pursuits with bursary, merit and excellence awards.


4) Learning And Devleopment Opportunities

An organisation that offers tuition assistance for demonstrates genuine regard for the personal growth and professional development of its employees.

It shows their appreciation for the people who work to support their mission.

It allows its employees to stay current and train together to develop a better understanding of their fields; which is likely to form productive relationships across departmental lines.

The Continuous Learning and Academic Sponsorship Scheme (CLASS) is one such effort by the Singapore Army that exhibits sincerity for employee growth.

A CLASS framework presents employees with full sponsorship for full-time or part-time studies in local universities, polytechnics or ITE colleges, with the provision of allowance or salary.

By offering a variety of sponsorships and scholarships for all educational levels, it also establishes itself as a company that does not discriminate initial academic choices, providing even more opportunities for a larger segment of its employees.

Besides CLASS, there are other scholarship schemes that the Singapore Army offers to push its employees to greater academic heights. This includes scholarships for NITEC / higher NITEC, diploma and undergraduate studies.

It is provides more options for women in particular, who can seriously consider furthering their studies even after having a child or two!

At the end of it all, the job you apply for should grant you balance between work and personal life.

You should be seeking purpose in what you do for a living and be conscious of how far it can enable you to nurture yourself as an individual.

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