How To Save $300 A Month Just By Switching Your Daily Coffee

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Is Your Coffee Budget Out Of Whack?

What is the first thing you do before you start work? If you are like me, you’d probably need a caffeine jolt before getting ready for the hours of staring at the computer screen at your office every day.

And that’s just a start. Don’t get me started on the coffee at 2 p.m. to prevent the post-lunch slump and the one at 4 p.m to help me get through the day.

If that’s a standard for most people, the amount of money you spend on coffee might form a substantial part of your food budget.


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Well obviously there’s a lot of difference in the price of your coffee depending on where you buy it from.

If you are talking about branded coffee the likes of Starbucks and Coffee Bean, expect a cup to set you back by an average of $5 to $6.

But if you are brought up on our local coffee, then you might be lucky to find a cup at the hawker centre selling for about a dollar. As you can see, if you drink 3 cups a day, your coffee budget might range between $3 and $18.

Huge difference huh?

I bet you’d never have thought that just switching out that regular branded coffee everyday for a month will save you $300!

How Much That Cup Of Java Costs

Coffee Type (Latte-equivalent) Cost
Branded Coffee (Starbucks) $6.30
Hipster Cafes $5.00
Local Cafes (Ya Kun/Toast Box) $2.00
Local Kopi at hawker centres $1.10
Coffee machines $1.50
3-in-1 Instant coffee $0.20

Looking at the table above, it’s obvious that drinking instant coffee is the most economical.

However, people who are health conscious might want to avoid that due to the amount of sugar and unhealthy creamer used in such packaged products. Then your choice depends on the type of coffee you like as well.

If you are more into the western style Arabica-beans and cappuccinos, the cheaper alternative might be to get your own instant coffee machines where you can pop a capsule and get your coffee.

These days, capsules even come in fancy flavours such as mocha and tea latte!

If the locally brewed strong and bitter Robusta coffee is your idea of what real coffee is, then your best bet is to find a good one at the hawker centre near your office.

You can prepare your own milk with instant coffee granules for a healthier brew.

An Extra Mocha Hack

Here’s a tip for the mocha lovers out there that I personally use.

When I’m in the mood for a little more sweetness in my coffee, I use an instant chocolate drink, like the one from Cadbury or Boncafe and mix in a teaspoon of Nescafe Gold instant coffee granules.

If you like, you can do it with Milo as well.


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Bonus Tip: Best Credit Cards For Coffee Lovers

If you drink coffee on a daily basis, it might be worth your while to suss out the best credit cards or get a rewards card to enjoy some benefits off your daily cuppa.

Citibank – Card holders get a 10% Citi rebate with a minimum spend of $10 at Starbucks and 5% rebate at Dunkin Donuts

UOB – UOB cards give a 10% rebate in the form of (SMART$), and a 10% off total bill at Oriole Coffee and Dean & Deluca

DBS – POSB and DBS card members enjoy a 10% discount on ala carte items at O’Coffee Club with a minimum spend of $30, or get to enjoy a 1-for-1 offer on all beverages!

So, what is stopping you from saving money on your coffee again?

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