How To Start The Ultimate Lifestyle Business

How is it possible for you to earn money while sending emails from the beach all over the world?

I’m sure you have read one too many articles about these so called “digital nomads” who have been working while traveling around the world at the same time. Like you, I’ve always wondered how they have managed to do it.

So I decided to do some research on the type of businesses these digital nomads normally do and I found the 4 businesses you can start if you would like to join them in living the ultimate lifestyle.

1)    Sell Digital Products

If you can write a book or create a course regarding a specific skill set in any area, digitalize it into an online product and sell it over the internet. Selling digital items not only get rid of logistic issues and cost, it also allows you to earn money 24/7 since you don’t have to deliver something physically. Having digital offerings allow you to scale up your sales without changing the amount of effort required to move the sale.

It is one of the simplest and low risk ways to start an online business. You do not need to stock up any inventory nor delivery any product. All you need is to set up a website and drive traffic to it.

2)    Start Your Own Affiliate Business

Even if you do not have any digital product to offer, it is alright. Instead of selling their own products, what some of these digital nomads do is that they promote the digital products of other people.

For every product sold through your website, affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates or ClickBank will pay you for it!

While simple and lucrative, most people would not be successful in their affiliate business has they do not have formal help and training. However, there are some who invest in learning how to do affiliate marketing. As a result, these people rise to the top of the industry by applying the techniques taught. It is not uncommon to find them earning up to 5 digits per month.

The highly successful ones can even earn over $1,000,000 a year through affiliate marketing!

3)    Be a Freelance Writer For Other People

One of the most common ways for digital nomads to earn some cash is for them to double up as freelance writers. Given that content marketing is all the rage right now, many companies are always looking for freelance writers to churn out articles for their site.

If you enjoy writing and you’re able to write a good article that is able to add value into the lives of many readers, why not consider being a freelance writer? You can consider offering your service via sites like Elance.

4)    Sell Advertising Space

This method have been popularized by blogging personalities like Xiaxue and Ladyironchef aka Brad Lau.

If you have a blog or a personal site that is drawing in a lot of traffic, you can consider selling advertising space to relevant companies. Even if you may not be a popular blogging celebrity, you can still earn cash by putting advertisement via Google’s AdSense or selling banner advertisements.

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