Ignite Your Passion For Life With The Power Of Choice

Successful people at the top of their respective fields have overcome challenges that many people find daunting, to the point that most just give up and stay in their comfort zone. Where do these successful people find their driving force?

You may know Chris Gardner as the inspiration behind the motivational hit “The Pursuit Of Happyness”.

He once struggled with homelessness, unemployment and divorce. Chris had a tough childhood as he grew up suffering from domestic abuse, discrimination and fear. Today, Chris Gardner is a successful entrepreneur, investor, stockbroker, motivational speaker and author.

He accredits his success to his understanding of “Spiritual Genetics” and living life with passion.

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What is “Spiritual Genetics”? How Can It Help Me In My Success?

“Spiritual Genetics” is the power of choice and the main driving force of Chris. According to Chris, who and what you become does not depend on your genetics, biology or even your past. You can choose what and who you want to be.

Many people in the world today are bogged down by the opinions imposed on them by their family and social circle, therefore they fear rejection and this causes them to have many limiting beliefs. In order to achieve extraordinary success, one must remember that each person has the freedom of choice of making decisions towards or away from their goals.

Indeed, one of the most impactful quote in the award-winning movie “The Pursuit of Happyness” is…

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t do something. Not a single one.

The outcome of your life is a sum of the decisions and choices that you have to pick. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is the expectations of the people around you and have desire and courage to follow your heart and intuition.

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What Is Passion And How Do You Find It?

American basketballer Stephen Curry was one of the least recognized players in the Kobe Basketball Academy.

His physique did not stand out among the other players but he compensated by being technically superior. Both Chris Gardner and Stephen Curry have something in common and that is the overwhelming level of passion in their respective craft.

Both believe in becoming world class at what they set out to do.

For you, you have to find out what is your passion.

What interests you? What drives you?

What is the one and only thing in the world you would do, even if it’s for free? What is something that will cause you to wake up excited every morning? What are your values that you stand by?

Next, there is often a battle between practicality and passion. You can choose to either incorporate both or prioritise practicality over passion. More importantly, you need to explore and find the intersection between practicality and passion.

Once you are clear of what you are passionate in, go all in and work to become an “instructor” level in your craft –Be it playing the guitar, fishing or even gardening.

Then work towards delivering significant value and contributing. By contributing, you will also expand your relationships which will allow you to learn so much more from. Contribution will enhance the meaning, purpose and fulfillment of your life.

Where do you get motivation to achieve your previous goal in life?

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