How 2 Jobless Graduates Earn A Full Time Graduate Income By Starting Their Own Online Business

“How 2 Jobless Graduates Earn A Full Time Graduate Income
By Starting Their Own Online Business”

Want to know how 2 average Singaporeans created their own income, without working for anybody… and yet make enough money to never worry about needing to find a job to support themselves?

If your answer to the above is yes, then pay close attention to what you are about to read.

It may seem impossible, but the 2 Singaporeans generated their money using the internet. Calvin and Patricia, the Singaporean graduates above, started an internet business back in 2006 with just some personal savings.

When they started an internet business, they identified the key advantages that would allow them to make money with a small capital investment.

In fact, do you know what people are most impressed about about Calvin and Patricia’s online business? It comes with perks such as:

  • Getting returns with much less initial setup fees, compared to physical businesses
  • Making money by selling anything they decide on… Even if they didn’t come up with it!
  • Making more money by selling more products from another profitable market
  • Having the freedom to be their own boss and answer only to themselves
  • Having set up a system that brings in the money day in, day out… And doing the work once!

It Wasn’t Easy Starting Out

Like any business owners, Calvin and Patricia faced difficulties when they first started out. Difficulties that 99% of new internet entrepreneurs face today.

Difficulties such as:

  • No money to start their business
  • Not knowing how to make money online
  • Don’t know what to sell that’s highly profitable
  • Not having time to learn the skills needed to start
  • No access to someone who will handhold them to success

Calvin Woon and Patricia Lin, founders of WealthMastery.sgHow Did They Manage To Overcome Their Difficulties?


Like any entrepreneurs starting out, they made mistakes. Lots of them.

Eventually, by learning from all the past mistakes, Calvin and Patricia developed a system to generate a consistent income from the internet.

A system that paid off their undergraduate loans, took the pressure off their average grades, removed the bleakness of unemployment upon graduation.

Calvin Woon and Patricia Lin, cofounders of

Happily married business partners!


Right now, they are using a system that the average Singaporean can take, duplicate and instantly enjoy:

  • A profitable way to make money with a small capital
  • Knowing the secrets to sell whatever they want… for a profit
  • The way to find highly profitable items to sell and benefit from it
  • A decade worth of skills in one place to cut short their frustration from ignorance
  • Proven step-by-step guide to ensure their online business takes off as planned


Dream Come True For Aspiring Online Business Owners

With the proven system in hand, Calvin and Patricia are able to expand on the profitable businesses to create a 7 figure annual revenue. Truth is… they can do this using just the internet and a laptop.

In an upcoming 2-hour FREE seminar, Calvin and Patricia will be sharing with participants the exact 5-step system that got them to where they are.

At the end of the seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Know how to make money with little money down
  • Choose profitable products to sell without owning them
  • Know how to build a money making system that makes money while you sleep
  • Know how to create a profitable online business and fire your boss at last
  • Create multiple streams of income from any market you choose

Who Will Benefit From This Seminar?

This seminar is suitable for the following types of participants:  

  • Someone who wants to make money online and wants to know exactly what to sell to generate big profits
  • Someone who wants to learn from 10 years’ worth of online business experience and take the expressway to success
  • Someone who doesn’t have time to pick up skills from different sources online and wants someone to show them
  • Someone who doesn’t have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on figuring out how to start their online business
  • Someone who wants to profit from any market they choose by applying the system over and over using the internet

Here’s what their ongoing coaching students have to say, having attended the seminar:

Picture1This workshop had cut short our learning curve… it gave us the confidence to start our own own online business by giving us a roadmap to achieve the success we desired.

Today we are on the road towards financial freedom. What was once impossible is now becoming a reality. We highly recommend you to join them.

Lily & Daniel Singh


Picture2Lots of useful information for newbie like me. From knowing nothing about internet marketing or business to now I feel I am an expert in this field!

Thank you for the generous sharing, appreciate the effort of Calvin and Patricia.

Rennie Goh



Have a clearer idea of why you want an online business to bring you consistent income… so you too can fire your boss the moment your business is up and running?

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