Look At Challenge Right in the Face & Love It: 3 Reasons Why You Should!

When you meet a mountain-like obstacle or a difficulty of sorts, there is one thing that you can do.

Start smiling.

You should be happy because what you are faced with is actually a brilliant opportunity of a lifetime. This is the moment for you to embrace and relish.

[image credits: http://darticlesonline.com/2016/05/how-to-face-the-challenges/]

[image credits: http://darticlesonline.com/2016/05/how-to-face-the-challenges/]

I am a believer of the fact that an individual tends to grow outside one’s comfort zone. Or beyond what may seem familiar.  So when you do hit the wall—or seem to be stuck—push on.

Or when given the option, don’t walk away from the challenge.

Take it on.

Let me fill you in on 3 simple reasons why you should do so.

1) Growth Happens

This is the most evident, and also the most important point of them all. As I have mentioned earlier, the process of metamorphosis- especially on a cognitive level- occurs vis-a-vis such challenges.

The tensions which you are subject to at that point in time- whether you have to master a new skill in a matter of days to submit an important project, or that you are issued the seemingly impossible task of negotiating with and securing a big-time client- promises to bring tremendous value to you.

The most common thing, I daresay, which happens to a person is that he or she gets overwhelmed with self-doubt and anxiety pertaining to his or her abilities to successfully complete the task.

Why the lack of confidence? Instead, why not believe that it is entirely within your power to do this well? The context is the same. Nothing has changed. You are still the person you always are.

And all you have to do is adapt to the task, and have faith.

The process may be challenging, but you will learn. You will be exposed to new experiences, and develop a steady composure to manage anything that may be thrown at you in the future. And that is the point of life.

It is not about snuggling up in your comfort zone forever. Rather, it is about going out there and absorbing as much knowledge as possible while familiarising yourself with the unfamiliar.

Ultimately, at the very core, challenges allow you to grow. You get better by doing, practicing, falling and getting up again. It’s a continual process that will only allow you to get better each day.

You learn skills that you will be able to leverage on in the future. Trust me, you will become a different person- for the better.

2) Humility Becomes Part Of You

The fact is, sometimes, you are unable to get through it alone. You have to be honest with yourself and your own limitations. If you suddenly become stuck, perhaps it is a hint that you need something called help.

It is time to put aside irrelevant elements such as pride and your ego. You will learn that there are people who are better than you in a certain area and that they are often willing to provide you help…so long as you ask for it.

For me at least, I learned to realistically acknowledge the fact that I am not a jack of all trades- and it will, at certain junctures, be more efficient to ask for advice and help.

In this way, not only will you increase the likelihood of getting the job done, you also feed off the value offered by the other. As such, you improve.

Beyond personal development and self-improvement, the point that I am trying to make here is that you will grow in character as well. You will develop a great sense of humility while achieving a great degree of self-awareness of your weaknesses.

3) You Develop Empathy Through Experience

As you continue to take on varying challenges, you will mature- not only in terms of your overall skillset, but also your emotional well-being. You develop empathy.

Empathy basically refers to the ability and power to understand the other’s situation, context and feelings. The empathy comes from consistently digging deep, or spending sleepless nights finding the solution to the problem.

You comprehend the fact that it requires a lot of dedication and grit to push through to the end. You become aware of the fact that success may not happen. You see the growth taking place within yourself.

And in the future, when you delegate these challenges to other individuals, you will know what the process will entail—because you have been through it all. Because you have experienced the tough times.

And thus, you will have the opportunity to exercise empathy. You will be able to become an excellent guidance to the people who need it. You can pass on the wisdom.

Yes, some people will prefer to let their guys figure it out for themselves and experiment.

But, I always believe in striking a balance—giving them the room to explore independently while also not totally cutting yourself out from the process.

It can be done. And you can make a difference with the knowledge you possess and the solid degree of empathy that you will be able to exercise to inspire growth in others.

[image credits: http://thebestyoumagazine.co/banish-your-self-belief-saboteurs-10-things-that-are-zapping-your-confidence-and-self-belief-levels-and-why-you-need-to-say-goodbye-to-them-by-kate-tojeiro/]

[image credits: http://thebestyoumagazine.co/banish-your-self-belief-saboteurs-10-things-that-are-zapping-your-confidence-and-self-belief-levels-and-why-you-need-to-say-goodbye-to-them-by-kate-tojeiro/]

So, it is time to get rid of your fear and uncertainty, and start believing in yourself. Start understanding the value that these obstacles can potentially offer to your life and your development as a person.

I guarantee that you will learn, and you will grow in both tangible and slightly more intangible areas. Remember that it is an opportunity to stretch and get better. Get out there, and just do it.

When you need help, do not be afraid to ask. Think long-term. There is so much to be gained, as opposed to shirking away from the difficulties and avoiding them altogether.

As they always say, the magic happens outside your comfort zone.

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