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Workshop (Worth $1,497 USD)!
 Money-Making Secret #1: $7,000 Profits In 3 Months...
Only 30 Minutes a Day... With a TINY Starting Capital
 Money-Making Secret #2: Generate Monthly Cashflow... Passive Income... Plus, Learn 1 Simple Trick That Warren Buffett Uses To Profit
 Money-Making Secret #3: Enjoy Multiple Income Streams... How To Buy Good Stocks Cheaply... Achieve 90% Returns In 6 Months!
 Money-Making Secret #4: Create Financial Freedom... Profit Anytime, Anywhere... Retire Early & Comfortably With Options Trading!
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Date & Time: 1st June 2019, Saturday
9.00AM - 1.00PM

Holiday Inn ® Singapore Orchard City Centre 
11 Cavenagh Rd, Singapore 229616
Level B1 Orchid Ballroom
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"In a heartbeat, I would invest my money in Manoj... 

He is warm hearted, sincere, and trustworthy!"  

- Elizabeth
“I have already made profits in just a short time! 

Highly recommended for beginners. Manoj is very dedicated"

- Student of Manoj since 2010
"Highly recommended for new people and beginners...
Manoj is a very helpful person, & spends a huge amount of time explaining how you can profit from Options Trading"

- Michael, Student of Manoj
Are You Aware That Manoj Kumar Has Helped Multiple Students Create Passive Income In a Short Time
Top Options Trader & Wealth Creation Expert
$7,000 Profit In Just 3 Months!
"As a direct result of learning under Manoj... I've made $7,000 profit during the last 3 months alone! 

My trading skills and results have also improved significantly" 

- Anna, Singapore
$34,000 Cash Flow...
Returns of 10%-50% Within a Short Time!
"I enjoyed returns of 10% to 50% with a quite high success rate.

As a direct result of Manoj's strategies, I have made a positive cash flow of $34,000 within a short period of time!"

- Trader from Spain
Wouldn't You Also Like To Learn From Someone Who Is Recognized As An Authority On Wealth Creation
  •   Founder of OptionsPundit, a top-notch Options & Derivatives web portal.
  •   His content has been featured on Google Finance (US), Invest (Singapore), Market Voice (Poland & Germany)
  •   Consistently invited to speak at forums  i.e. OptionsXpress, Kanpur Stock Exchange (India), Online Traders Club of Singapore (OTCS). 
But... What Makes Manoj's Options Trading
System So Powerful & Profitable?
* Manoj addressing attendees in Bangkok (Thailand) after sharing his Options Trading secrets to generate wealth
* Educating Singaporeans at Investor Wealth Summit 2016 on how to build passive income with Options Trading
 Able to help beginners, newbies, and people who are 100% new to see results in a short time... even just a matter of weeks or months!
 Super simple and easy to understand... easy to apply... and easy to follow
 It's perfect for busy Singaporeans who only have 30 minutes (or less) of free time everyday!
 You can see results even if you are starting with a small amount of capital
 You enter and exit the market very quickly, and take profits in minutes... so you do NOT have to go to sleep worrying about your stocks
 You can buy highly profitable stocks at cheap prices, so your risks and losses are TINY
 It allows you to make consistent, passive profits... week after week, month after month!
* Manoj will reveal to you powerful money-making secrets at this upcoming workshop
Money-Making Secret #1:
"$7,000 Profits In 3 Months... Only 30 Minutes a Day... TINY Starting Capital"
  •  Discover how you can replicate the exact money-making strategies that a Singaporean lady learnt from Manoj, that allowed her to make $7,000 profits in just 3 months! 
  •  Accelerate the process of making money, so you can do it in just 30 minutes (or less), but still have better results and returns than most of your friends who dabble in stocks without a proven strategy
  •  Watch in amazement as your trading skills and abilities shoot up drastically, in just a short period of time (even experienced traders will be scratching their head and dying to know your secret!)
  •  What if you only have a small starting capital to start with? While most people will say that you need a sizeable capital if you want to see sizeable returns... Manoj will instead show you how to... 
Create HUGE Profits Consistently And Steadily, Even If You Only Have a TINY Starting Capital!

Manoj will be showing you how to create passive income with
less than 30 minutes, even if you only have a small starting capital...

At His FREE Options Trading Workshop!

  •  What you must do if you want to enjoy returns of 10%... or even much higher... that is almost crazy and unbelievable! (*HINT: Manoj has been able to help his students achieve returns of up to 50% in just a short time)
  •  Sleep soundly and peacefully even when stock prices are crashing and everyone else is losing money, because these safe and low-risk techniques will help you put money into your bank even during a bear market!
  •  Feel 100% confident and assured, because you'll be able to see profits flowing in consistently, time and time again, after you apply Manoj's strategies to help you... 
Generate Repeated Income All Year Round
For Yourself & Your Dream Lifestyle!
Aaron Tan,
"Manoj's strategy is suitable for people like me who don't want to stay in front of the computer everyday... 

Who don't want to worry that a market crash will wipe out your entire capital... 

Who want your money to be working hard for you!"
Money-Making Secret #2:
Create Monthly Cashflow... Generate Passive Income... Plus, 1 Simple Trick That Warren Buffett Uses To Profit
* Manoj shows how 1 simple shift in your mindset can help you attract more wealth!
  •  Create a regular monthly cashflow for yourself by learning a quick way to generate passive income (without having to buy expensive blue chip stocks and collect pathetic dividends that are insignificant)
  •  Discover 1 simple trick that Warren Buffett himself uses to enjoy HUGE profits, with just a TINY starting capital (At this workshop, Manoj will show you proof of Warren Buffett using this... and even teach you how to use it!)
  •  Lock in your profits almost instantly by making use of 3 proven and powerful money-making strategies that Manoj will share (HINT: you only need a few hundred dollars to start seeing results with this)
  •  Why you do NOT need to spend hours looking at stock prices, trends, and studying balance sheets, because during this workshop, Manoj will be showing you...
A Faster, Simpler, and
Easier Way To Make Money!

What is the 1 secret trick that Warren Buffett himself uses to earn huge profits? Manoj will reveal the shocking answer to you, and even show you proof...

At His FREE Options Trading Workshop!

  •  What you could be doing now that could cause you to LOSE money lightning fast, and eventually makes you give up totally! 
  •  Manoj will show you how to avoid the 7 most costly mistakes that 95% of people make when trading... So you can speed up your learning curve and succeed faster when you don't make these same deadly errors!
  •  Discover the #1 thing you MUST have to make money over and over again. In fact, Manoj will be revealing this to you at the workshop, using a... 
Fun and Shocking Game That
You're Going To Love!
Student of Manoj,
"Manoj is a really fantastic teacher! He shows us all his exact track records and trades. 

If you're looking to learn Options trading, Manoj is the best person for that!"
Kim Klaiman,
Canada, Founder of
"In terms of consistency, risk management, and educational value... Nobody else out there comes even close to what Manoj is able to provide"
* Manoj's highly empowering and sincere presentation will surely make you smile
Money-Making Secret #3:
Enjoy Multiple Income Streams... How To Buy Good Stocks Cheaply... Achieve 90% Returns In 6 Months!
  •  Shock your friends and family when you start making money using Manoj's market INDEPENDENT strategy... even during a recession, even during a market crash, and even when everyone else around is losing money! 
  • Enjoy multiple income streams even while holding your full-time job, because Manoj's trading methods show you how to make huge profits, with little time, effort, and stress 
  •  Find out the strategies that one of Manoj's students, Jonathan, used to achieve 90% returns in 6 months, while still working full time at his job!
  •  Manoj will also show you how to get a huge "bargain and discount", as he reveals his 1 secret trick he uses ALL THE TIME to buy...
Expensive Stocks Like Apple, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, or IBM... At a Very Cheap Price!

Make money in ANY direction... in BOTH bull markets and bear markets, because Manoj will show you his market-independent strategies to create huge wealth...

At His FREE Options Trading Workshop!

  •  Understand the reasons why 90% of traders FAIL to make money... so you can prevent yourself from falling into such traps which end up wasting your precious time and effort
  •  Make money from the markets - GUARANTEED, by using Manoj's Magnetic Mechanisms that allow you to profit with 100% confidence and certainty, while others feel fearful and nervous!
  •  Take advantage of major events and news like Brexit, and use it to profit massively. Imagine how much money you could make when you learn these strategies too?
Student of Manoj,
"If I had learnt Manoj's system many years ago, I would be highly profitable today!

He even shows us how to scan for high probability and momentum stocks, while minimizing our risks. I strongly recommend Manoj's system."

Chuck Mellon,
Millionaire Trader
"Manoj is very clear, concise, and specific in his examples and illustrations. 

It was well worth the time, even for someone like me who has been trading options for over 40 years!"
Money Making Secret #4:
Create Financial Freedom... 
Profit Anytime & Anywhere...
Retire Early & Comfortably!
* Feel 150% conviction and confidence in your money-making abilities after Manoj's workshop!
  •  Create financial freedom and enjoy the lifestyle you desire by using Manoj's techniques to make money anytime, anywhere, and as much as you want! 
  •  Apply the same techniques that Manoj's students use to earn a positive cash flow of $34,000 in a short time... and see the results for yourself!
  •  Profit with accuracy and discipline when you use Manoj's secret methods to make money in ANY market condition... and not let your emotions cloud your judgments and endanger your capital
  • Manoj will also show you how to create profits and build your wealth up in a smart manner, so you no longer have to spend hours working hard, exchanging your time for money, and you can...
Retire Early And Comfortably!

Discover how one of Manoj's students created a positive cashflow of $34,000 in a short time, and how you can use these same methods to make money too...

At His FREE Options Trading Workshop!

  •  Wouldn't it be great if you could turn your passion for trading into a consistent, never-ending income stream? Manoj will show you how to do that, so you enjoy profits while having fun and enjoying yourself too!
  •  Pull in consistent, never-ending profits month after month... year after year... simply by using these PROVEN and PREDICTABLE techniques, and watch your income increase steadily while your wealth grows
  •  Save yourself decades of learning and frustration, because the stuff you learn at this workshop has been condensed and you'll be learning the best strategies that are PROVEN to work and get results
  • Avoid getting overwhelmed or confused! Because you'll be learning strategies that are simple, easy to apply, and you'll go home with an organized and fool-proof plan to... 
Create The Passive Income You
Have Always Desired & Deserved!
Jun Ye,
Student of Manoj
"My trading results improved a lot after learning from Manoj!

He is a very knowledgeable, humble, and sincere person, and delivers MORE than what he promised!"
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- Manoj Kumar
Here's a Quick Recap of What You'll Learn From Manoj At This Workshop:
 Money-Making Secret #1: $7,000 Profits In 3 Months...
Only 30 Minutes a Day... With a TINY Starting Capital
 Money-Making Secret #2: Generate Monthly Cashflow... Passive Income... Plus, Learn 1 Simple Trick That Warren Buffett Uses To Profit
 Money-Making Secret #3: Enjoy Multiple Income Streams... How To Buy Good Stocks Cheaply... Achieve 90% Returns In 6 Months!
 Money-Making Secret #4: Create Financial Freedom... Profit Anytime, Anywhere... Retire Early & Comfortably With Options Trading!
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