3 Money Hacks For Hosting An Awesome Party

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We are reaching the end of the year and it’s time to get ready for the festivities! To avoid the Christmas/New Year crowd, it can be a great idea to gather some friends to throw party at home instead.

That cuts out the stress of losing your friends in crowds, having to pay a minimum spend when you place reservation for dinner venues/bars, and instead use the money saved for better food and drinks.

Here’s our list of hacks you can employ to help you have fun on your home ground, at a cheaper price as well!

1) Food


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The best way to play the role of a stress-free host is to gather your friends for potluck. You can start by suggesting a few easy-to-cook food items to get the conversation going. Your fuss-free options for food include sotong balls, chicken wings, and pasta salads.

If you are looking to buy food, a good tip is to cater for a “mini-buffet”, The difference is that these do not include set-up (cheaper!) and come in convenient food containers that you can heat up in the microwave easily as well.

Check out foodline.sg for a list of caterers and reviews and filter them according to your criteria.

Looking for food delivery? There’s always the good ol’ pizza and food delivery services such as foodpanda.com. Remember to use your POSB card, Maybank or Citibank card for extra discounts!

If you are up for some D-I-Y, you’d be glad to know some of the caterers from foodline.sg also offer BBQ and steamboat packages where you can order the prepared items and do the cooking at your place.

Or else, you can always try making your own popiah or sushi party.

Who knows, you may create some some laughter and fun while making your own food.

2) Alcohol

What’s a party without some alcohol? Drinking at home can easily cut more than 50% of the cost of drinks compared to partying outside. Instead of diligently collecting bottles of alcohol from your duty-free shopping, there are many suppliers online that offer to deliver alcohol, some even within the hour!

Some of these retailers are listed below:

–       Alcoholdelivery.com.sg

–       Eurohitechsystem.com.sg

–       liquorbar.sg

–       ringtodrink.com

3) Entertainment

To avoid a boring party, you’d definitely need entertainment. Or else, prepare for your party guests to leave after filling their tummy. You can prepare some entertainment ideas and games to facilitate the free flow of conversation and laughter.

Oh don’t forget the music! Maybe you can get a friend to double up as the DJ of the night! Here are some ideas for activities you can do:

–       Karaoke

–       Indian Poker

–       Board Games

–       Beer Pong

A sure-way to make your party fun is to give it a theme, and then make sure there’s a forfeit for anyone who doesn’t dress up for the theme! Think of something fun and funny where everyone will laugh their heads off with lots of picture-taking going on.

Here’s some of the best suggestions:

–       Mad Hatter – everyone comes to a party with a hat that’s not your regular baseball cap.

mad hatter

[image credits: miamisocialholic.com]

–       High school stereotype – instead of the classic “uniform’ parties, take it up a notch with the high school stereotype. Come as the nerd, the jock or the cheer-leading bimbo.

–       Masquerade – no entry without a mask!

–       Singapore Retro party – an easy one without any need for fancy costumes. Match up your food with some candy from our childhood such as Dingdang chocolates, white rabbit sweets and haw flakes. How about having your own kacang putih stand as well?


[image credits: asiansupper.com]


[image credits: suanie.net]

–       Las Vegas Party – black tie, old-gold glamour or even an Ace of spades. Have everyone dress in red, white and black with an accessory that’s casino-themed. Poker-lovers can have a game as well.


Do you have ways to have just as much fun, at half the cost of doing so? Share them with us!

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