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Date: DECEMBER 3rd 2013, TUESDAY
Time: 7.30PM-9.30PM

Venue: 50 Market Street #10-01 Golden Shoe Car Park S(048940)

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What if there was a toolbox which was handed to you that could help you achieve everything you wanted?

And it can allow you to have more wealth,
better health, better relationships & help you overcome ANY obstacle you face and a whole lot MORE...

Does that interest you?

If you answered "YES", be sure to read on...

NLP has helped me to understand that it is my thoughts that directly influence my behaviors, triggered by external factors. Equipped with the different tools and techniques for different situations and needs, it has empowered me to better control my thoughts to focus on the positives, so as to impact my behaviors positively. Kenneth Soh, Manager
NLP has allowed me understand myself better. I am now able to search deeper into my emotions and manage my emotional states better. I am now able to leverage on the skills I have learnt to help others and as well as help myself to feel more resourceful to achieve my goals. MC Choo, Business Owner

Dear Friend,

My name is Stuart Tan. You and I may not have met before. But I want you to know that I used to be an underperformer who failed miserably in everything that I did...

To make things worse, I was a total disaster when it comes to communicating with others and I had few friends...

Desperate for a change, I stumbled upon this new personal development tool called Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and it drastically changed my life forever...

From an underachieving student, I rose to the top 10% of my entire school...

Additionally, I went from a shy introvert who used to stutter even in front of a small class to winning 2 Toastmaster competitions and speaking to over 300,000 people during the past 19 years as a trainer...

That's not all...

I've also helped build a $10-million a year company and have authored 3 best-selling booksover the past few years...

Now I can go on and on about my achievements, but that's not what you came here for...

More importantly, I would like to share with you...

What is NLP & how can
it truly BENEFIT YOU?

In a nutshell, NLP is a set of powerful tools for modeling excellence in other people. 

And it can be utilized to help you achieve your goals in the following areas:

  • Wealth

  • Health

  • Relationships

  • Business

  • Communication

  • Leadership

  • Excelling in your job

  • Sports

  • Networking

And much more! 

In short, NLP can be used to master literally any skill you desire.

Lee Jin Hwui

“New-found Surge in Confidence!”

Stuart has been more than a wonderful coach, mentor and friend to me. I especially enjoyed his NLP Master Practitioner and Life Coaching lessons as he was always able to make the lessons come alive.

Having practiced what Stuart taught me, I began to believe in myself in a more authentic way.

This new-found surge in confidence yielded several career highlights for me in 2011-12 alone: keynote speaker in HR Youth Forum organized by NTU, panel member in HR Summit, Finalist and Winner of HRM Awards (2012).

As the icing on the cake, I came in Champion for the Toastmasters District 81 Contests!

I would recommend Stuart as the coach to anyone who has a genuine desire to be all that they can be!

Lee Jin Hwui Acting Deputy Director, HRD; Land Transport Authority

Imagine having the ability to peer into another person’s mind and understand their expertise, capabilities and blockages to their success...

Not only will NLP help you gain a greater understanding of the human mind, it will enable you to use this knowledge to help yourself and others...

To achieve massive wealth, happiness & success in every area of your life... 

Hence to say that NLP transformed my life is an understatement...

In fact, I became so obsessed with it that I went on to pursue my NLP Trainer's license at the young age of just 23 and was Asia’s youngest licensed trainer of NLP in 1997, having received my trainer's license from the founder, Richard Bandler.

There's simply so many benefits of NLP that I can't possibly cover all of them in this page alone...

But I want you to know that NLP can definitely help you get the things that you want in life.

But instead of getting me to try to convince you, here are some of the many people whom I've coached and helped over the years... 

People who have achieved
TREMENDOUS wealth & success
through the skills & knowledge
I have imparted to them!

(And I could do the same for YOU too!)

Daniel Goh

“Six-Figures In Commissions In Just 4 DAYS!”

Stuart is a walking repository of useful knowledge and he shares them in his trainings with eloquence and humor.

What makes him worth listening to is the fact that he has developed expertise in multiple domains, which he integrates proficiently and demonstrates in his trainings.

Here’s real tangible proof: using the methods he taught in my training in NLP, I sold SIX FIGURES IN JUST COMMISSIONS for the IT Fair from the effort of a mere 4 days.

Thanks to Stuart, by now, I have confidence in persuading, and can build my business strongly.

Daniel Goh Managing Director, Netroworks Pte Ltd
Mark Joyner

“One Of The Most Exceptionally Gifted Coaches I’ve Ever Seen!”

Stuart Tan is one of the most exceptionally gifted caches I’ve ever met.

Frankly, I don’t have much respect for most of the folks who parade themselves around as ‘coaches’ these days.

Most of them do not have even the basic skills required to coach themselves let alone clients.

Stuart is not only qualified – at his young age, he’s attained a degree of world class mastery that few will ever reach.

He’s one of very small handful of people I trust enough to go to for this type of assistance, and I do so regularly.

Mark Joyner Founder and Chairman, Construct Zero, Inc
Mark J. Womersley

“Demonstrated Both Breadth And Depth In Psychological Foundations”

I attended a leadership course that was run by Stuart. To my surprise, his style was both motivational and entrepreneurial.

He demonstrated both breadth and depth in psychological foundations and quite clearly had a significant amount of experience in change management.

His delivery was well managed and I found his openness and sincerity quite refreshing!

Mark J. Womersley Associate Director, Singapore-Delft Water Alliance (SDWA)

I’ve received so many testimonials that it’s impossible for me to list them all here…
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And I want to help YOU too...

Because I know that NLP can definitely  open up doors of opportunities for you...

So here's what I'm going to do... 


I would like to invite you to join me at
my 2-hour "NLP Practitioner Certification"
introductory seminar where YOU will learn
the success blueprints I've created
utilizing the power of NLP!

Here's A Fraction of What You'll Discover
During This Power-Packed Seminar

And much more!

This 2-hour seminar is easily valued at $97...
But for a limited time, you can sign up absolutely FREE!
PLUS, you get to bring along a friend for free too!

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Date: 3rd DECEMBER 2013, TUESDAY
Time: 7.30PM-9.30PM
Venue: 50 Market Street Golden Shoe Car Park
#10-01 (Access only via Lifts 4 & 5) S(048940)

Simply Fill In Your Details Below to Register!

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If you've always wanted to learn more about how NLP can help you achieve greater success but have often procrastinated about it...

This is your BEST chance to finally benefit tremendously from the number one personal development tool...

So just sign up in the form above and I'll see you there!

To your success,

Stuart Tan

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P.S. Remember, seats are extremely limited and this incredible offer may be taken off anytime soon. So don't hate yourself for missing out on this amazing seminar!

Sign up now and be you could be our next success story!

Ken McArthur

“Stuart is a genius and quality runs through his veins like pure gold!”

Stuart Tan is a genius and quality runs through his veins like pure gold.

When he speaks, listen… And when he does, copy every move.

Stuart spells it out for beginners in a way only a master can.

Ken McArthur Best-selling author of 'Impact: How to Get Noticed, Motivate Millions and Make a Difference in a Noisy World'
Adam Wong

“A huge role model and he’s made a wonderful positive impact in my life!”

Stuart’s one of the sharpest minds out there in helping you expand your thinking, awareness and realize your potential.

Without his guidance, I would never have received the insight I needed to achieve the results I have today.

He’s a huge role model and made a wonderful positive impact in my life; I truly have lots to thank him for!

Adam Wong Author of the National Bestseller 'Lucky Bastard!'
Dr Gillian KOH

“The Class Was A Transformative Experience For Me!”

I attended a two day course on Transformational Leadership taught by Mr Stuart Tan, sponsored by NUS.

Stuart was a very creative presenter.

He mixed aspects of neuroscience, organisational psychology, management theories as well as stories of can-do spirit of business titans and personal friends who live in the limitless realm of possibilities in putting his case across to us – that we can be more than who we think we are today.

The class was a transformative experience for me and I will remind myself to try to effect the same sort of transformation to the people I work with in my office and various other groups I am involved in.

Dr Gillian KOH Senior Research Fellow, National University of Singapore