NLP Testimonials

Mark Joyner

“One Of The Most Exceptionally Gifted Coaches I’ve Ever Seen!”

Stuart Tan is one of the most exceptionally gifted caches I’ve ever met. Frankly, I don’t have much respect for most of the folks who parade themselves around as ‘coaches’ these days. Most of them do not have even the basic skills required to coach themselves let alone clients. Stuart is not only qualified – at his young age, he’s attained a degree of world class mastery that few will ever reach. He’s one of very small handful of people I trust enough to go to for this type of assistance, and I do so regularly.

Mark Joyner Construct Zero, Inc
Lee Jin Hwui

“Would Recommend Stuart As Coach To Anyone!”

Stuart has been more than a wonderful coach, mentor and friend to me. I especially enjoyed his NLP Master Practitioner and Life Coaching lessons as he was always able to make the lessons come alive. Having practiced what Stuart taught me, I began to believe in myself in a more authentic way. This new-found surge in confidence yielded several career highlights for me in 2011-12 alone: keynote speaker in HR Youth Forum organized by NTU, panel member in HR Summit, Finalist and Winner of HRM Awards (2012). As the icing on the cake, I came in Champion the Toastmasters District 81 Contests! I would recommend Stuart as the coach to anyone who has a genuine desire to be all that they can be.

Lee Jin Hwui Land Transport Authority
Joe Teh


When Stuart started the class by explaining that we might feel like what we see in the movie “The Matrix”, I was skeptical. He told us that we are “in the world”. By the end of the course, we will be able to see the “code” that form “the world”. I could not grasp the meaning at that moment.
As the lessons progressed, I begin to understand where he is going. The language that we hear everyday, the action/reaction that we see/felt/hear can actually help us to understand more about a situation or a person. By asking the right questions, we understand more about ourselves and also help others to understand more about themselves.
Language becomes a powerful tool. By using language, you can actually “program” a person. And after going through the lessons in the course, I begin to see code after code in a sentence. Finally, I realized that I can actually “see” and “program” the code in a person’s life. This will greatly help me to decide my decision in life.
Regarding our instructor, Stuart. When he speaks, we listen. He has that kind of magnetism that will attract you to his speech. His explanation is clear and easy to understand. His sincerity and willingness to go the extra miles to help some of the participants and also sharing of extra information are really commendable. From the few days in training, I realize that his passion for NLP is undeniably strong. With his guidance, together with his patience and knowledge in the subject, I am sure anyone can benefit by attending the training.

Joe Teh Manager, Blogger, Photographer
Pang Kok Hong

When I first attended the introduction of the NLP seminar, I was at the point of reaching the lowest point of my life in my workplace. At that point of time, Time, money and certificate of NLP wasn’t really a concern to me. All that mattered most to me is: can I reverse the [negative] tide after I sign-up for the program? Is the 6-day program course really sufficient? Will I be able to focus and not lose interest? Can I process all the knowledge & skill, even though, I do not have any fundamental knowledge of NLP…?

When I first attended the class, I felt really comfortable with the environment and people. It was as though as the class has install an “Air purifiers” that spreading ” Positive Ions” and circulates within the class recharging the positive energy. The class was interesting and engaging, more importantly the concept and the fundamental is easy to understand upon explanation by mentor Stuart.

Throughout the 6 day program, I felt that I am more aware of my subconscious existence. The external resource that i am looking for was actually within myself. With the teaching & advice of the class and mentor, I have learn things that isn’t taught in school and can be apply in my daily life. At the end of the program, I feel more stronger (mental state), motivated and confidence.

Last but not least, I like to express my thanks to all the facilitators & Stuart for spending time explaining and answering questions, sharing experience and showing me the ropes. You have my gratitude. Thanks.

Pang Kok Hong Technician Specialist
Kevin Li Kevin Li I felt really excited when I first attended Stuart's NLP Practitioner Program. Because I heard great things from public speakers, books about what NLP able to help one achieve great success and happiness. After learning NLP from Stuart, I able to control my emotional state better whenever I meet obstacles along the way. Communication is also improved with the learning of Milton Model (Language Pattern). Moreover I able to observe people better by using the representation system that helps me to communicate using the right language pattern with them. This helps me create rapport with the people I am talking to. After listening to all the benefits of what NLP able to help you, I would strongly recommend anyone who has keen interest to learn NLP to learn from the Great Trainer, Stuart Tan. He is simply awesome in the way he teaches NLP whereby he is able to explain each modules so explicitly without the stress of learning the hard way.
Karen Foote Karen Foote I attended the course with no particular expectations in mind. I was pleasantly surprised that some of the techniques were fairly easy to use and can have a good impact on the clients that I work with. I particularly like the motivation aspect and it is definitely useful to shift perspectives and to have a more positive outlook on life. Stuart definitely has expert knowledge in the area and even better, he was able to apply techniques with great ease. I am most impressed by his openness to sharing his knowledge. It is not often that I chance upon trainers who are so willing to share their knowledge.
Before attending the NLP Practitioner Certification with Stuart Tan, I was skeptical and uncertain how NLP can benefit myself. However, once I stepped into this circle of NLP, I was enlightened by the energy that Stuart Tan has shown throughout the entire course. I was able to network with like-minded people who were also there to empower themselves and to allow themselves to be more resourceful. Being surrounded by people with positive mindset makes the course an energetic and enjoyable one. Time flies when being you’re having fun. The course has allowed me understand myself better. I was able to search deeper into my emotions and manage my state better. Everyone will have conflicts or issues to solve, being able to manage your state effectively allow oneself to move forward and resolve problems better and efficiently. The brain is a very powerful tool. I am now able to leverage on the brain and the skills I have learnt to help others and as well as myself to feel more resourceful and achieve their goals. I came out of the course a different person, in a positive manner of course. Stuart Tan is definitely the man to go to for NLP. He is always full of energy and is very knowledgeable. I will surely recommend anyone who wants to learn more about NLP to look for Stuart. Two thumbs up for Stuart! MC Choo
I felt funny: why am I attending this course as I don't even know what NLP is and how it can help me. Now I had come to realise how brain can do wonders.

I have a clearer picture of what I want for my career, that will be Property Agent again.
I was once a full time property agent and after earning some money I had become very lazy and thinking that money is so easy to earn and this laziness for the past 3 years had also cause me to be have a lot of credit cards debts I was very down and I was lost. Now I'm working in a company for 2 years as a sale executive, the environment of the company was good just that the pay is not that good. During this pass few years I still holding on to my property licence just that I had no energy, no mood and no resources to go and do it.

After attending the course.... Once again I'm charge up and is stronger this time as I know where I shall start and how I should go about doing it. I can find all the resources I need and this course really help a lot. After attending the first part of the lessons, I find the resources for me to work on my property stuff even after I reach home after my full time job.

As of 30 Sept 2013, I just had my very first closing for the past 3 years which the commission is around $2k. Is a very good start and I can visualise more will be coming and in no time I will be a full time agent earning the money. I want to earn and having the freedom and happiness I want to have. John Koh
When I first attended this class, I felt so excited about learning something that I have been looking for! I think that Human Beings can be classified into two categories; The Task-Oriented and The Human-Oriented. I am sure that I belong to the latter, and thus I will be able to benefit myself with this 60-hours intensive class. Although I had little practice to this moment, I can see the difference in the answers I get from people. I hear the way people replying to me was with more clarity and with what I want and what they wanted to look for, and I definitely felt the little improvement in myself handling situations and people. I believe, with more practice, I will be able to open up people's mind quickier! Although I think that the number of ways to master is equal to the number of people in this world, I will still do my best to benefit every living lives that I possibly can, because every starfish you threw back to the ocean, is doing a change in their lives. Stuart was patient, and kind enough to withstand my nagginess on the questions. I actually felt PAISEH to keep asking him questions, because I think I have a lower understanding ability. (Sorry Stuart.) He has helped me in clarifying most of my doubts! I said "most" because my other mysteries can be solved by the notes! Tay Kai Hong
Financial Consultant
Kenneth Soh Kenneth Soh, Manager I came with some expectation that NLP will help me overcome my insecurities and fears which I could not comprehend and did not know how to deal with. The trainer has helped me to understand that it is my thoughts that directly influence my behaviors, triggered by external factors. This has empowered me to better control my thoughts to focus on the positives so as to impact my behaviors positively. In particular, the trainer has skillfully explained the logic and whys of NLP, he has also provided us with hands on opportunity to experiment and try out the techniques. The trainer has also provided us with different tools and techniques for different situations and needs.
Japheth Lim Japheth Lim, A Research Company I've got to say that this has been an amazing experience at Jumpstart to Entrepreneurship. The unique models taught in this course allow me to brain storm for ideas and solution, and also keep within scope and focus. What was definitely most useful was how NLP was incorporated to help me handle states which are critical in making a good or a bad decision.