Plan Smart and Save Thousands during the Holidays

The holidays are a great time of celebration and relaxation. However, they can also be taxing on your bank account. Is it possible to travel, enjoy the holidays and not go completely broke? Indeed it is. Keep these smart travel tips in mind when planning your holiday vacation.

Fly Smart

Airlines, like other industries, operate off of supply and demand principles. The more reserved seats they have filled, the more they will charge for those seats left. The high ticket prices can be avoided by playing around with your travel dates.

Prior to taking time off from work, check out each available date for leaving and returning. On non-peak travel dates and times, a substantial amount of money can be saved. For example, I had traveled to the East coast for Christmas and the average ticket price was right around $500 roundtrip. By checking all of my options, I discovered that by flying on Christmas morning and returning early on New Year’s Day, I was able to get a round trip ticket for mere $270! This was a savings of nearly 50%.

Wait to Book the Hotel

Though purchasing airfare ahead of time is smart and it will save you money, the opposite is true for hotels. Purchasing a hotel in person gives you buying power. After all, you will be purchasing a hotel room that was not booked, meaning it would have remained empty without you. This is exactly what a hotel does not want.

To prevent an excess of empty rooms, hotels will typically slash room rates by 30%, and even up to 50%. Though it can be nerve racking to travel without knowing ahead of time where you will be staying, it is well worth the decreased price.

Hunt for Deals Online

Finding deals for activities online is incredibly easy and not very time consuming. After all, you are already checking out all thethings you want to do while on vacation. While you are looking at what to do and what to see, look for price saving opportunities. A lot of times, you can find reduced prices on specific dates, price saving package deals or unique sales opportunities.

Though I have not personally taken advantage of sales opportunities, I know plenty of people who have. For example, last year some friends went to Disney World and sat through a two hour presentation on a time share. For listening to the presentation, they received free Disney park passes and 50% off the rental of a three bedroom condo, saving them hundreds of dollars.

The Bottom Line

Keep these tips in mind to save money on your airline tickets, hotels and possibly even more. It pays to do your research and hunt around for deals. Your trip planning may cost you a bit more time, and a bit of convenience, but will save you in the dollar department. Challenge yourself! See how much money you can save this holiday season.

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