Here’s Why Your CPF Might Not be Enough – Find Out One Simple Strategy You Can Use To Retire Early

“Most Singaporeans only receive $1,200 monthly from their CPF when they retire. One retired Singaporean woman discovered a simple profit-generating strategy to boost her monthly income. Find out how you can do the same, and even retire earlier!” 

Have you ever wondered when you will be able to retire?

Or, what about how comfortable your life will be after you retire?

Perhaps you’re already retired… do you feel constrained by the lack of a full-time income?

Well, if retirement is a concern on your mind, then you should read on.

In a few moments, I will share one technique that will not only help you retire earlier, but provide you with enough income to make your retirement worth looking forward to.

To explain this example, let me introduce two characters: Melvin and Anna

Melvin Relies on His CPF Retirement Fund To Support His Retirement

An Average Singaporean Man

Melvin is a 78 year-old man, who worked hard in his younger days.

Like most average Singaporeans, Melvin held a blue-collar job, and he eventually managed to hit the Minimum Sum of $155,000 for his Retirement Account.

Today, Melvin is receiving monthly payouts of $1,200 from his CPF.

In fact, most other Singaporean retirees are drawing around $1,200 monthly too.

With that amount, he is worried about the upcoming recession, and is afraid of falling sick.

Anna is also Retired, but Her Monthly Fund is $2,000 More Than Melvin’s

Old lady

An Average Singaporean Lady

Anna is a 68 year-old Singaporean woman, who worked just as hard as Melvin when she was younger.

Just like Melvin, CPF is paying Anna $1,200 per month.

However, she is drawing an additional amount of $2,000 per month!

With this extra money, Anna is going through her retirement years with a peace of mind.

Unlike Melvin, Anna is not concerned about the upcoming recession, and she is less concerned about falling sick.

She isn’t worried because she has a profit-generating strategy that will carry her through the recession… and will also grow exponentially over time!

What is Anna’s Secret?

Anna’s uses a profit-generating strategy… a powerful method of trading that can help anyone amass an impressive amount of wealth.

This unique trading method is known as Strategic Options Trading.

Click here if to find out how Anna uses Strategic Options Trading to earn $2,000 monthly… and how you can use the same strategy to give yourself an earlier retirement!

And wait – before you ask… Anna is not a fictional character!

“After using Strategic Options Trading… [I’ve made] $7000 profit during the last three months alone! My trading skills as well as results have improved significantly.”

– Anna, Singapore

So, what exactly is Strategic Options Trading?

Strategic Options Trading utilizes Options – a lesser-known method of trading.

However, statistics show that every year more and more people are trading Options!

Here are just some ways you can use Strategic Options Trading to retire early:

1) Little Money Required – Far Less Than the $155,000 Required for CPF Retirement!

You don’t need an obscene amount of $155,000 to enjoy your retirement…

In fact, when Anna used Strategic Options Trading, she only started with a capital of $1,000!

How is this possible?

One way Options Trading is different from traditional investing is that you don’t require a large amount of capital.

Typically, investing is long-term, and demands a higher capital.

On the other hand, the life-span of Options is much shorter, and hence requires a lot less capital!

Here is a bonus:

Options still remain extremely cheap to buy, even during poor market conditions such as a recession!

This means that Strategic Options Trading is not only very affordable… but extremely safe and reliable as well!

Click here to find out how you can start Strategic Options Trading… Even if you Have Less Than $1,000 to Spend!

2) Huge Potential Returns – Much Higher Than CPF’s $1,200 Monthly Payout!

If you want much more than a $1,200 monthly retirement payout, then this benefit is for you!

Remember how Anna earns at least $2,000 more than Melvin?

This is because by using Strategic Options Trading, Anna is able to enjoy huge potential returns!

Yes, with as little as $1,000 starting capital… you can eventually start to enjoy $2,000 or more per month!

Let me explain how this huge return is possible:

  • With Strategic Options Trading, you can leverage your investment capital, while limiting investment risk – meaning you get more out of your cash, for much less risk of loss!
  • Options are never static, due to a process known as ‘price discovery’ – this means even in unstable markets, options remain profitable!

When it comes to Options Trading, the sooner you start, the higher your profits will grow!

Click here to learn how you can earn HUGE potential returns… without risking a high amount of capital!

3) Regular Cash Flows – You Don’t Have to Wait for CPF’s Monthly Payout… Get Paid Weekly!

[Image Credits:]

Does drawing a weekly income sound good to you?

With Strategic Options Trading, you can choose to collect your profits on a weekly basis!

If you look at traditional methods of investing, such as dividends, you can wait months before you actually collect your profits!

Strategic Options Trading allows this regular cash flow due to the short-term nature of Options.

In fact, with Options, you can get cash upfront… every single time you trade!

Finally, whether you sipping some hot Kopi-O at the coffee shop, or having a cruise vacation somewhere in the Maldives … you can truly relax because your profits are coming in CONSISTENTLY & REGULARLY!

Click here to find out how you can use Strategic Options Trading to enjoy a Consistent & Regular Cashflow!

Don’t be Like Melvin… Be Like Anna To Enjoy a Great Retirement!

Now do you understand why Anna does not have to rely on her CPF to support her retirement?

Well… here’s one more thing you should know:

Hundreds of other Singaporeans are using her technique too!

Let me tell you why more and more Singaporeans are going to enjoy an earlier retirement… and how you can have the same too!

Meet Mr. Manoj Kumar…

The ingenious trader that invented Strategic Options Trading!


Because of him, hundreds of Singaporeans have learnt how to create enough wealth to easily support them through their retirement!

Sit tight… because here is the best news:

Manoj will be conducting a workshop in Singapore to educate you more about his income-generating strategy!

During this content-packed workshop, Manoj will be sharing with Singaporeans:

  • 3 more proven, powerful & consistent strategies… to immediately generate profit for you!
  • 7 costly mistakes that even experienced traders make… and how you can avoid them!
  • How to set up a systematic trading approach that generates profit… even throughout your retirement!
  • The correct mind-set, methods and money management systems you need to have… in order to enjoy continued success in trading
  • One amazing trick that allows you to buy stock… BELOW current market prices!


So… what is the catch?

Well – there is no catch, because…

Manoj will be conducting his Strategic Options Trading workshop… completely FREE of charge!

When you secure your FREE tickets, you can be prepared to learn the profitable Options Trading strategies mentioned above…

And finally find a safe, reliable way to make money on the side… even during your retirement!

Click here to secure your FREE tickets to Manoj’s content-packed seminar… and discover how to make early retirement a reality!

Here’s what some of Manoj’s students have to say:

AaronTan“My best choice… you don’t have to stay in front of the computer everyday…won’t have to worry that market crash will wipe your entire capital… downside of portfolio is protected and money is working hard for you!”

– Aaron Tan, Singapore

“As a direct result of [Manoj’s] strategies, I have made a positive cash flow of $34,000 within a short period of time!”

-Trader from Spain

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