Save more $$$ with Four Sneaky Household Hacks

Running your house can be a costly affair.

Not talking about the cheating kind affair where you could probably end up with
a raging spouse, and a messy relationship though…

If you are looking for a hack for that, then you are at the wrong place… But!

Read on if you are looking to cut up to 90% of costs with some DIY Household Hacks…

First Up…

Messy Cables.

Cables. Your home is full of it. You know you need to organise it all but haven’t
because you are too lazy to buy those specialised “cable organizers”…

I present, the humble book binder!


Conventional Cable Organizers: $10 Book Binder Hack: $2 (10 in pack)

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Dusty Nooks & Crannies

 Dust. The blessings of an unattended area. And those branded dusters are preparing to take all your money because you’re not sure if any other options work.

Tell you what, try a bunch of socks instead!


Branded Disposable Duster: $10/20 pcs Reuseable Sock Dusters: $2 (Free if old socks!)

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Damaged Wooden Furniture.

Wooden furniture are one of the most beautiful pieces a home owner can have. However… it is prone to damage!
Now, you have generally have one choice once it gets bad:

Replace it with a new one. But wait!

You can fix some of the damage by covering it up with good old coffee.


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Clogged Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks

A clogged sink will always have you running to the phone needing a plumber.
And their charges are not cheap. To fix it, you will be charged close to $100 or maybe more.

Another option is to use expensive (and harmful)  chemicals to clear it…

I am suggesting you the save your money, AND skin, and look towards good old Vinegar & Baking Soda.


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Vinegar & Baking Soda is the universe’s solution to any clogging problem.

My advice however is to keep it as a household solution and not one to unclog your nose during a cold/flu.

Start Cutting Costs Now!

These are just Four simple tricks, and of course there is waaaaay more tips out there,
but this is just my simple advice for you that cutting costs can easily start at home, the place closest to you.

A lot of people like you think that saving money can be complicated, but it’s actually pretty simple.

We look forward to your fatter wallet, and a happy home!

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