The #1 Secret Weapon That Top Entrepreneurs Use To Stand Out In Their Market

“The #1 Secret Weapon That Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Use To Stand Out In The Market… Be Seen As An Expert… And Get A Flood of FREE Publicity To Their Products & Services

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur who wants to grow your business?

Today, you’re about to discover the #1 secret weapon that top entrepreneurs and business owners use all the time…

Image credits: Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki

Image credits: Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki

People like donald trump, robert kiyosaki, adam khoo, anthony robbins have used this weapon to build their business, and generate more attention and sales for themselves.

About 1-2 years back, there were even several Singaporean entrepreneurs who used this secret weapon to stand out in their industry, and attract an army of fresh customers and clients to their business.

Within just a few short months, these Singaporeans became well-known experts in their field, and got a ton of FREE publicity for their business…

Just by using this one simple, secret weapon

Did they have to spend thousands of dollars on advertising or marketing? No, they didn’t.

Did they have to pay a 5-figure sum to engage a professional branding expert to help them? No they didn’t.

Did they posses any special skills, technical knowledge, or software that their competitors lacked? No.

So what is this secret weapon?

What is this powerful tool that allowed them to get so much publicity and attention to their business in just a short time?

When they revealed the secret to their friends and business partners… Everyone laughed. Why? Because this secret weapon was actually…

Becoming a book author!

Click Here To Discover How You Can Stand Out In Your Market, And Get A Ton of FREE Publicity For Your Business and Products By Becoming a Book Author

More than 10 years ago, a well-known book publisher named Phoon Kok Hwa started out on a personal mission to help aspiring authors to get their books written, published, and promoted.

His goal was simple: To help authors share their ideas and messages with the world.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners started to seek his expertise in this area, because they wanted to inspire others by publishing their own book.

And many of them knew that he was one of the top experts in Singapore when it comes to book publishing.

Thus, he worked with more than hundred authors, business owners, and entrepreneurs… helping them publish their books and share their messages with the world.

But little did he know that, along the way, he started something he totally did NOT expect in his wildest dreams.

The authors who he helped (to get their books written and published) actually started experiencing…

A huge and sudden influx of leads, customers, and clients

• These business owners started to experience more publicity and recognition in their market, and customers started seeking them out naturally

• Several entrepreneurs managed to get so much FREE publicity (as a result of their published book), that they had many inquiries for business partnerships and joint ventures

• Some of them even doubled their sales in just a few months, because people now see them as an industry expert (after they published their own book), and their business grew without having to spend extra money on advertising or marketing

After seeing these amazing results… that’s when Kok Hwa discovered the true, untapped power of becoming a book author.

Click Here To Discover How You Can Stand Out In Your Market, And Get A Ton of FREE Publicity For Your Business and Products By Becoming a Book Author

Not only do you get to share your message with the world and inspire others, but you also get to…

Stand Out In Your Market, Be Seen As An Expert, And Get A Flood of FREE Publicity To Your Products & Services

In fact, after more than 10 years of helping aspiring authors to publish their own books…

Here’s some benefits Kok Hwa believes business owners and entrepreneurs would experience:

• Increased visibility to customers in your market or industry
• Automatic branding tool for yourself
• Be seen as an authority and credible figure
• Stand out in your market as an expert
• Get others to trust and buy from you with ease
• Generate FREE publicity for yourself (or your business)
• Raise your prices and charge more for your products because of increased branding
• Potentially get more sales, customers, partners…

Just by becoming a book author!

Click Here To Discover How You Can Stand Out In Your Market, And Get A Ton of FREE Publicity For Your Business and Products By Becoming a Book Author

“The common misconception many authors have”, Kok Hwa says, “Is thinking they must be an expert at English or grammar to write a book”.

“That couldn’t be further from the truth”.

He continues: “With the right tools and strategies, anyone can become a well-recognized book author and enjoy the FREE publicity that comes along with it”.

In fact, Kok Hwa has personally helped many entrepreneurs and business owners write and publish their own books, even though several of them are not exactly the best at English.

Some of these entrepreneurs are even Chinese speaking, but have managed to publish best-selling English books with his help and guidance.

Would you like to become a book author as well?

Good news: Kok Hwa is conducting an upcoming FREE workshop… showing business owners and entrepreneurs how to write, publish, and promote their own book.

Click Here To Discover How You Can Stand Out In Your Market, And Get A Ton of FREE Publicity For Your Business and Products By Becoming a Book Author

He’ll be sharing with you strategies like:

• How to identify your own niche, and develop the contents for your upcoming book?

• How to take your idea from just something in your head… to becoming a real, physical book… and marketing it to the public?

• The secret strategies you can use to get others to pay for your book… BEFORE it’s even published! (this is highly effective)

• What are 3 things you must do to make sure your book gains maximum exposure… and ensure it doesn’t collect dust on the shelf

• How to use your book to generate FREE publicity for yourself and your business… so you build your reputation in the market

• Several ways you can use your book to help you brand yourself as an expert and authority, and build trust with potential customers

• A few real-life case-studies of people who have published their own books… and how they used it to increase their branding and marketing with ease

• The proven formula that he personally uses and teaches – every single one of his students… that has helped them successfully publish their own books

Click Here To Discover How You Can Stand Out In Your Market, And Get A Ton of FREE Publicity For Your Business and Products By Becoming a Book Author

More Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Who Have Benefited From Kok Hwa’s FREE Workshop On How To Become An Author

adrian soon"This program provided me, an author-to-be, very precise and clear steps needed of me to focus my time and effort on.

Beyond just writing a book, the other aspect of the Publicity and Promotion which I never really thought of to be associating with writing a book were incorporated in too!

I am grateful."

Adrian Soon Internet Marketer and Trainer E-Journey Pte Ltd

sean collins"Before coming into the workshop, I didn't know what I didn't know.

After attending this, I have a clear framework to writing my first book and creative idas to make it a success."

Sean Collins
Managing Director, Talent Mobility Asia

"I would strongly encourage anyone who is considering publishing a book to first attend this workshop.

I find it immensely beneficial in helping me understand what needs to be done during the various stages of writing, producing, promoting, and marketing my book to make it a success.

Therefore, this workshop is specially suited to all aspiring authors who wish to write and publish a book but lack the confidence and know-how.

Ernest Tan
Founder of Jopez Academy
Author of Raising Financially Savvy Kids

Click Here To Discover How You Can Stand Out In Your Market, And Get A Ton of FREE Publicity For Your Business and Products By Becoming a Book Author

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4) Check your email inbox for a private confirmation, indicating your confirmed seat for the “Become n Author” seminar.

5) Arrive on time for the FREE workshop, and be ready to take notes on “How you can write, publish, and promote your own book, to generate FREE publicity for yourself and your business”

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