Several Singaporeans have made over $10,000... within 1 month after learning this. And now - you're about to learn...

"The 5-Steps To Generate 5-Figures...
By Using Facebook and Social Media"

This is a new method of making money few Singaporeans know about,
and Clement is about to reveal how it works in the video below...

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From: Clement Wong
Social Media Consultant, Trainer, & Speaker

Dear Friend,

Do you use facebook?

If you do, you'll be surprised to know that you could actually make money from it.

Money that's consistent, sustainable, and long-term...

That will bring in cash for you month after month like a steady income stream. Just like this:


If this sounds interesting to you, then let me introduce you to...

The 5 steps you can use to
make money using Facebook

  • 1) Many businesses these days are actually looking to start their own social media campaigns. But they don't know how.

They have no idea where to start. (and that's where the opportunity comes in for you... to profit massively)

  • 2) Using certain strategies and methods, you find these businesses who are absolutely hungry and desperate for help on how to do that.

The good thing about working with such customers is... They have deep pockets and are willing to pay you good money.

  • 3) You then use certain "idiot-proof" tools, templates, and processes to help the clients start their own social media campaigns

Sometimes, you can even outsource it like I do. So you can find other experts online to do this, but yet charge you low prices!

  • 4) You then deliver the nicely created marketing campaigns to these businesses, who are now your clients and see you as an "expert" at social media marketing

This builds your brand name and gets you more clients automatically. And take note that each client you close could easily be worth a few thousand dollars each time.

  • 5) Because these businesses are usually companies or solid organizations with huge bank accounts to spend on advertising and marketing, they're willing to pay you a good amount just to do this for them.

In fact, I've been paid over 5-figures for most of the social media campaigns that I start for clients...

Even though it took me only a few hours to setup because of the help of certain templates, tools, and strategies I use.

Just listen to the story of Nicholas Foo below (one of my recent students), as he shares how he applied these exact strategies I taught him to get results:

"Made $15,000 in the first 1.5 weeks... $50,000 in 6 months... Thank you Clement"

CaptureI’ve known Clement for a long time and have always marveled at how his team has been able to service big clients effortlessly and be able to create such phenomenal results.

So when I realised that he’s actually opening up his trade secrets, it was a no-brainer to sign up!

During the "Social Media Consultant" seminar, Clement shared the "Brand persona" strategy, and how it is useful. and so I sent the benefits to the prospect on what I can do for them. and I sealed the deal. instant $2500!

We also went thru lead generation and I managed to secure a meeting in which I also closed within a week. In total, I made about $15,000 in the first 1.5 weeks.

I went on to closing about $50,000 to $60,000 in the first 6 months.. it’s a little low, but mostly because I got more deals than I can fulfil them, so there was a good 2 months I stopped lead generation.

Once again, thanks Clement and team for putting together such a comprehensive consultant training package.

Nicholas Foo
Social Media Geek

If this is something you're excited to learn more about, pay close attention.

Because, I'm about to introduce you to...

The Profitable World Of
Social Media Consulting

In fact, this strategy of "profiting from social media consulting" has been so unique and unheard of...

That when news reporters and radio stations heard about it, they immediately interviewed me and my partners to find out more:




And Now, I'm Going To Reveal  Some of
These Profitable Strategies To You...

Strategies that could possibly make you upwards of 5-figures... just from 1 social media campaign that you run.

Here's some of the results I've personally achieved from using similar strategies.


Here's a glimpse of some of the strategies
I'm going to share with you...

  • How and where to find hungry clients who are willing to pay you top dollar for your social media services (so you don't need to do much selling or pitching at all)
  • How to talk to these clients in a way that comes across like you're generously sharing social media strategies with them (but you're actually persuading them "under-the-radar" and making them hungry to hire you)
  • What things you must have in your proposal to get clients to hire you immediately
  • Once you get hired, how do you run their social media campaigns for them by using certain tools and templates to automate the process
  • How and where do you find efficient outsourcers who can help you set-up amazing social media campaigns... but yet only cost you a small amount
  • How you can charge higher prices to these businesses, while finding cheap and low-cost outsourcers to set up these social media campaigns... so you can maximize your profits
  • How you could even close clients without having to meet them, so you don't have to worry about rejection or embarassment (I will even show you the exact steps of how I do that)
  • How to consistently get clients over and over again... so you can make money every month without fail
  • What's one thing you must never do when finding high-paying clients... or else you will not be able to get them to pay you
  • How to expand and grow this system, automate it, and eventually have others do this for you so you can make money even while travelling the world.

"Within 30 days after attending Clement's course, I sealed my first 5-figure contract..."

11113016_1433699960269099_6304544983804847493_nAfter hearing about this course, I decided to join because Clement gave his word that if I follow the System, I'll be able to create my own 5-figure per month consultancy.

This course is very different from other courses because it really shows you how to help people while making money and learn real marketing.

Clement provided consistent support and helped me clear my doubts when I just started social media consultancy... He gave me alot of confidence when I can't answer my questions to my prospects.

The result? Within 30 days after attending the course, I negotiated, signed, sealed my first 5-figure contract!

Jason Lim
Graduate of the "Social Media Consultant" program

If what I've said above is something that you're interested in, then here's the good news:

I will be sharing all these above strategies with you at my upcoming workshop called...

"How To Become a Highly Paid
Social Media Consultant"


Click Here To Register For You Free Seat Now


Here's a few more things of what you can expect to get from this free workshop:

• Real-life case studies of social media marketing campaigns for clients, so you can see how it works and replicate the same success yourself

• Important headlines and words you must know when offer to help a client run their campaign for them (this triples the chances of you getting hired and paid)

• Shocking statistics about social media today, and why this opportunity is something many people will never think of doing (which is better for those who actually do it)

• How one man lost $600,000 on facebook when running marketing campaigns, and how you can avoid such blunders when you do it yourself

10645265_399861516834916_7116860628506515584_n• How to stand out from your competitors by applying one simple "hook" to get highly-qualified clients to choose you want insist on working with you

• A proven 18 step system to become a highly paid social media consultant (with this systematic approach, you will know exactly what to do to make money from this)

• The powerful "unselling system" I use all the time, and teach many of my students who hate selling and pitching... so you can get hired and get paid without needing to be aggressive

• What kind of campaigns to create for clients, to get maximum results for them... so they continue to pay you month after month (this creates passive income for you easily)

• The secret formula that I personally use to ensure that my marketing campaigns always take off successfully... and impress my clients so much they even pay me bonuses.

Event Details:

Date & Time: Select Your Slot Below
Venue: 50 Market Street #10-01,
Golden Shoe Carpark, Singapore 048940

However, Not Everyone Will
Be Able To Join This Workshop

As the room that I'm holding the seminar at (Raffles Place, Golden Shoe Carpark Building) has a limited space constraint, we can only take in 20 attendees for the workshop.

After the 20 seats have been taken up...

I will have no choice but to turn down further registrations, because I am not allowed to exceed the room capacity (due to fire hazard and safety regulations).

Hence, if you want to grab this rare opportunity to learn these exact strategies to make money using facebook and social media, then do reserve your seat fast:

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I look forward to seeing you and sharing these strategies with you.

To greater wealth, success, and income,

Clement Wong


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