Why You Must Start An Online Business Even If You Lack Time, Skills And Capital

Do you want to earn a decent amount of income…while working from home and at your own pace?


Then you should SERIOUSLY consider setting up an online business using this simple yet effective 5 step system.

This 5 Step System is a strategy designed to help people who want to start an online business but do not have any clear direction on how to start or go about doing it.

Over the years, it has helped over 200 people in Singapore ALONE successfully start their own online businesses.

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So if you’re looking for a proven strategy on how to start a profitable online business, you’ve already found it! You’re about to hit the jackpot because this page will show you exactly how you are able to do so even if you:

  1. Are completely new to the concept of making money online
  2. Are not equipped with knowledge and skills to start any business of your own
  3. Do not have a huge sum of capital to start a business


1) If You Are Completely New To The Concept Of Making Money Online

This 5 step system is all you need!

Because for newbies like you, it’s best to work with a proven strategy such that you can familiarise yourself with making money through the internet.

You’ll be exposed to various channels to make money and more importantly, become more comfortable with this idea of generating an income online!

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Don’t have a product to sell? Don’t worry! This 5 step system is designed in a way that it allows you to start your own online business and still profit without having to sell products of your own!


2) If You Are Not Equipped With Knowledge And Skills To Start Any Business Of Your Own


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“Do I need to have any professional qualifications or prior business experience?”

This might have flashed across your mind as you wonder if YOU can actually start an online business.

Rest assured because YES YOU CAN start a profitable online business using this proven 5 step system even without skills or experience…

Because this system works as a comprehensive guide and will train you to have all the skills you need to get started!


3) If You Do Not Have A Huge Sum Of Capital To Start A Business

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You might think that capital is the basic requirement to setting up a business, and truth be told…yes it is.

But for an online business the difference is… You don’t need a large sum of capital unlike any other businesses!

With this 5 step system, your starting capital can be as low as A FEW DOLLARS per month!

And you can always do this at the side, so that you can earn ADDITIONAL INCOME on top of your monthly pay!


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  • Spend more quality time with your family and loved ones
  • Work with a flexible schedule completely according to your plans
  • Earn a passive income and make money even when you’re not at work


√ You’ll Be Able To Spend More Time With Your Loved Ones


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If you find yourself having too little time for all the things on your plate, you’ll be thankful you ever started on an online business because…

With an online business, less attention and energy is needed for your work as compared to before…

So you can put aside more time for your family and give them the attention you didn’t give when you were working!


√ You Can Craft Your Own Schedule And Enjoy Work Freedom

With an online business, you can practically work ANYWHERE as long as you have an internet connection, be it your favourite cafe or restaurant…or even at home!

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You can now throw away your alarms because there’s no longer a need to pull yourself up from bed at 7 every morning to drag yourself to work anymore.

With an online business, you can work ANYTIME, ANYWHERE

Completely UP TO YOU!


√ You Can Make Money Even When You’re Not Working

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With an online business, work and leisure no longer have to be separated!

You can earn money WHILE on vacation with your friends and family…

Hang out at the beach with or catch a movie at the cinema…

Without having to worry about having no income while you’re on vacation!


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So how do you get started? Here’s something that will be of help to you:

Two Singaporean online business owners, Calvin and Patricia will be conducting a seminar on how to set up a profitable online business…

Using the 5 Step System which they are STILL USING for their business even till today!

In this content-rich seminar, they will be introducing a couple of important strategies that they have used to generate profits for themselves, and the pitfalls every business person will make when they first start off doing online businesses.


What you can expect to learn from this FREE seminar:

  • You will be introduced to the well known ‘5 Step System’ designed by Calvin and Patricia which teaches you all that you need to know to get started
  • Exact websites and best products you can promote, so that you can convert your audience into eager buyers
  • How to generate massive traffic to your website and get people to buy your products
  • How you can get started on creating that 6-7 figure income while working anytime, anywhere!
  • Secrets to success! In other words, reasons why over 90% of internet marketers fail within the first 5 years of their business…and how you should avoid it


Here’s What Their Past Students Have To Say About This 5 Step System:

Picture2This is the cheapest way to start your business and start making money without the burden of high rents and capital, manpower and unforeseen overheads. You’ll get to learn and get various resources that you never even know it existed. This is definitely worth your time!

Edna Ng


Picture2Lots of useful information for newbie like me. From knowing nothing about internet marketing or business to now I feel I am an expert in this field! Thank you for the generous sharing, appreciate the effort of Calvin and Patricia.

Rennie Goh


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