An Interview With One Of Singapore’s Top Remisier – Collin Seow

In our upcoming session of the Systematic Trading Profits Session, we are privileged to have Mr. Collin Seow as our keynote speakers. Collin is one of the top remisiers in Singapore working with Phillip Securities. Through hard work and perseverance, he managed to turn a $250,000 debt into profits through stock trading.

We got together with him to ask him a few questions on stocks, life and the lessons he learned as a top trader.


  1. What was the single most defining moment for you as a remisier and a trader?

Collin: The most defining moment as a remisier was when one of my clients thanked me personally for advising her to invest in a certain stock. She would have lost 2 years of her income if she had not listened to me. I felt that the most important aspect is to build a long term trusting relationship with my clients. 

As for being a trader, it was the decision to learn from a mentor who was my course-mate in CFTe. He was a very successful trader who owns a hedge fund. However, he has since moved back to his own country.


  1. What is your advice for average investors that would like to take up stock trading as a full-time job?

Collin: If you want take up trading a full time job, find yourself a good mentor. See what he does and model it.


  1. What kind of mentality must a full-time stock trader have?

Collin: A full time trader is just like an athlete. He should always be improving his game and see feedback in all his trades.


  1. Before you go, could you tell our readers a bit about your newly released book “The Systematic Trader”?

Collin: The first chapter is about my journey of how I got out of my $250,000 debt incurred by one of my clients to eventually become one of Phillip Securities’ Top-Tier Remisier.

In Chapter 2, you will learn all the greatest lessons I have to offer about trading successfully.

Chapter 3 to 6 is about fighting the outer war, you will learn about different trading products and price management .There are different trading strategies for short, mid and long time frames.

Chapter 7 to 9 is about fighting the inner war, you will learn about position sizing, psychology, personalities and how it affects your trading result.

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