3 Little-Known Ways You Can Use To Supercharge Your Sales And Business Growth, With Little Time

“3 Little-Known Ways You Can Use To Supercharge Your Business Growth, Ramp Up Your Sales, and Secure More Qualified Customers In A Short Time”

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Lack of customers and sales.

That’s the biggest problem that many business owners face.

In fact, every single year…

More than a thousand research institutes would conduct tedious, in-depth surveys on MILLIONS of frustrated business owners.

They would ask them what are their biggest obstacles and challenges… What keeps them up at night… And what area of business they feel most “stuck” at.

Guess what are the top problems
99% of business owners face?

  1. Lack of qualified customers (qualified = hungry and willing to buy)
  2. Lack of a differentiating edge to stand out in the market and get noticed
  3. Lack of premium positioning (causing them to be UNABLE to attract high-end customers)

Even top entrepreneurs, business owners, and salespeople face these problems all the time!

So if your business currently faces any of these issues…

GOOD NEWS! You ain’t alone.

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Here are 3 simple, yet little-known solutions to
help you overcome these business challenges…

Solution #1: Learn How And Where To Find Hungry, Starving Customers For Your Business

Imagine if you have 2 types of customers…

The first one buys from you if you offer good discounts, but he or she switches to other companies if they can find a cheaper deal.

The second one buys from you regardless of price or promotions, because…

They just LOVE your products and services.

Guess which customer most business owners would target? BOTH!

That’s a huge waste of time, energy, and money.

Instead, the smart business owners target the 2nd type of customer… because it makes them more money and sales with little time and effort. And that’s what you should be doing too.

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Solution #2: Learn How To Be UNIQUE and Make Your Competitors Look Lousy Beside You

“But, it’s easier said than done”, some business owners say.

“Sometimes, our products must have some similarity because competitors are offering it too!”

That’s a very valid concern, and you have every reason to make that statement.

But here’s the thing – differentiation is not in the product or service you offer, but instead, it’s a mental and psychological thing.


Think about NIKE, as compared to some other shoes from New Balance or Asics…

While the quality may differ by a little, but the consumer is paying twice (if not thrice!) the price for a pair of Nikes.

Why? Because Nike knows how to stand out and differentiate themselves.

Apply these similar strategies to your business products and services too.

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Solution #3: Learn How To Attract Premium, High-End Customers Willing To Pay You Higher Prices

This speaks for itself.

When you know how to attract customers who are willing to pay more money, your sales and profits increase.

And wanna know a secret?

[Image Credits: https://middlepath.com.au]

[Image Credits: https://middlepath.com.au]

Many times, these high-paying customers are usually a lot easier to handle, and do business with because money is not so much a concern.

High-end customers usually know that business is a win-win relationship, and…

They’re even willing to pay big money to get premium services from you.

You just need to know where and how to find such high-end, premium customers.

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Want a Solution That Can Do All
The Above 3 Things For You?

Then you should meet Kane Minkus, an internationally recognized business-growth coach.

Also known as the World’s #1 Business Expert by many, Kane has been helping many business owners grow their sales and customer base by using the power of PROFITABLE EVENTS!

What is a Profitable Event?

It’s a business-growth and customer-attraction strategy.

Specifically, it helps business owners get more customers and sales, by using the power of events.


That’s what Kane Minkus usually shares with business owners, strategies like:

  • Why events are one of the best ways you can leverage to grow your business exponentially, and scale up profits within a short time frame

  • What must you do to make sure your event is profitable, gets you new customers, and makes you money

  • What are the few critical elements you must have at your event – to deliver a powerful impact that gets sales (applies for seminars, workshops, networking events, retreats and conferences)

  • How you can make use of group marketing and event sales to reach more customers at ONE single time, hence saving you time and increasing business revenue by 10X in 2016

  • How to open up new markets and audiences globally for your business – through the use of events like webinars, conferences and seminars

  • What are the sales secrets of the world’s greatest event organizers, and how you can replicate them to triple your income and business profit from events

  • Why BIG names, celebrities, and experts in your industry actually enjoy speaking at events, and how you can ATTRACT them to your event… to boost your brand credibility and get more exposure

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Here’s The Good News For You:

Kane Minkus is personally flying into Singapore in a few weeks time, and he will be sharing with you the strategies mentioned above… along with the exact steps you can use to run profitable events.

You even get to learn things like:

  • Innovative techniques you can use to fill a room, so you will always have an endless supply of new leads who are hungry and super targeted to your products

  • Why you need to design a unique positioning for your event, and what are some ways you can do that to attract an audience with ease

  • What are the few things you need to do to ensure the event logistics are smooth and run without disruption (crucial things like venue setup, AV and music, parking, crowd management)

  • Why some promoters have PACKED and FULL rooms bustling with life, while others suffer from empty rooms and a dead audience

  • How to identify global markets that you could possibly move into, so you can also run profitable events in other countries and expand your customer base by several times

  • The #1 secret of how to make sure people show up for your event after signing up (without this, your show-up rate may be poor and your room will be COLD and EMPTY)

  • Promotion strategies and techniques used by the world’s most successful event promoters, and how they fill their rooms and…

Earn MILLIONS Of Dollars Every Year
By Tapping Onto The Power Of Events!

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Here How You Can Learn From Kane Minkus
LIVE In Person, For FREE!

That’s right.

Kane confidently says, “For Business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, trainers, service professionals, service providers, salespeople, or agents…

Who want to enjoy an increase in their leads, sales, and business profits…

“I will be sharing with you how you can use the power of Profitable Events to grow your business and sales in a short time”

"I made an additional $250,000 in 6 weeks of working with Kane."

Melina Schamroth, Founder/CEO, MAD Woman

"I was able to generate an extra $48,000 worth of business after working with Kane for a month"

George Bastoli, Sales & Marketing Coach For Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses

Would you like to learn from Kane for FREE?

Here’s how you can get your FREE tickets to this workshop:

1) Click on the yellow-coloured button at the bottom of this page to indicate your interest to attend this “How To Run Profitable Events” workshop

2) You will be taken to another page with a short video (telling you the private details about this workshop), and also sharing with you more tips on growing your business with profitable events

3) If you’d like to reserve your FREE seat for this seminar, simply fill in your name and contact details on the form beside the video… and you’re registered!

4) Check your email inbox for a private confirmation, indicating your confirmed seat for the “How To Run Profitable Events” seminar.

5) Arrive on time for the FREE workshop, and be ready to take notes on how to boost your leads, sales, and profits by using the power of profitable events!

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