Are you looking for a safe and secure way to grow your money... but afraid to lose your nest-egg overnight on risky stocks & investments? Here's some good news for you:

"FINALLY! This new and secure investing strategy is coming to Singapore... And it allows you to earn interest as much as 18% to 24%!"

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Think this sounds like a bunch of B***S***? Hold your horses... Here's some facts for you:

  • This investment method is protected by the United States government
  • It requires little capital and funds to start with
  • You will be able to earn consistent and passive income...

Regardless of how the stock market is performing... How bank interest rates drop or fluctuate... Or even if the economy is going down and everyone else is losing money!

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This is NOT a get-rich quick scheme... hyped up seminar filled with bombastic claims and promises... nor will it make you a millionaire overnight.

If that's what you're looking for, you won't find it on this page.

What I'm about to share is a new and practical investing method that can make you consistent returns... and is ensured by the US government rules and regulations.

Read below for the full story and explanation...


From: Ted Thomas, Wealth Authority Expert & the #1 Cash Flow Authority in America

Dear friend,

Have you looked at the interest rates offered by banks in Singapore recently? You probably feel the same way as I do about them... They're so low that many Singaporeans are taking their money out of the banks, and finding elsewhere to invest!

BUT, here's the big problem that pisses many Singaporeans off (maybe even you):


* Investing in the stock market can be risky... and no matter what strategies you use (value investing, index investing, trading, technical analysis, candlestick analysis)... you could possibly lose money.

* Investing in forex can be dangerous. Especially when currencies can plunge or rise drastically overnight, and cause huge swings in your investments

* Investing in property can be tough... because buying a property in Singapore requires a substantial amount of capital, and not everyone has the money to spare for that.

* Investing in government bonds are not exactly ideal... because the interest you earn fluctuates according to interest rates and the economy, and the returns can be pretty low too.

* Investing in any forms of market instruments carry risk and uncertainties, and thus you may very possibly lose your hard-earned money in just a snap.

So, if everything seems so bleak and hopeless, then...

Should I just NOT touch my money at all and keep them in empty biscuit tins at home?

Of course not! Because there are definitely safer and smarter ways to invest, increase your income, and grow your wealth. In fact, i'm going to share with you a brand-new investing method coming to Singapore very soon, that you're sure to jump in excitement when you understand it. Because...

This investment method is even backed by the US government, so you can feel safe about it.

But before I reveal what this is, let's talk about mistakes that many Singaporeans make. You see, when it comes to investing, most people lose money because they treat it like gambling. They think that they need to take huge risks, in order to make more money.

But did you know that smart and wealthy investors actually do things very differently?

They invest in things that allow them to:

* Earn steady and consistent passive income every month

* Fork out only a small starting sum, but could possibly earn them huge returns and profits

* Feel safe and secure, because their investments are protected by authorities and the US government

* Make money, regardless of how the economy, market, or other external factors are performing

* Lower their risks to almost zero, while still maximizing the profits they could possibly earn.. so the chances of them losing money is very low

If these points above sound exciting to you, and you want to learn how to do all that... Then you're in for a treat now, because I'm about to reveal to you a brand-new kind of investing that's coming to Singapore. It's called...

“Tax-Liens Investing”

What is Tax Lien Investing? It's a way of investing that was started by the government in America, which allows the average person to earn huge interests without needing to fork out huge sums of capital.

Here is how Tax Lien Investing works, and why you can profit wildly from it:


1) In America, there are many home owners who are suddenly unable to pay their taxes and mortgages due to several reasons (i.e. loss of job, lack of income, sombeody fell ill at home)

2) What the american government does is that they issue this thing called a "lien certificate" for these households that are unable to pay their taxes and mortgages.

* Once a household has been issued a lien certificate, they are not allowed to sell or refinance their house until their mortgage has been fully paid up.

* They are also slapped with heavy penalties, in terms of high interest rates of up to 18% and 24%, which must be paid up.

3) The american government then sells these lien certificates in the open market, to investors like you and me, who are looking for good investments.

4) When you buy a lien certificate, you automatically become the person who receives the money.

* That means, the home owner of the property (that you hold the tax lien certificate of) will have to pay the monthly interests to you.

* And the property owner will have to continue paying you (the lien owner), until he/she pays back the full amount that you originally bought the lien for (from the government).

And don't forget the best part...

These home owners are oblidged to pay you back the full amount you paid for the tax lien... Plus interest!

This interest is set by the US government, and does NOT fluctuate or drop due to market conditions.


 These interest rates can usually go as high as 18-24%, and the home owner has no choice but to pay you that amount, because:

1) you are the buyer of the tax lien

2) this interest rate is strictly set by the US government and they must follow the law to pay you back

So as you can already see for yourself...

Because of the protection you get from the American government, this is an investment that allows you to earn with little risk and dangers.

BUT, many people then ask this very important question...

"What if the property owner refuses to pay me back, or cannot pay me back?"

If this happens, then you need to listen carefully. Because this is the most important part of the letter.

If the property owner is unable to pay you back due to certain difficulties...

Or if he/she is unwilling to pay you back because they are just trying to be funny...

Then guess what?

Because you officially own the tax lien certificate (under the law), and by official US government rules, this home owner is supposed to pay you back the amount you invested.

So, if by the time the tax lien certificate deadline is reached, and the home owner is unable to pay you back...

Then they automatically forfeit the property to you. And you now own the property!


Yes, you read that right. I am not kidding.

This is officially stated in the law, and the property is now yours if they cannot pay you back when the tax lien certificate deadline is reached.

You can then decide to do a few things with the property that's now yours:

1) keep the property and use it as a vacation home or for personal use

2) rent it out to produce a monthly cash flow

3) sell it off for an outrageous profit

Tax-Liens Investing Seminar

(*Held for the first-time ever in Singapore!)

My name is Ted Thomas, and I'm considered the authority when it comes to Tax Liens Investing in America.

The reason for telling you all the above, about what is tax liens investing and its benefits...

Is to show you an alternative way to invest your money!

If you're tired of the low interest rates offered by banks these days...

If you're afraid of volatile stocks, forex, commodities, and other forms of market investing...

And you want to invest in something that can give you better returns for low costs and risks...

Then this might be something you want to learn more about.

In my upcoming exclusive workshop on Tax Lien's Investing, here's the secrets that I'll be sharing with you:


* You will discover where and how to find tax liens in the market (with attractive interest rates), so you can earn huge profits for a low investment

* You will see for yourself how easy it is for anyone to buy tax liens - Just using the internet and your laptop, anyone from any part of the world can purchase and profit for Tax liens.

* You will learn more about which tax liens to buy and which tax liens to avoid, so you can maximize your profits.

* You will learn the secrets of how many students (like yourself) are able to buy tax liens for low prices, and possibly end up owning a property that's worth over 5-figures or even 6-figures!

* You'll get insider tricks of Tax Lien investing that only the experts know about... So you can start investing with less than $100 and make huge returns (this is almost unheard of in stocks and forex!)

Honestly... while this will not make you a millionaire overnight... nor will it promise to make you filthy rich super quickly...

But with just these simple tax-lien strategies that you'll be learning at the seminar...

You could be getting profitable results like what many of my students have been getting.


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I look forward to seeing you at this upcoming seminar, and revealing to you all my strategies, techniques, and practical steps on how to invest in Tax Liens.

To high returns, low risks, and low costs,

Ted Thomas

#1 Tax Lien Certificate Authority in America

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