6 Self Limiting Beliefs That Is Stopping Business Owners From Doubling Their Incomes

The following article is extracted from the book “Industry Rockstar: Become A Highly Paid, High Profile Person In Your Industry” which is written by world renowned business growth expert Kane Minkus.

Many Entrepreneurs and Business Owners buy into 6 limiting beliefs that prevent them from reaching their real potential.

Limiting Belief #1: Certain businesses can only grow so big (or people get lucky)

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That’s such BS! (A Belief System ). A business will grow exponentially as great as the expanded thinking of the founder, so this book is about expanding your thinking on multiple levels so your business, finances and personal life can also continue to expand (or continue to experience exponential growth)!

In every industry there are people struggling and people doing great. It’s never about the industry, the business or the idea – it’s about the Owners and execution.

This means you should do what you are most passionate about and focus on your own growth as a business owner and execution of all your business activities.

I remember how many people told me there was no money to be made in the music industry and it was a stupid idea to try. And then I made my first million dollars in it. When the money starts rolling in suddenly you go from idiot to genius!

Catch Business Growth Guru,
Kane Minkus LIVE!

World renowned business coach, Kane Minkus, is in Singapore as part of his Asia tour to help transform any business into an industry leader in under 3 years!

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Limiting Belief #2: It takes a lot of time to start making money in a new business.

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Every business I have ever run (except the ones that didn’t work out well) were cash flow positive from the first day. This book is about building a business that is overflowing with money and opportunity. It can start now. Industry Rockstar, my global, leadership training company, has become the #1, training company in the world for client results. Most people make back their price of admission for the training, during the training itself.  We work hard to prove that you can create a business from scratch in minutes and start making money immediately. And we regularly have people clear tens of thousands of dollars, while in our trainings, some of which have never had a business before. How is this possible? Because there is so much money and opportunity already floating around you that once you understand this you can start reaching out and having it flow into you – instead of past you.

Our participants have done most of the work for us. They have spent their lives preparing for the moment when we teach them how to take their life’s work and turn it into a massively thriving business that churns out cash daily. This was the same way our coaches saw how talented we were and helped us put the structure around our genius. I was a broke, homeless musician at 23, and then by 26 had built one of the largest multi-media companies in the world by using the information we are teaching you in this book. If you think it takes years, you just haven’t learned the Industry Rockstar style of business building yet.

How much money is there in the world? Infinite! So why isn’t it in your bank account? You will learn how to make sure it does end up in your bank account throughout this whole book.

This leads us to the next myth people often believe about business…

Limiting Belief #3: You have to be lucky to have a successful business – it’s like winning the lottery!

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You might think having a successful business is like winning the lottery. You may not feel confident enough to step out and speak about yourself, or to take the risks you need to take in order tod rive your business and elevate your success to new levels. Every successful person I have met attributes some sort of luck to their success. But, it’s the age-old saying by Samuel Goldwin: “The harder I work, the luckier I get!”

Success has some serendipity naturally involved in it. But if you don’t show up, nothing lucky can ever happen to you. Having worked on over two dozen of my own companies before I was 30years old (some built from scratch, some purchased), having been self-employed since I was 13 years old (as a contract pianist for a Bridal shop close to home), I can tell you there is a system and a set of specific actions you can take to increase your luck so high, that it is inevitable that you will be lucky. How would you like that system?! You are lucky – you’re going to get it here!

Catch Business Growth Guru,
Kane Minkus LIVE!

World renowned business coach, Kane Minkus, is in Singapore as part of his Asia tour to help transform any business into an industry leader in under 3 years!

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Limiting Belief #4: You must provide value to people.

Um, excuse me; am I responsible for your life? Are you responsible for mine? No, you are responsible for yours and I am responsible for mine. So whose responsibility is it to get value out of something? It is the person using the product, or buying the service.  In other words, the client is responsible for getting the value out of the purchase. Later on, we will really debunk this myth because it is not your responsibility to create value for your customers; it is your responsibility to be clear. Just like in this book, our responsibility is not to create value for you; it’s to be clear. Clear about our ideas, concepts, perspectives and lessons. Your job is to derive the value from this book.

If you don’t agree with this, then just put the book down –otherwise you will get no value from it. Stay tuned for how you can give-up having to prove your value to your customers. This will lift a huge weight off your shoulders and dissolve one of the main reasons people hate to promote and sell themselves: they feel like they have to “convince”.

Limiting Belief #5: I’m not credible enough to be a Rockstar (Expert/Authority/Go-To Person) in my industry, starting tomorrow.

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You are more than credible enough to start positioning your expertise and doing the things top industry people do to position themselves there. How do you even know how good the top people in your industry are? Have you ever hired them one-on-one andseen for yourself? Or have you just decided you are not perfect enough to be among the best? It’s time to tell a different story. When the bullshit meter goes off in your head and says, “What do you mean you are just going to start calling yourself an expert?”You can respond with, “Yes, just like you are telling me I’m not one!” You just have to choose the story you want to believe. The fact is that your position in the marketplace has nothing to do with how good you are at your job. It has to do with how clear you are with your ideas and communication, how well you package yourself up and how you are marketed. In fact, being at the top is a total perception!

That being said, if you are unable to deliver good results, then you will destroy your brand quickly. It will be critical to deliver the expected value of your client. Just be “clear” with your clients about what they get (set good expectations), and then make sure you deliver that.

If you are selling your knowledge – you will always be an “Expert” to the person who knows less than you. So remember there is a market for you.

Limiting Belief #6: The more degrees you have, the more money you make.

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There are two types of education: traditional education (university, college and so on) and results-based education. Results-based education is an education that thrives on the amount of real results that you have from that education. Examples of this would be any workshop, seminar, training, or training with coaches and consultants whose job is to have you achieve goals, outcomes, intents and results.

Traditional education is great – but it only gets you so far before you require other skills, especially when it comes to succeeding in business. The most important thing you can have to accelerate your results is to surround yourself with people who are genuinely successful in the fields you want to play in – and play at the top. One very great secret we were let in on early on, from a top executive mentor of ours, was: “Always partner with best in class”. If you want to be successful you need to be around those that are doing it and are able to teach it. This combination is important.

Often the most highly-paid people in the world are actually sales people, not academics. I have stopped being surprised to find out how many successful people have no degrees, struggled in school or have no formal education in the area in which they are working. However, they have the most important form of experience: logged hours on their passion, self-education, and results with real customers and clients.

Catch Business Growth Guru,
Kane Minkus LIVE!

World renowned business coach, Kane Minkus, is in Singapore as part of his Asia tour to help transform any business into an industry leader in under 3 years!

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