The “Awkward” Unspoken Rule When You Enter a Male Toilet

If you’re a guy reading this, you can definitely relate.

If you’re a lady reading this…

Prepare some tissue papers at the side as you’re going to have a great laugh.

Here’s the quick story:

Just earlier today, I went to the gents to ease myself.

And here was the layout of the urinals.

From left to right:

[urinal 1]  [urinal 2]  [urinal 3]

Since all 3 urinals were empty at that time, I pretty much could enjoy the “buffet” and choose which urinal I preferred and had the best “fengshui”.

And being someone who likes to have my own “privacy, space, and freedom” when I do things…

I naturally went to the extreme corner urinal.

Which was urinal 3.

So here was the situation now:

[urinal 1 – empty]  [urinal 2 – empty]  [urinal 3 – occupied by me]

And as I was in the middle of my “business”…

Another guy entered the toilet and approached the urinals.

This guy went to urinal 2 (which is directly beside me),

And was about to unzip and start on his own business…

But he suddenly stopped.

He just froze. Paused for a few seconds…

Looked at the urinal on his left (urinal 1), then turned towards me and said in an awkward tone:

“Sorry, brother. Pardon me”.

And then he immediately moved to urinal 1, and started on his own business.

The whole time, no eye contact was made between both me and him.

So here was the end situation:

[urinal 1 – random man]  [urinal 2 – empty] [urinal 3 – me]

Now ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, business owners and entrepreneuers, loyal subscribers and fans of…

That is the “unspoken rule of the male toilet”.

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image source:

Now of course, not every single man on the planet knows about this.

Not every guy knows that it’s more comfortable to leave a gap between you and the other person when you’re easing yourself at the urinal…

Just to give each other more “space, freedom, and privacy”.

Same thing in life.

There are “unspoken” rules which not everyone knows about.

For example: to not ask directly for somebody’s salary and income.

And this law of “unspoken rules” applies for business and entrepreneurship too:

  • What you should never do when trying to get customers and clients for your business (there’s a right and wrong way to do it. And most people do it wrongly, which absolutely kills their chances of getting customers)
  • How you should not market yourself when you want to position your business as a leader in your industry (many businesses try hard to differentiate themselves to stand out… which comes across as needy and weak. There are better ways to do it)
  • What kind of products and services you should not offer if you want to build a business that can grow and expand fast
  • What many successful entrepreneurs do to double and triple their income, that they don’t reveal to you
  • What you should be focusing on if you want to build a profitable business starting from scratch (nope, it’s not the product, service, or customers. Most people get this wrong all the time)

These are some examples the average entrepreneur doesn’t know of.

These “unspoken rules” are important and necessary to succeed in business, but sadly most people don’t know about it because nobody ever told them.

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Only a small handful of successful entrepreneurs and business owners know it, and have been using it to their advanatge…

To create million-dollar businesses in a short time.

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