The Team


Delena has just graduated from Hwa Chong Institution (College) and is currently working as writer and contributor to WealthMastery.Sg. Ever since attending an entrepreneurship talk with 77th Street Founder, Elim Chew in secondary school, she has taken a budding interest to entrepreneurship specifically for social causes.

She believes that giving back to the community, even through the small kind deeds, will make life for the individual fuller and for the recipient, happier. Wealth to her is not solely about finances but about the experiences she’s been through, the relationships she’s maintained and also life-long self-improvement.

Thus, she has been active in volunteering at Club Rainbow and participated in her school’s Chinese Drama Club performances. Life is definitely a never-ending learning journey!

TP Gregorio

TP is an experienced article writer, who started his career working part-time in 2008, and eventually decided to do it full time a couple of years after. He is proficient in writing about a wide variety of topics, but considers personal development, dating, and health as his personal favorites. He loves to write, since it gives him the opportunity to express his thoughts and feelings. Among his favorites, he likes to focus more on personal development since it gives him guidance in living his life to the fullest.

He wishes to share his knowledge to his readers, hoping that through his writing he can help them even in a small way, when it comes to achieving their goals. TP is now living his dream of working at home and is happily married with two beautiful daughters.

Alisha Lim

Alisha currently is doing her degree in Communication Studies and writes for on a regular basis. She’s at the crossroads of her life where she’s wondering what lies ahead of her as she’s about to step into the realities of the working world.

Writing for Wealth Mastery SG has exposed her to ideas of wealth creation which were never taught in school and has now provided her with many other possibilities in life. She is a movie junkie who loves romantic comedies and she hopes the same kind of romance will happen to her one day.

Huang Xue Fang

Xue Fang is doing a business degree and is very interested in wealth creation and investing. She majors in Finance and hopes to acquire more skills and knowledge to help her understand markets better. She believes in continuous learning and is a keen follower and reader of Warren Buffett.

She knows that money is not everything but is a tool that can empower people to create a better life and firmly supports Wealth Mastery SG’s vision and mission. Proud to be part of the team!

Kevin Whiteman

Kevin is a freelance finance writer from the USA. His keen interest in wealth building brought him to the team with the task of writing financial theories & jargon simply.