The Ultimate 5-minute Office Workout Every Singaporean Needs To Know Now

According to this article by Healthy and Natural World, sitting down for too long will lead to several chronic diseases such as heart diseases, obesity, organ damage, and even muscle degeneration. This is particularly evident amongst desk-bound office workers who spent majority of their day sitting down to do work.

I’m sure many of you have heard or said the following, “I’m starting to get fat ever since I started an office job.” That’s because sitting too much “not only decreases your ability to burn calories, it increases your tendency to consume them i.e. increased appetite & cravings”- HealthyandNaturalWorld.

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While you may claim you have no time to exercise or hit the gym, or you are too tired, these are all excuses. But to be fair, sometimes after a hard day of work all you want to do is just chill and relax. So for all of you out there who simply don’t have the time to exercise. you need to check out this 5-minute Office Workout.

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Created for Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor by NeoMam Studios, this comprehensive infographic provides exercise routines you can do in the office.

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Literally, you can start getting fit without leaving your office

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Do these everyday and I’m sure you will get in shape in no time!

See the full diagram Here

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