The Upside & Downside of Working From Home: Is It For You?

When I tell my friends I work from home, I’m usually greeted with two types of reaction – shock and envy.

The first type will probe further about what I do and wonder how I’m able to focus in the comforts of my home with my cozy bed just right inside the next room and resisting the temptation of doing every other thing rather than work.

The second type will be envious at the amount of time and money saved from working at home – not wasting 2 hours on the daily commute, eating at home or at the nearby coffee shop instead of the expensive salad in the CBD and of course, saving on transport costs as well.

So for those who are thinking about telecommuting or freelancing, here’s what you need to know before taking the jump.

Benefits Of Working From Home

1) Flexible Working Hours

Not a morning person? No problem. Choose to wake up at 10 am and work till much later or when you are done with your tasks. Working at your own pace may actually increase productivity and lets you work at your optimum condition.

2) Work From Wherever You Want

Who says you are stuck at home?

If you haven’t got a proper working space set up at home, or can’t concentrate with all the drilling sounds from your neighbor’s home that is under construction, feel free to take your laptop with you and settle at the coziest cafe you can find.

Free Wi-Fi is everywhere(almost) in Singapore!

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3) Less Stressful

With no micro-managing bosses or nosy colleagues looking at your computer screen every minute, you’ll feel more relaxed compared to working from an office, or even worse, an open-concept office!

4) You Save Time

If time equals money, then working from home can save you lots of it, especially when it comes to commuting.

This includes the time you need to prepare yourself for work(choosing what to wear, make-up, eating breakfast and packing your bag), as well as the time for commute.

You get to save at least 1.5 hours a day, which you can spend on doing other meaningful things, such as spending quality time with your family, going for a quick run or running errands.

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Downside Of Working At Home

1) It’s Not For Everyone

Not everyone is disciplined enough to work at home, given that you’ve got all your creature comforts surrounding you.

The best way is to set up a proper working space so that when you sit there, you switch to “work-mode”. If you’ve got someone living with you, you also need to consider if they could become a distraction to you.

2) Loneliness

Working at home alone can be a lonely affair and may not suit everyone.

Having no one to talk to or colleagues to go on a lunch with can be unbearable for some people. Other than just loneliness, you may also miss out on gaining knowledge from others who are experts in the skills you lack.

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3) Lacking Motivation

Depending on the type of work you do, you may not find motivation when there are no deadlines or bosses chasing you. Thus, you’d need to be very disciplined and have self-motivation to keep you going.

Still want to work from home? Think carefully before making the switch!

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