17 Things That Are Wasting Your Money Without You Realizing It

Do you find that you don’t seem to spend a lot but somehow you’re already broke way before your next payday? Maybe you’re spending way too much on these 17 everyday-things; which are actually a pitiful waste of your hard-earned money.

Time to review your expenses and make some changes…

1) Bottled water

“Not only is bottled water a completely unnecessary expenditure in all but the most extreme cases, it is also extremely detrimental to the environment and your wallet. Furthermore, there is no clear proof that bottled water is any healthier to drink than tap water. “ – Wondergressive

Moreover, the water flowing from our taps is potable. Meaning it’s safe to consume. So instead of buying bottled water, carry your own water bottle. Save your wallet and the environment at the same time.

2) Daily coffee trips

If you consider yourself a coffee-addict, where you can’t get by a day without coffee, it is much wiser to buy your own grounds and press pot/coffee maker to make your own coffee. Café coffee costs at least $4/cup. Even your Kopitiam kopi costs at least $1.10. A 500g bag of coffee grounds from Yakun will cost you only $10 and last you for about a month. Even if you prefer more “atas” coffee, Toby’s Estate sells beans from $40/kg. Now do the math and you’ll realise how much you could save.

3) Organic produce

“Organic products provide a useful extension of consumer choice, but it is worth emphasising that, nutritionally, they are no better and no worse than conventional products The health benefits of organic food, if they exist at all, are immeasurably small. The science is therefore becoming very clear that many people who buy organic food because they think it is healthier for them must be wasting their money. It would be good if they were informed of that.”- Dailymail

4) Store-bought salad

A salad from most salad bars costs at least $6; that’s at least $42 a week if you have it everyday for lunch. $42 can buy you salad ingredients, groceries and daily necessities at NTUC. Making your own salad is definitely more economic. If your concern is you’re “too lazy”, it’s “too troublesome” and you “don’t have time” check out the links below for easy and fuss-free salad recipes. Most salads can be kept for 3 days so you can make them in advance over the weekend and mid-week.

5) “Reduced-fat” anything

“When companies take out the fat, they have to add something back in to make the food taste delicious. In this case, its lots of extra sugar”- Reader’s digest

Peanut butter, jam, milk and the list goes on…less fat, but more sugar; you’ll just end up fatter with the extra sugar.

6) Fast food

Quick, convenient, but utterly unhealthy and a total waste of your money.
For the price of one McSpicy Burger ($6.10), you can buy a 2-veg-1-meat Chai Fan ($4) and a cup of fresh juice ($2). Much healthier and cheaper

7) Energy drinks

“But specialist sports drinks are a waste of money and could actually be harmful, say researchers.
They warn that rather than being beneficial to our health, popular brands such as Lucozade and Powerade contain large amounts of sugar and calories which encourage weight gain.”- Daily Mail

The reason why you feel “energised” after a Red Bull is because of the sugar-rush from the high-levels of sugar in the drink. This will leave you even more tired when the rush wears off. Opt for a cup of coffee or strong tea instead.

8) Anti-aging products

“According to a Consumer Reports Health study reported by CBS News, even the most expensive anti-aging creams have little to no effect on the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.”- Money Crashers

In fact, the appearance of fine lines can even happen at the age of 20 because of dry skin. So ladies, keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. Drink loads of water, eat healthy, sleep early and you’re on your way to youthful looking skin.

9) Mouthwash

“Most mouthwashes are only effective at the very surface. If plaque and bacteria are allowed to build up on the teeth and tissues, the mouthwash is not very effective at penetrating into the plaque. Also, the alcohol dries out your mouth, which can actually increase bacterial growth.”- Reader’s Digest

10) Vitamin supplements

“The best evidence comes from studies where people consume vitamin naturally in their diets, not through supplements. “- Wondergressive 

11) Cheap shoes

Cheap goods don’t last. Your Rubi shoes may cost you around $10 but they’ll only last you about a month before they start to give way. Top up $20 and get yourself some decent shoes that will last longer. Think long term and you’ll be surprised how much you’ll actually save.

12) Expensive gym membership

Unless you hit the gym at least 3 times a week, there is no reason for you to sign up for a high-end gym membership. Most people have the mindset that “I’ll sign up for a gym membership, then I’ll work out regularly”. Wrong! Most likely you’ll end up telling yourself that you are too tired, no time to gym; and there goes your $200 a month.

13) In-game purchases

Mobile games are a waste of time, in-game purchases are a waste of money. Enough said.

14) Playing the lottery

Considering the probability, what are the chances you will win the big TOTO draw or 4D grand prize? Stop throwing away $10 a bet when you can use it on more practical things.

15) Luxury Name brand products

“If you’re paying premium prices just to get a fashionable brand name labelled on each of these products without any regard for how efficiently the products actually serve their practical purpose, you’re wasting your money.”- Marcandangel

Branded good are not as “high quality” as you think. A friend of mine who works in a high fashion boutique claims that he often gets customers repeatedly bringing their bags in for After-sale servicing.

16) The latest gadgets

Tablets, the newest iPhone, HDTV…
Do you really need all these fancy gadgets? Probably not but it may make your life better. But do you really NEED a new gadget every so often; changing your phone every year, changing your tablet once a new one is launched?

While gadgets generally are not a waste of money, it becomes a waste of money to buy a brand new, redundant gadget so often.

17) Bad money-sucking habits

Smoking, drinking, gambling are habits that not only waste your money, but it affects your health and social well-being as well. Most people claim that these habits are hard to kick. But the truth is with determination, you can actually get over the addiction in weeks.

How about you? Any other things you feel that you’re wasting money on? Feel free to share below!

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