9 Tips That Helped Me Aced My First Interview and Got Me My Dream Job

Have you ever heard of incidents where people had NEVER failed an interview and almost always get the job they want? And you wonder how do these people do it!? In this current job market where it is so competitive to land a job, how do some candidates stand out from the rest and score the position?

Most of the time, it’s their performance at the interview. You can have 2 candidates with similar qualifications and achievement yet one has an edge over the other because of how she presents herself during the interview.

So how do you make sure you do well enough to impress the interviewer and leave a good impression, which will eventually amount to you getting the job? Here are 9 easy tips to help you ace your interview.

Prior the Interview

There are some preparations you have to do prior the interview…

source: theguardian.com

1) Company Research

It is important you know about the company you are applying for; what is the nature of their business, their vision, who are their competitors, what is their current position in the market etc. Having this information will help you deal with questions during the interview, and you’ll be able to align your answer to the company’s vision express how you can help the company achieve its goals.

Trust me, this will make you very memorable to the interviewer as it portray you as a candidate who is serious about the job and you have keen interest for the company.

2) Look up on potential questions that may be asked

It’s impossible to get a bull’s eye on what are the questions that will be asked during the interview. But you can anticipate some. Look up Google and see what are the common questions asked during a job interview, and questions that targets the industry and position you are applying for.

E.g. If you apply for a position as a digital marketing executive, your interviewer may ask you what is the latest trend in digital marketing.

3) Prepare a set of questions

One of the biggest pet peeves that interviewers have is when candidates don’t ask questions. You mean you have no questions about the role you are applying for? The direction of the company? How is the company culture like?

When you don’t ask questions, it gives the impression that you are not that interested in the job because you don’t want to find out more. With that said, there are also sensitive questions you should not ask, such as “how much is the pay going to be?.


Interview Day

source: newsapi.com.au

4) Dress appropriately

Statistics show that 55% of first impressions are determined by how you dress. If you are applying for a professional position, dress professionally. Some companies have a more casual setting so dressing professionally will seem to serious. Even difference in industries will affect the way you dress for interview. E.g. you’ll look out of place and unimpressive if you wear a sharp suit to an interview for a position in the fashion industry.

If you are unsure, don’t be afraid to ask what is the appropriate dress code. Or you can always Google for inspirations.

5) Don’t be Late

Not only is being late rude, it makes you look unprofessional. The golden rule is to show up 15 minutes prior to your scheduled interview. Take into account of traffic conditions and whether you are familiar with the area when you are planning your commuting schedule.

6) Be nice to everyone you meet

It always pay to be kind and courteous. If you are rude to the receptionist, it goes back to the interviewer. Moreover, if you do get the job, you will see these people on a daily basis. So don’t ruin your first impression with them.

7) How to handle “Tell me about yourself”

Rather than talking about your personal life and life story, focus on speaking about your competencies; subtly hint how your skills can be beneficial to the company when they hire you. You can also mention what you were doing prior your job hunt and why you applied for the position.

After the interview

8) Send a Thank You message

I’ve asked around my friends if they usually do this. Turns out they don’t! But trust me, sending a Thank you message will help you stand out from the other candidates. Not only do you seem more polite and appreciate the time taken for your interview, it gives you a second chance for the interviewer to remember you, further solidifying your sincerity for the position. It’s small details like this that makes an impression.

9) Follow Up

Unless they specify a particular date to get back to you by, usually HR personnel will contact short-listed candidates within 3 working days. But if you don’t hear from them then, don’t be afraid to send a follow up email to ask about the status of the interview. They may sometimes overlook because of other tasks at hand. But if they still don’t get back to you within a week after a follow up, it’s probably time to move on.


The essence to the success of your interview is to be well-prepared. When you are well-prepared, you will be more confident and less likely to appear nervous. For more tips to ace your interview, you can check out this helpful infographic for tips as well.

(Click to enlarge)

source: prnewsonline.com

Good luck for your job interviews!

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