Top 3 Free Mobile Apps To Keep Track Of Your Finances

I’ve always believed that if you ever want to get rich, keeping track of your finances is the FIRST habit you need to pick up. 70% of people miss their financial destination just by this habit alone.

So many businesses have run themselves to the ground because they did not keep tabs on their accounts. A business needs to be profitable if it wants to survive in the long run and the only way we can find out if its profitable is to look at its accounts.

If we were to do an account of your personal finance,
would you be a profitable individual or would you be in the red?

Here are 3 free mobile apps that will help you find out!

1) Money Lover – 9/10 [Available for Apple & Android]

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It’s hard to go wrong with an app with over 1,000,000 downloads. It has a simple and clean user interface is very intuitive. None of those complicated setup procedures are required. This also happens to be the app that I personally use.

It has the usual basic categories provided for you to sort your spending accordingly. What I like is that it has extra room for you to add in new categories with new icons so that you can better classify your spending.

At the end of the month, it will also auto generate an overview report to help you analysis your spending.

One of the key essential things I love about it is that you can set it to back up your accounts via cloud. This is great because the last time I changed phone, my previous app was not able to import any data and I lost all of accounting history.

This free app allows you to keep track up to two ‘wallets’. This is more than enough for the most of us if you just want to track your personal finances.

However if you want to keep track of your business expenditure or track your investment performance, there is an option to upgrade at $5 so you can remove the two wallet limit.

 2) Toshl Finance – 7/10 [Available for Apple & Android]


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Toshl is a beautifully designed app that is lots of fun to use. It has over 500,000 downloads and ranks a close second to Money Lover. It has small little monsters that pop out to remind you of your budget.

One of the main differences is that the spending is organized via a tagging system, pretty much like a blog. This allows you to generate graphs for all your tags on the paid version.

While Toshl’s interface is already rather simple compared to the many other finance apps out there, I still prefer Money Lover’s lack of monsters. Maybe it’s just a bit too cute for me.

Also, their free version lacks many practical features like monthly income and bills payments. The $19.99 yearly subscription for Toshl Pro version is just too big of a turn off for me.

3) Wally – 8/10 [Available for Apple & Android]

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Wally is another no frills, no nonsense budget tracking app. Besides the typical categories and features you would expect from an expense tracking app, it throws in a bonus feature that cannot be found on the other two apps.

Wally has this daily budget function that divides your predetermined budget across the rest of the month. If you overspend on one day, it will effectively recalculate and reduce your budget for the rest of the month. This is great for people who are afraid of overspending and want to keep a tight rein on their spending.

The sole problem with Wally is that it’s currently only available on Apple platforms and the update for iOS7 has not yet been released.

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