From: Ken Chee
(Investing Expert, Speaker, Author, and Founder of 8 Investment)

Dear friend,

I need to bring to your attention a serious problem. 

Recently, I have noticed that there are many Singaporeans who are nearing their retirement age struggling with their finances because of the inflating costs.

However, you need to remember that these people belong to the older generation that has lived through times where big ticket items like HDB flats costs a fraction of what they are worth now. 

If these people are currently struggling with their retirement, I wonder how much more difficult it would be when you retire?

Houses are just going to get more expensive as our population increase. Car prices are going up and the cost of bring up a child is not going to come down any time soon. 

In fact just earlier this year, Singapore has officially become the world’s most expensive city to live in. 

Are you coping with well with all these increases in costs? 

There’s only one way to beat inflation. We need to start investing.

Most of these people fail to take action because they are…

Fearful of losing money
Not sure how to get started
Confused by investment terminology
Afraid to taking on risk
Unsure of what to buy

Imagine if I had asked you to drive a car on the expressway when you did not have a license, would you be terrified?

Of course you would!

How can you expect to arrive at your destination safely when you don’t even know how to drive? You would probably be so afraid of crashing!

Similar, most people are so fearful about invest their money into stock because they are buying things they know little or nothing about! 

In fact, I know of many people who blindly follow the next hot tip or recommendation from their stock broker. How can we expect them to reach their financial destination safely? 

No wonder these people have investments that ‘crash and burn’! 

They may occasionally earn some money on one trade, but then find themselves losing so much more on their other trades. Investing this way is obviously risky! 

Perhaps you might even one of these kinds of investors that I’m talking about! 

However, I have good news for you. You can get out of this negative circle. You can start earning consistently from your investment. 

You can do all of this… if you are first willing to invest in getting your investment education.

Making a killing on the stock markets consistently is not a matter of luck, it is a skill. 

Just like those top notch teachers in famous schools, having a good investment mentor to teach you about investment is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to your success. 

A good investment mentor is able to…

Simplify complicated investment concepts helping you to understand them easily 

Speed up your learning process so that you can start investing immediately 
Increase your investment returns so that you can retire earlier
Reduce your risks so that you can sleep well on your investments

If you’re going to learn how to invest, you don’t learn from just anyone. 

You need to learn from a person who has a proven track record at investing;

You should learn from someone who has made his wealth through investing, not teaching.

You need to learn it from someone who has mentored many students before;

But more importantly, you learn from someone whose students have succeeded in their investments.

"50% Capital Gain in Less Than a Year"

"Thank you so much for the Millionaire Investor Program. I bought Adampak Ltd at avg $0.27 per share after your program and was enjoying dividends of about 7%. Average for an beginner investor. Just 3 days ago, Adampak was acquired for $0.42 per share, netting me a capital gain of 50% in less than a year."

Marc Sng, Year 1 (2012) National University of Singapore

"Over $100,000 in Returns"

"Hey buddy, soon it'll be two years since we met / I grad from Millionaire Investor! Anyhow, thanks for the guidance and great course! If not for it, my humble pie wouldn't have surpassed 100k in returns ;) not forgetting the passive income! ;) cheers buddy!"

Thane Sng, Singapore

"8.4% Dividend Return"

"Kaching Kaching !!!! Just checked my bank account and see there are more dividends received. This is the other REIT I have bought in May last year which has generated 8.4% dividend return on investment since I bought it"

Chan Li Li, Administration Executive

"40% Capital Gains + 6% Dividend Yield"

"I attended Millionaire Investor back in march 2011. As of may 2012, one of the shares I've invested in generated 6% dividend yield + 40% capital appreciation while the other share, generated 7.6% dividend yield + 27% capital appreciation"

Tan Yi Fong, Owner, Ministry of Retail

"200% in Returns"

"Hi Ken, using your analytical tool we picked up during your course, our mastermind group identified and studied an undervalue gem one month later in October. Those of us who invested in this company have enjoyed returns of more than 200% so far…"

Cheng Laiyee, Corporate Director

"$10,000 in Profit"

"3 months after attending Millionaire Investor, I've made more than $10,000 in profit from my investments — generating 200% ROI and 15% dividend yield in passive income!"

Kenneth Low, Business Engineer & Investor


This is only for action takers because I know passive people are just going to skip this opportunity again and then complain about rising cost 30 years down the road. 

I have tried and realized its pointless trying to teach passive people because even when I have taught them everything, they are still not going to act and start investing.

So instead, I have decided to channel all my energy to serve the students who are ready to act.

Today, I’m giving you this chance to act. I am looking for 100 students to pass down my investment strategies personally. 

I am intending to open up my regular 1 day workshop on a first come first serve basis.

Here's a fraction of what you're going to discover during this full-day workshop:

The Proven Investing Methodology used by the world’s richest investor, Warren Buffet and how you can use it to earn money for yourself as well
Find out the methods used to generate 20%-25% returns per annum for your investments so that you can retire earlier
The ultra simple way to read annual reports so that you can easily identify good companies to buy in future regardless of whichever stock market you want to invest in.
How successful, millionaire investors sift out profitable, money making stocks just by using this simple formula
How you can create endless streams of passive Income so that you can earn money even when you are on vacation!

What You Will Learn In This DVD Course:

  • Myths and Facts About the Stock Market

  • How To Manage Your Money To Build A Financially Free Future

  • How Being Financially Smart Can Make You Rich and Wealthy!

  • The Magic Of Compounding

  • Mastering Emotional Stability - The Secret to Sucessful Investing

  • Understanding Your Investing Style

  • How to Invest Like Warren Buffett

  • How to Pick and Buy the Right Stocks

  • Warren Buffett's Secret On How To Pick The Best Companies

  • How to Know If a Company is Worth Investing In

  • When Should I Sell My Stocks?

  • How to Identify Red Flags Before Investing

  • Tips To Pick Dividends

You'll walk away with a copy of this DVD course on the actual day of the event itself!


You can choose to do nothing and end up like your peers (if you think your peers are doing well), or you can choose to be different and learn how to invest properly and start making profits in your investments!


Location: Goldbell Towers, 47 Scotts Road #03-03
Singapore 228233

Date & Time: November 16th Sunday, 9.00am-5.00pm 

Number of Tickets

Questions? Email us at 
or call us at +65 64382135 (10am-6pm SGT).

To Your Financial Freedom and Success,

Ken Chee, Founder of 8 Investment

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